Friday Five: About ME!

We are currently in Roanoke, VA, so here's my easy-peasy Friday Five (along with two awkward selfies I took of my new haircut)!! 

I am allergic to so many things: grass, pollen, dust, mold, cats, dogs, bananas, apples, and the list goes on...I'm not deathly allergic to anything, thankfully, but I sneeze a lot.

I've never had a pet (see above allergies). But, I never even had a goldfish or that weird?

I don't like pumpkin-flavored stuff. I don't dislike it, but I don't get super excited about PSL or pumpkin flavored ice cream. (Well, that does sound good.) I do love pumpkin pie, though. And pumpkin beer. Or any kind of beer, really.

I love sports. I got my undergrad degree in Sport Management and worked for a Minor League Baseball team for two years before going back to school to my get Masters in Special Education. I know more about baseball than Chad, and I love it. But he kills me in football knowledge, so we're even. 

I've been married twice. Always trust your instinct. Thank goodness for second chances!

Happy Friday!! I hope you all have so much fun this Halloween weekend!!

What's Up Wednesday?

I have zero inspiration to write anything original, so I am doing a little link-up and letting someone else make my brain work!

What we're eating this week: 
Not a whole lot since we are flying to Roanoke, VA, tonight! Monday was Chad's birthday, so we did get to indulge in some delicious sushi and an ice cream cake.

See what I did there? Chad...Dad...I'm so clever ;)

What I'm reminiscing about:
Living in Roanoke...we haven't really been back since we moved (unless you count a 12 hour stop on our way back from OBX last year). I am excited to go to some restaurants, see some people and be in the Blue Ridge Mountains again!

What I'm loving:
This weather...60 degrees at the end of October? I'll take it!! It snowed on Halloween in 2012, so I'll take this weather anytime!

What we've been up to:
A LOT...we have a busy little fall. Patriot's game, Chad's birthday, Roanoke this weekend, and upcoming trip to Foxwoods next weekend, lots of birthday parties the following two weeks, a housewarming party (finally) in between and Holidays. I love being busy, but I will be happy when January comes!

What I'm dreading:
Flying with two kiddos...I know it will be fine, but if I didn't worry, then everything would go wrong, right? I am not stressed...I know we have to make it through two flights one way or another, but smoothly would be preference. :)

What I'm looking forward to:
HOLIDAYS! I am completely obsessed with decorating my children and my house for the holidays. I love Halloween, but I am so ready for Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS, of course!

What I'm wearing:
I LOVE my boyfriends jeans that I got in my Stitch Fix box. Like obsessed. I wear them as much as possible, and I don't care. I also love my green dress from F21 that I posted about. Actually, pretty everything on that post rotates through my wardrobe as a rapid speed lately.

What I'm doing this weekend:We are flying out tonight to spend four glorious days with Chad's family. I am stinking excited to just spend time with them. We don't have any major plans except to eat...we already have most meals planned, because that's what's important, right? :) His family hasn't seen Cam since last summer, and he has changed SO much. They also haven't met Louise yet!

Roanoke is the star city...I'm sure we will grab a picture under this guy!

So, that's what we're up to...nothing too exciting, but totally exciting, to us!

Happy Wednesday!

Louise James: Five Months

Clothes: 3 - 6 months
Diapers: Size 2; 3 at night
Shoes: You fit into shoes! The crib mocs we bought you before you were born finally fit! I actually just ordered the next size up...excited Mom right here! I thought you would have peg legs your entire life!

Eating: No food yet, but we may try some this month since you have TWO TEETH! We have changed your schedule a bit, and it works when you are feeling well. You eat six ounces at 6:45, 10:30, 3:00 and before bed at 7:00. If you take six ounces each time, it works fine. However, these teeth are causing a bit of a ruckus, and you are not wanting to eat a ton at at time.

Sleeping: Not only are you not eating well, but you are not sleeping well either. You have some good naps at home, but at day care, you are still sleeping for 20 - 40 minutes at a time. Ideally, you would take great naps at 8:30, 12:30 and 5, but you are taking closer to five naps a day.

