Cameron 3.25

Height: 3'4" (40")
Weight: 37ish pounds
Clothes: 3T barely...everything I am buying now is 4T (or 5T for pjs)
Shoes: 10

You are still taking a great 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, and I love it. Mostly because you are so sweet when you first wake up, so I get TWO wake ups every day! Oh, and you get super cranky when you don't nap, so there's that. You go to bed around 7:30/8:00 and sleep until 6:30/7:00. You moved to your "big boy" bed at the beginning of August and haven't looked back. You love it, and I love it because I can lay in bed with you. I may fall asleep with/before you now and then, but it's super cool to be able to lay with you and chat.

**NEWSFLASH: As of October 1, you no longer use a pacifier to sleep! The Speech/Language Pathologist said no more paci because your tongue is weak, which is why it's hard for you to pronounce some words. You gave it up with no fuss. You started without it at nap then went to bed without it. You even gathered them all and "gave" them to Louise. I am so proud of you, buddy!!

You are still a fairly boring eater: meatballs, hot dogs, mac and cheese, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, waffles, cereal, crackers and fruit. Almond milk and water round out your fabulous diet.

You started preschool at the end of August. You have new teachers, although you know them from last year, and you are adjusting well to them. You are the youngest child in there, and the ages range from 3 - almost 5. I am so excited to see what you learn! You did show me the number 2 the other day...I almost sh*t in my pants because I had no idea that you could recognize numbers! You've also learned the letters A, B, C and D and recognize a C everytime, struggle with A and can remember B after you say "bump bump". (I feel as though you are behind in this area, so we have started to do more at home. Hello, teacher in me!)

I started this post a few weeks ago, and I've left this section blank until the last second. I keep hoping I can put POTTY TRAINED, but nope. You have ZERO desire. Nothing we bribe you with works (I have promised you the world, and you still don't care.), and peer pressure hasn't worked either.

Super Heroes, Toy Story (since you were 18 months), Mickey Mouse, "building" things with Daddy using your tool set, going to Papa's house (because he feeds you chocolate milk, ice cream and cookies for dinner), visiting LouLou (because you get to do whatever you want), playing in water (beach, water table, tub), books, books and more books, blocks and Louise.

You are the SWEETEST little boy I have ever met. You care so much about everyone else - if someone gets hurt, you worry for them. If someone is sick, you want them to feel better. If Louise cries, you try to make her stop. You are just SWEET. You give me kisses constantly and pick me flowers whenever we go outside. I never want you to change!

"I can't beLIEVE it."
"Do I look handsome? Do I look taller? Do I look stronger?"
"Oh, boy, that sounds like a good idea."
"I didn't want you to say that!"
"Can I chillax for two minutes, Mommy?"

You end everything in "Mommy" - questions, statements, anything...I love it, and I wait for it every time!

You get so embarrassed when you get hurt. You don't want ANYONE to see it, ask about it or talk about it. You immediately start crying and run to me and say, "I didn't want anybody to see that." or "I don't want Daddy to say that." It's cute, but a little concerning because I don't want you to be embarrassed!

You are in total Mommy-Mode right now. You want me all of the time. I love it, but I'm not always available, and you get upset when Daddy comes to help. Apparently, you woke up last night and cried for me for 30 minutes. Daddy refused to wake me up (thank you), which I think is great. You have to learn that other people can help you, too! You also hate when I leave you at school...there's a lot of leg grabbing and whimpering, but it ends about .2 seconds after I walk out the door, so I don't feel that badly. ;)

You have become a little violent lately - just jumping on people, throwing things (not at people or even to BE violent, but you still throw EVERYTHING), pushing things, say that you're "fighting bad guys," so we are cutting WAY down on what you watch....I think the PBS and Disney Channel app will be all you can watch for awhile.

But, at the end of the day, when I watch you on your monitor, and you're laying there about to fall asleep, all I want to do is run upstairs and cuddle with you. I can't believe you're mine. I think you're just perfect, and I thank God for you every single day. You're my little buddy, and I wouldn't trade you for all of the money in the world!

From your Fire Truck visit at PreSchool
October 8, 2015


  1. gave up the paci!!! i'm dying. and with no fuss?! HOW. come take lex's away too?

  2. Oh I know how the "only mama will do" is like! I feel like I'm the only one who can calm him down when he gets upset. I love it too, but can be annoying when we aren't available!

  3. So awesome that he gave up the paci! I'm sure potty training will come when he's ready :) he sounds like the sweetest little guy!

  4. How great he gave up the paci like it was no big deal!
    "Do I look handsome!" Most adorable thing from a 3.25 year old? Absolutely.
    Happy 1/4 Year!!

  5. So jealous that you still have a napper. Liam dropped his abruptly just about a week ago. Now I try for a car nap almost daily!