A whole lotta nothin is good for the soul

This past weekend, we had no plans, and we did whatever we felt like doing (which was a whole lotta nothin). 

Friday night, we were pretty cozy at home until we decided to get out of the house and go to my school's football game. We bundled everyone up (because it went from 80 to 50 in two days...whatever), grabbed some pizza then watched my school remain undefeated for another week. 

Matchy matchy boys <3

This is how Louise spent her first high school football game... :)

Saturday, we did groceries, ran to Freeport to get Mamma a new jacket (I actually got two jackets, but when I got home, I realized one was an XS....oops!), then headed back home for the afternoon/night. (It's amazing what a chilly fall day will do for your motivation to leave the house!)

While everyone napped, I cracked open some new beer that tastes JUST LIKE ROOT BEER. It's lethal, I tell ya. It's so easy to chug but does not feel good a few hours later!

When I drink, I feel ambitious, so I threw together some potato soup in the crock pot. 

While my soup was crock pottin, the mail lady delivered a beautiful box from Stitch Fix! I loved all five pieces as soon as I opened the box, but I only kept two items. (PS I am the WORST at taking fashion pics....these pieces are so much cuter in person!)

I LOVE this olive green dress (Midori Dress by Pixley)...the fit is perfect, the lace detail on the back is adorable, and it will be worn all fall with some leggings and boots. Totally a keeper! 

This scarf (Look by M infinity scarf) got sent back...it was cute, but for $39, I can get two scarves at JCrew Factory or Target that are a lot cuter. 

This top (Daliya Knit Top by Skies are Blue) is a keeper. (I'm wearing it today!) It's pretty basic, but the back detail is adorable. I threw a tank top under it, to make it appropriate for work, but I can see it rotating through my wardrobe a lot this fall with a scarf or cardigan.

The rest of the weekend included a Non-Louise movie date on our couch, Halloween outfits and pajamas, a Target run, laundry, more "root beer" and a neighborhood walk. 

I think he thinks this is what heaven is like...getting to eat popcorn on the couch!!

I hope that you all had a great weekend, too!! I am looking forward to another weekend of nothing (except apple picking and a Patriot's party)!


  1. We had a 'whole lot of nothing' party this weekend as well. The dreary weather led to lots of food and football watching.

  2. jackets. boots. scarves. tights. IM SO JEALOUS. also. how do you look SO GOOD AFTER HAVING ANOTHER BABY. i want to hate you (but i just cant).

  3. My mom, who hates Root Beer was just talking about that beer. She drank one and said she felt so "cool that she was drinking beer". hahaha! I don't like root beer myself, so I'll pass, but it gets two thumbs up from Grammy!

  4. We got that root beer too! I can't put my finger on it, but the lady at the store said it made an epic root beer float. We have the same Gap cat dress, it's making an appearance this week! Yay!

  5. Everyone and their mother is talking about this 'root beer', and CLEARLY I need to get with the program.

    All your pieces from Stitch Fix are awesome. I may be the last person on the planet to NOT have Stitch Fix, and I'm pretty sure that needs to change, too.

    P.S. Please send some of that fall weather this way, please and thank you.

  6. Baby Halloween clothes and jams! Yes!! Loving your jacket, too. I've seen that root beer around and did NOT even realize it's alcoholic, ha! Happy Tuesday!

    1. I picked up the "root beer" as a treat for my husband, then I realized it had alcohol (because there was a huge sign saying you had to be 21 to buy it), and it turned into a treat for me!! :) Haha!!

  7. So many things to love in this post. Love your SF finds! That dress looks amazing on you. And the baby in her Halloween jammies is killing me!! Love love love love love. And now I'm ready for a beer and soup!

  8. A few things...I always mean to tell you this--I'm OBSESSED with your floors. Like totally obsessed!!!! Also, Louis in her cat outfit--I die!!! And good for you for being ambitious when you drink...I just get sleepy!! ;) Sounds like a great little weekend to me!!

  9. What a nice weekend! I mean, family, shopping, cute kids in Halloween attire, beer, Stitch Fix... could it get any better! I love that scarf, but I totally know what you mean about being able to buy 2 for the same price -- it's often why I send my items back too.

  10. I need to get my hands on this rootbeer everyone keeps talking about! And that dress from stitch fix is perfect!!!