At night, you are going down fine around 7:30 and had a few good nights of only waking at 2:30 to eat, but since these teeth have come in, you are waking up every 2 - 3 hours. I feel awful because I know you are in pain, and I know that if you got more sleep, you wouldn't be so grumpy!

We tried some sleeping training, and it went like this: put you in your crib with no paci (We were following Sleep Sense). You screamed for an hour, so I gave you your paci. That did not help, and you screamed for the next hour, so I fed you, gave you your paci and put you in your Rock and Play Sleeper. The next night, I put you in the Rock and Play with your paci, and let you cry until you fell only took about 40 minutes. (You are a stubborn little thing!) When you woke in the middle of the night, we had another two hour screamfest because I am trying to drop the night feeding. I finally broke down and fed you, and that's generally where we are now. You go down awake and fuss for a few minutes but fall asleep without having to be rocked or held. However, we cannot drop the night feeding....with these teeth, I am not even trying again right now. We are also traveling this weekend, so we will just start over next week!

You are sleeping in a wearable blanket with your security blankets within reach...I don't think you would fall asleep with one!

Loving: Sophie, Bumbo tray, balls, rattles and your Taggie. You love "standing" and hearing kissing noises. you love being tickled in the cheek, neck and the side of the your tummy. You love bicycles and laying on your changing always calms you down. You love being held with my arm shoved in your stomach, facing out. You love our new Ergo 360, thankfully! You are not one to be worn, but if you are facing out, you are ok! You love baths most of the time and will stay in for quite don't even mind getting out of the bath now! You love your Daddy the most, then your brother then me, I think. The exersaucer has become our best friend since you are trying to escape the Bumbo daily, and you will play in it for a long time, especially when Cam joins you!

where we can usually find you (and your brother)

escaping from the Bumbo

Hating: Gas, Teething, being held like a baby and sleeping flat on your back

your sad, crying face

Health: You have a little cough (Mommy and LouLou both had strep throat, so I am thankful you didn't get that) that won't go away and a stuffy nose here and there. We have used Hyland's Cough Syrup a few times before bed to give you some relief. We are also using Hyland's teething tablets and Baby Advil here and there for your teeth....We are still using Hyland's gas drops, too...maybe we should buy stock in Hyland's! Your gas is WAY better since we went to the chiropractor and did sleep training...I read that both would help, but I didn't believe it until it happened!

Developmentally: You have two teeth! This is the first major thing that's happened! You have found your feet, and you kind of/almost want to roll over. We are trying to get you to sit up, but you have a few more muscles to grow before that happens. You really want to put your paci in your mouth, and you can, sometimes!

Experiences: This past month was mostly routine - day care, work and fall weekends. You went on a hay ride and many trips to Target. You also went to your firsts high school football game and slept through the whole thing! We had lots of friends over for brunch, dinner and Patriots games, and you were (generally) a good hostess!

Here is Cam's five month update....they are pretty much twins. ;)

Louisey, Weezy, are truly the light of our lives. You make everyone smile - us, Cameron,'s contagious! When you are grumpy, though, you are GRUMPY. I feel awful because it's always for a reason (of course). But when you are happy, you are radiant. I am LOVING watching you grow and learn. I was scared that it wouldn't be as exciting since we've been through this with Cam, but it's even better because I am enjoying it so much more. I know that all bad periods will come to an end, and you will be running to the playground with Cameron in no time. I love watching the two of you interact and hope you always stay best buddies. I love you so, so much, my little pumpkin pie. You are amazing.

P-A-T-S and C-H-A-D

This past weekend was our annual Patriots trip for Chad's birthday. (Let's be real, it's just as much of a gift to me, as it is for him!)

The weekend started off slowly because I had strep all week, Louise is teething, and it's cold. We ordered take out and didn't go anywhere, and I liked it.

Saturday, we got ready for the week, knowing Sunday would be full of football. Groceries, laundry and a little vacuuming to prepare for our dinner guest, The O'Briens. They have lived next to my dad since we moved in when I was ten, and the only time I see them is when Claire cleans my teeth twice a year. Thank goodness for Facebook.

