Five on Friday

I tried Stitch Fix for the first time since having Louise, and I LOVED everything they sent me, but I only kept one thing. I was about to keep it all, since they offer a great discount for keeping all five pieces, but I couldn't justify it. 

I did keep a pair of boyfriend jeans....I am not good at picking out "trendy" items, so I never would have bought them myself, but they are SO DARN COMFY that I kept them, and I have worn the heck out of them already. 

I sent back a dress that Chad loved, but I couldn't justify keeping a $100 dress hanging in my closet with no plan to wear it. (It was cut way too low to wear for work.) And, I didn't love it, so it went back. 

The top was 100% ME, but it snagged after wearing it for five minutes, so back it went. I need life-proof clothes...not stuff that I have to be careful with! The earrings, well...I'm not keeping a $40 pair of earrings when I can go to Target and get the same pair for $10! :)

The cardigan was adorable, but it was too bulky...
too much material underneath made it look bumpy and not flattering.

I am scheduled to get another one next week; I can't wait to see what they send!

Jess clued me into the most amazing product EVER for hair volume. (PS She's opening an online boutique for women's clothing and accessories…I cannot wait!)

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Root Pump is worth every penny I would have to pay for it…not only does it give me volume, it gives me texture. I have a TON of really fine hair, so it sucks, basically. 

This is my new favorite product. Hands down.

I have been waiting for them to come out with a new iPhone, so I can upgrade, and that day is finally here! I cannot wait to get an iPhone 6s (mostly for the picture quality, duh).

I can't stop shopping for Louise, and these Labor Day/fall sales don't help! Chad thinks I'm crazy, and the mail lady is about to kill me. (Also, I held a newborn this morning and immediately wanted another baby. Someone please slap me!) 

Ummm, hello….how could I pass up this dress and tights? 

Front                                                            Back

9/11…what a day. It always make me so proud to be an American, sad to be living in this crazy world and thankful that I didn't lose anyone I knew. I was a freshman in college and was enjoying sleeping in until my 11:00 class when my roommate woke me up. What a friggin day…it's just full of so many emotions - mostly patriotism. I am still so proud of those responders for risking (and losing) their lives to save others. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! We are buying a new car and entertaining 40 people (plus their kids) tomorrow for a Going Away Party! Bring on the vodka! :)


  1. That cat dress is adorable! I'm currently obsessed with baby leggings as well. Can't get enough :)

  2. Oh my goodness that cat dress is adorable!! I can't stop shopping either - new house, growing baby, new body's getting expensive. I REALLY want to try Stitchfix! I'm glad you liked it! Hope you guys have a good weekend! xo

  3. I just posted my 4th stitch review yesterday! I would love to see all the items you got (because I'm a snoop) but I got that zippered cardi in one of my previous fixes and it was the cardi from hell! The only thing it had going for it were the pockets...I love me some pockets!

  4. We got the cat dress too, so cute! And I love boyfriend jeans, you will wear them SO much!

  5. I realllllllly need to try stitch fix!! Maybe I'll sign up after the babe is born!
    Love Sexy Hair products!
    Gosh, I am totally in my own world over here! I hadn't heard that they announced the new iPhone! How exciting!!

  6. I haven't tried Stitch Fix yet but I think I need to! I've been seeing everyone get such cute stuff! I am just afraid I will like everything and end up spending more than I anticipate! :)