Firetruck Photodump

One of the many perks of having both kids in day care at my school is that I get to join them when they do fun activities! I snuck out when the firetrucks came, pulled out my "good" camera and tried to get some shots of my little guy in action.

First up was the ambulance, which was not as exciting as the fire truck, but Cam was compliant and polite, my little reserved boy. ;)

I love Cam in jeans, Nikes, a 1/4 zip from CrewCuts and his JCrew hat...seriously adorable

Next was the big fire truck! Cam was so excited while he was waiting in line then got a little scared once the fireman tried to lift him out of the fire truck!

Yeah, I don't know about this, mom...tongue in cheek is his nervous/embarrassed face.

Last, they got to see the parts of the fire truck and ask questions. Of course, they all wanted to know about the ax and if they could climb the ladder!

Cam and his best buddy, Jonah

My non-compliant photo subject

His entire class (minus Jim, who got cropped out because he was climbing into the fire truck!)

I wish I could visit his class a lot more, but I am so glad that I could spend this time with him and snap some pictures with my real camera! Now, I just have to get them developed...


  1. That is so much fun!! And a huge bonus you get to see your kids enjoy those activities. My Cam would love that so much.

  2. How fun! And a little boy's dream! We went on a firehouse tour this week, and it was amazing!

  3. What a fun afternoon for you and the kiddos!
    I love the tongue in cheek - probably the cutest nervous look I've ever seen!