College Roommates come to town

This past weekend was a wild and crazy one with my college roommates in town! One has kids of her own and the other has nieces and nephews, so it was fun to have them around Cameron and Louise. We did hit a few bars (and a lot of bottles of wine), so we were a little slow moving in the mornings, but it was so fun to just be with them again!

Friday afternoon, Marguerite and I started off with some cocktails and wine while we waited for Rachel to land. Once we got back home, we had more wine (see? lots of wine) then Chad drove us to pick up the kids, and we went to Two Lights (quintessential Maine) for the view and a little snack. That night, some of my local/high school girlfriends came over for a little wine and cheese with the intention of going out, but we never made it. I think we were all happy to stay in our comfy clothes in our kitchen. :)

Saturday morning, we went for a long walk to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches and to see some of Portland. Then, we drove up to Freeport so they could see LLBean and get out of the house. (It was super cold that morning, so we didn't want to do anything outside.) 

Saturday afternoon, we all snoozed and watched college football then showered up for Twilight in the Park, which is an annual event held by Hospice of Southern Maine. It's such a beautiful tribute to those we have lost, and I love to be a part of it every year. 

My Uncle Donnie with Louise
(He's a proud uncle!)

People buy luminaries in memory or honor of someone they love. Each person gets their own bag that gets lit, and it's just beautiful once the sun starts to go down. 

Saturday night, Chad stayed home with the kids, while Marguerite, Rachel and I hit the town in 32-year old fashion. ;) We had drinks at Local 188, dinner at Boda then finished the night (at midnight) at Gritty's with some live music. I used to go to Gritty's and know everyone there...this time, I was the most sober, and oldest, patron in the bar. My, how times have changed!!

I was clearly extremely tired since I was forcing my eyes to open! Haha!

Sunday morning, Rachel took off early, and Marguerite and I just relaxed a little before brunch. Our friend Liz came up with her daughter, Sofia (I can't even believe we didn't get any pictures of the kids together.), and we had lunch together before nap time (again). Louise slept for over two hours, in my arms, on the couch, while watching the Patriots spank the Dolphins.

Doesn't she look excited that the Pats won?!

Oh yeah, our little girl turned four months on Sunday! It's crazy how time is flying....

Sunday night, we ordered in from DuckFat, I packed lunches for this week, and we were all in bed by 9! Marguerite left last night to go back home, and we are already planning our next girls' weekend (without kids). 

Louise James: Four Months

Height: Not sure...getting taller!
Weight: 13.2 ounces
Clothes: We just put away (0-)3 month clothes and have taken out (3-)6 month pieces!
Shoes: barely fitting into a zero…you have tiny feet!
Diapers: Size 2; 3 at night

You have the chubbiest/squarest face and look like a chunker, but you are around the 40% percentile for weight!

You are not the best eater, but it doesn't bother you. You have a bottle in the morning, three at day care then two more at home. You eat around (up to) 4 ounces at each feeding. We are going to wait to introduce food until you are able to grab it yourself (Baby Led Weaning) because Cameron is the pickiest eater, and we started him on purees at four months, so we are trying something different.

You are still a great sleeper; I can't really complain. BUT, you've started waking up more during the night. You had a good stretch of only waking around 3:00 am, but then you started having a few nights here and there where you'd wake around 1:00, then around 3:00/4:00. We moved you from your swing in our room to the crib in your room, but you are now in your Rock and Play in your room. You just aren't a fan of sleeping on your back, and you sleep so much longer in your Rock and Play. Also, I think that sleeping flat does NOT help your gas situation, so the Rock and Play elevates you a little, which makes you a happier baby, which makes us happier parents. :)

We aren't swaddling you anymore and tried the Magic Sleep Suit, but you prefer to just sleep in a wearable blanket holding your lovey.

This lasted for about two nights before I got tired of getting woken up every two hours!

Sitting in your Bumbo (and your Bumbo Playtop), being carried in the Bjorn, basically being able to see the world. You will tolerate being put in the Rock and Play in the living room, for a little…but you eventually get bored and want to be with everyone else. You love bath time. You love going for walks and being outside. You love your thumb, and I am 99% sure you will be a thumb-sucker, once you figure out how to do it. You love your Daddy. And your bother. And me. :) You are a sweetheart (except when you're screaming) and seem to love everything.

Not Loving:
Having gas or being tired. That's about it.

You don't mind getting out of the tub now, and you don't mind getting changed. You're not a fan of Tummy Times sometimes, but if you're in a good mood, you don't mind it for a couple of minutes.