So, no pictures, but Chad made a BOMB meatloaf, truffle mashed potatoes and rosemary/thyme green beans. They're such great, down-to-earth people, and it was refreshing to just drink some red wine from a regular cup and chat the night away.

Sunday, we were up EARLY to catch a 6:00 am bus to Foxboro!! After a little snooze on the bus, a hot cup of coffee and a bathroom break, we were ready to start our day of drinking.

The game was great (We won.), the weather was perfect (a little chilly, but super comfortable), and the company was amazing (Uncle Donnie, Aunt Stacey, Elizabeth and Mac).

We had a little scare on Saturday, when the company who we bought the package from called and said they didn't have tickets because they were so expensive and in-demand - The Pats are undefeated, and the Jets had only lost one game. I said, "Too bad. We're going to the game. We paid you a lot of money in August. Find us tickets." So, they did, and we went. :)

There's nothing like a Captain/Diet Coke with hot dogs, sausage and pasta salad at 9:00 am!

See all the people behind us? No? That's because there were none!! We were in the very last row in the very highest section!! BUT, there's no bad seat in the house, so we didn't care. :)

And, to top of the weekend, today is not only Chad's birthday, but my best friend, Elizabeth's birthday, too!!


Five on Friday: Spending Money

I am spending money left and right. Chad thinks I have a part-time job that he doesn't know about, but really I just find really good deals or justify spending the money because we NEED something (yeah, right).

We are going to Roanoke, VA, next week and flying with both kids! I found tons of "helpful" lists, but this one took the cake. It has everything including different toys to bring for different age groups. I even bought the diaper backpack they suggested. So, if you're flying in the future with kiddos, check out this list!

I just bought one of these for each of the kids' closets, so I can pick out their outfits on Sunday, and have one less thing to do in the mornings. (You can take out the divider on the bottom two shelves, so there are five slots - one for each weekday!) I am way too excited to start using these. 

I am starting to collect some sweet stuffies (lovies) for Louise and am starting with the oh-so adorable Candy Kirby doll, Isla. Her hair is a little darker than Louise's (non-existent) hair, but I love the skirt and the bow, so she'll be just fine. Do you have any other shop recommendations that make adorable dolls or stuffed animals?

We had a get together awhile ago for Chad's co-workers, and his boss' wife was sweet enough to buy all of the kids a gift. One kid got a SmartMax set and one stick got left behind. It has been Cam's favorite toy for weeks. He sticks it to something to see if it's metal (magnetic) and thinks it's hilarious. He brings it to stores, Papa's house, restaurants, etc...I was going to buy him a set of his own, but A) I don't want those balls rolling around our house and B) He apparently doesn't need more than one stick to stay entertained!

Homegirl is our best friend right now because Louise has two teeth! We've been expecting teeth for about two moths now because Louise shoves her fist (and everything else) in her mouth and drools a river constantly. BUT, they finally popped through yesterday (10/22), so we are on the hunt for some great teething toys. Any suggestions?

I hope you all have a great weekend!! We have a few plans - a Pinnochio play for Cam, some friends over for dinner, oh, and the PATRIOTS game on Sunday!! I cannot wait to drink beer for twelve hours with no kids. :) (But I will miss them terribly, I know.)

Happy Weekend!

Our Weekend

This past weekend was not as action-packed as last weekend (maybe because it was only two days instead of four), but we still managed to have some fun and keep this cold going around our family.

Thursday, I bribed Cam with Mick-ack-donalds (as he calls it) to get his hair cut for picture day on Friday. When I picked him up from school after pictures, I asked him if he smiled, and he said, "No, I just didn't know what to do." So, we'll see how those come out. I'm hoping they're similar to last year's picture because I still laugh when I look at it. 

Anyways, Chad whipped up another delicious Plated dinner of Pork Chops, Sweet Potato and Apple Cider Polenta. YUM! (If you want a free week, leave your email address, and I'll send you an invite! It's the best!)

