Friday Favorites

Hello!! Fridays are always nice to see, especially after this past week!

I LOVE to shop. I am constantly buying (and returning) things, and Chad thinks I'm crazy. BUT, I never pay full price, and I am always buying ahead (for the kids), so I get crazy good deals.

While 90% of the clothes I buy are for Cameron or Louise, I have been doing some updating to my wardrobe lately. Thankfully, Target, GAP and Old Navy have been having some good deals, so I have been able to restock my closet with clothes that actually fit instead of trying to squeeze into pre-baby clothes. (PS ON has disappointed me for a couple of years, but I actually had some luck there recently! And now, GAP is disappointing me…go figure!)

These pants from Old Navy are ah-mazing. They are SO COMFY, and I only paid $19 for them. I have them in Goodnight Nora (navy) and Potent Purple (burgundy), and I will be buying more colors. They fit true to size, they don't fall down (I hate when I am constantly pulling up pants.), and they are versatile to wear with lots of tops. 

Payless Shoes. Have you been there lately? I never look there for shoes, but I was looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding and walked out with two pairs of flats for work. Oops! They are the most comfortable flat, and they are $15! I have them in black and nude and will be getting more!

I am getting back into exercise and am literally fitting in what I can, when I can. I am doing a kettle bells class on Mondays, running in our school gym (or outside with Louise) 1-2 days a week and doing a T25 video 1-2 days a week (in my dream world…sometimes I don't get any in my schedule.)

However, I've come across an issue called my "jello pouch" that will not go away! After some research, I have self-diagnosed myself with Diastasis Recti.

This article has some great exercises to get my abs back in place to get rid of that pouch!

We were GREAT about not eating out and cooking healthy meals at home until school started…now, it's a mad dash to get the kids home from day care, take care of Louise, take care of the house, etc…I never have time to grocery shop, so we never have any food in the house. I am getting back to meal planning, and this dinner caught my eye immediately. I'll eat anything with sriracha!


We have been struggling with Louise's sleep situation. We've gone from being swaddled in the swing to sleeping in her crib with the Miracle Suit to sleeping in her Rock & Play in a wearable blanket (A&A, too…I love their stuff!). She loves to interlock her hands when she sleeps, so one of my co-workers suggested that I get the Aden and Anaid security blanket for her to hold. So far, so good! We give it to her all of the time, and I am hoping it does become her security blanket. (And, they're breathable, so when she covers her face with it, it's ok!)

Welcome fall…winter can hold off, but I will take all of the fall thrown at me!

Happy Friday, everyone!! My college roommates are coming today to visit for the weekend…I am guessing that we won't be ordering Domino's cheese sticks to eat on our way home from the bar like we did at Elon, but I do know it will be a super weekend!


  1. Have so much fun with your college friends!!!!!!

    Those pants look amazing, I might need to snap some up!

  2. Haha! It was actually 69 degrees here this morning (won't last but I will take the Fall weather!!) have a wonderful weekend, how fun!

  3. We've been struggling to eat healthy recently too but the key for us is meal prep!! Best of luck! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  4. I'm so ready for sweatshirt season over here! Stupid hot weather. AND lovey! Seriously best ever. It was a game changer with k who was always tugging on her clothes because she needed something to hold. Happy weekend!