College Roommates come to town

This past weekend was a wild and crazy one with my college roommates in town! One has kids of her own and the other has nieces and nephews, so it was fun to have them around Cameron and Louise. We did hit a few bars (and a lot of bottles of wine), so we were a little slow moving in the mornings, but it was so fun to just be with them again!

Friday afternoon, Marguerite and I started off with some cocktails and wine while we waited for Rachel to land. Once we got back home, we had more wine (see? lots of wine) then Chad drove us to pick up the kids, and we went to Two Lights (quintessential Maine) for the view and a little snack. That night, some of my local/high school girlfriends came over for a little wine and cheese with the intention of going out, but we never made it. I think we were all happy to stay in our comfy clothes in our kitchen. :)

Saturday morning, we went for a long walk to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches and to see some of Portland. Then, we drove up to Freeport so they could see LLBean and get out of the house. (It was super cold that morning, so we didn't want to do anything outside.) 

Saturday afternoon, we all snoozed and watched college football then showered up for Twilight in the Park, which is an annual event held by Hospice of Southern Maine. It's such a beautiful tribute to those we have lost, and I love to be a part of it every year. 

My Uncle Donnie with Louise
(He's a proud uncle!)

People buy luminaries in memory or honor of someone they love. Each person gets their own bag that gets lit, and it's just beautiful once the sun starts to go down. 

Saturday night, Chad stayed home with the kids, while Marguerite, Rachel and I hit the town in 32-year old fashion. ;) We had drinks at Local 188, dinner at Boda then finished the night (at midnight) at Gritty's with some live music. I used to go to Gritty's and know everyone there...this time, I was the most sober, and oldest, patron in the bar. My, how times have changed!!

I was clearly extremely tired since I was forcing my eyes to open! Haha!

Sunday morning, Rachel took off early, and Marguerite and I just relaxed a little before brunch. Our friend Liz came up with her daughter, Sofia (I can't even believe we didn't get any pictures of the kids together.), and we had lunch together before nap time (again). Louise slept for over two hours, in my arms, on the couch, while watching the Patriots spank the Dolphins.

Doesn't she look excited that the Pats won?!

Oh yeah, our little girl turned four months on Sunday! It's crazy how time is flying....

Sunday night, we ordered in from DuckFat, I packed lunches for this week, and we were all in bed by 9! Marguerite left last night to go back home, and we are already planning our next girls' weekend (without kids). 


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend with college friends. I was able to see my college teammates this weekend and it was fun being nostalgic and seeing where everyone is in life now.

  2. Such a great weekend! Love all the lit luminaries. And it's the best being able to catch up with college roommates - they know us better than most people :)

  3. What a BLAST of a weekend!
    My college girl friends and I have tried to all meet up at least once every year since we graduated. One year we made a trip to Vegas, and holy smokes was it fun. It also was eye-opening to all of us - we were (are) old! Our day of hitting the bars/clubs were (are) clearly a thing of the past.

    Discovered you via The MotherBoard. :)