Friday afternoon, Cam had soccer and was still more interested in hanging on my leg and eating snacks. Maybe next year will be the year he actually kicks the ball!

Friday night, Chad and I had plans to go out with our friends, but their baby got sick, so we took advantage of a little "us" time. We shared lots of plates at Evo and Central Provisions and had a little too much wine (since Louise decided to wake up  eight times that night). Serioulsy, though, we always try to do at least one date a month, and this one was much needed!

When we got home, we had two sleeping beauties waiting for us.

Saturday, we got our new painting in the mail, ran a few errands, took some great naps then went to dinner with my dad. 

Sunday, Cam flew through the grocery store like he was in a rocket ship, tried to teach Louise how to roll over and broke in his new headphones. The Patriots won and both kids got a bath. #winning

He loves having his picture taken lately...

We started sleep training with Louise on Saturday night, and she screamed for 2.5 hours at bed time. She never stopped. She never fell asleep. So, I put her back in her Rock and Sleep, fed her, gave her a paci, and she slept all night. She took great naps on Sunday (1.5 - 2 hour naps!), fell asleep OK on Sunday night (only about 30 minutes of crying), but when it was time to wake up for a bottle around 11:30, she screamed for another 2 hours. I finally fed her at 1:30, and she slept until 6:30. The daily schedule and naps are going great (naps at 8:30, 12:30 and 5:00), but these night time feedings are a bear. Any tips? She's still in her Rock and Play, so she's comfortable, but she would not give in and fall asleep at 11:30! Home girl has GOT to start sleeping through the night consistently. 

Anyways, that was our weekend. Oh, yeah... I had a fever of 102 on Sunday night, could NOT get warm, then woke up drenched in sweat. Today, I can't swallow, and I just want to go to bed. Fun stuff. :)

Friday Fives: Fall Fashion (according to me)

It is, without a doubt, fall in Maine. It happened quickly, but I am prepared with some recent cheap finds. I am kind of loving the color scheme: burgundy, army green and navy are taking up a lot of space in my closet these days!

If you are into Stitch Fix, you may have seen an asymmetrical cardigan floating around (or you have probably gotten it in your box). I was SO EXCITED when it appeared in my box a few months ago, but when I tried it on, it sucked. The zipper sucked and the material was way too thick, which made me look lumpy. No thanks....not for $68!

Then I found this top from Forever 21. The color and fit are so much better in person! I bought a large and LOVE IT so much that I bought it in charcoal, too. For $20, how could you not? 

Army green is definitely my color (It brings out my eyes, they say.), so I grabbed this dress, too, when I was running through Forvever 21. (Does anyone else feel way too old to be shopping in there?)

I am going to wear the heck out of this dress...with leggings, boots, flats, whatever I can. It's so darn comfortable and fairly flattering for being so baggy. It's a whole $28, but totally worth it. ;)

While I am on my cheap-o shopping spree here, I will throw in the cross-body bag I bought from Old Navy. I carry a small clutch that holds just my phone and credit cards. I throw it in the diaper bag, and it works just fine. However, when I go somewhere without kids, I need something to throw my clutch and keys into, so I picked up this beauty for $18. Love the color. Love the style. (You could get the super nice Madewell version here, too!)

If you haven't seen Jess' IG shop, Pearl and Monroe, you are missing out! She posts products daily, and they are so affordable. I snagged this plaid poncho and can't stop wearing it. It's like being wrapped in a blanket all day!

BOOTIES...I have been on the hunt for the perfect bootie, and I picked up two pairs at Nordstrom Rack the other day, but I feel so clueless about how to wear them. It gets cold and snowy in Maine, so I don't want a gap between my boyfriend jeans and my booties because my ankles will get cold. Help me! How do you wear boyfriend jeans in the winter? And how do you wear booties? With leggings? I am still playing around, but I do love my finds!

What have you found for fall? I know some of you took advantage of the ShopBob Friends and Family sale, but I didn't get my act together in time. Whomp. Whomp.

Happy Weekend!