You still have a lot of gas and discomfort, so we tried the Happy Tummi (It did not make your tummy happy.) and went to a chiropractor! The chiropractor found two spots in your neck and three spots in your back that she worked on. We are going back today for another visit!

Our family got a summer/fall cold when school started, and you had some nice green stuff coming out of your eyes, but it never bothered you. Now, we are just waiting for some teeth to come in and everything that goes with that! :)

You also have cradle cap, which makes your hair look red! I will be excited when that goes away for good.

You are definitely smaller than Cameron was at this age and less mobile, I think. You want to reach for things, but you can't quite grab them yet. You don't hold anything if we put it in your hands…it gets dropped quickly.

You aren't really rolling over, but when I put you flat on your back when you're tired, you naturally roll to your side, so maybe you will be rolling over soon! (I am in no rush for this to happen!)

You follow me or Daddy when we walk away. When you hear our voices, you turn your head to see us.

You are drooling like a champ and shoving your fist or my fingers in your mouth like a Fred Flinstone eating a turkey leg! I am hoping some teeth pop through soon!

You learned how to blow bubbles/raspberries, and I love it (even though it just adds to the drool coming out of your mouth)!!

You are always trying to sit up in your car seat and Rock and Play, and when we sit you up in it, you stay!

You know what your bottle is and reach for it (and hold it for a few seconds) when we put it near you.

This past month, you started at day care (full-time), and you are adjusting better. You are only napping 2-3 times for 20 - 40 minutes, so you get cranky because you're tired. Your teachers are Ms Meghan and Ms Meggie (who were both Cameron's teachers), so I love that they are looking after you!

We went to Funtown for Daddy's company picnic, the Maine State Air Show (but had to leave because it was SO HOT, and you could NOT cool down), an Andy Grammar concert, hosted a going away party and had my college roommates for visitors. We've tried to do less due to the unknown of your behavior on any given day, but ever since we've gone to the chiropractor, you've been a different baby (fingers crossed).

You love the Patriots! (Well, I love dressing you for games, and you love napping through them!)

Louisey, you are amazing. Despite the hard times, you bring so many smiles into our lives. Your Daddy just adores you and will smile at you for as long as you let him. I love holding you while you sleep and watching your facial expressions. Your starting to respond differently, and I am definitely excited for these upcoming months to watch to learn so much. You smile with your eyes and have the squarest face with chubby cheeks…I can't get enough. We LOVE you, Weezy…you are the most perfect complement to your brother in being the BEST part of our lives. 

Here's Cameron's four month update!

Friday Favorites

Hello!! Fridays are always nice to see, especially after this past week!

I LOVE to shop. I am constantly buying (and returning) things, and Chad thinks I'm crazy. BUT, I never pay full price, and I am always buying ahead (for the kids), so I get crazy good deals.

While 90% of the clothes I buy are for Cameron or Louise, I have been doing some updating to my wardrobe lately. Thankfully, Target, GAP and Old Navy have been having some good deals, so I have been able to restock my closet with clothes that actually fit instead of trying to squeeze into pre-baby clothes. (PS ON has disappointed me for a couple of years, but I actually had some luck there recently! And now, GAP is disappointing me…go figure!)

These pants from Old Navy are ah-mazing. They are SO COMFY, and I only paid $19 for them. I have them in Goodnight Nora (navy) and Potent Purple (burgundy), and I will be buying more colors. They fit true to size, they don't fall down (I hate when I am constantly pulling up pants.), and they are versatile to wear with lots of tops. 

Payless Shoes. Have you been there lately? I never look there for shoes, but I was looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding and walked out with two pairs of flats for work. Oops! They are the most comfortable flat, and they are $15! I have them in black and nude and will be getting more!

I am getting back into exercise and am literally fitting in what I can, when I can. I am doing a kettle bells class on Mondays, running in our school gym (or outside with Louise) 1-2 days a week and doing a T25 video 1-2 days a week (in my dream world…sometimes I don't get any in my schedule.)

However, I've come across an issue called my "jello pouch" that will not go away! After some research, I have self-diagnosed myself with Diastasis Recti.

This article has some great exercises to get my abs back in place to get rid of that pouch!

We were GREAT about not eating out and cooking healthy meals at home until school started…now, it's a mad dash to get the kids home from day care, take care of Louise, take care of the house, etc…I never have time to grocery shop, so we never have any food in the house. I am getting back to meal planning, and this dinner caught my eye immediately. I'll eat anything with sriracha!


We have been struggling with Louise's sleep situation. We've gone from being swaddled in the swing to sleeping in her crib with the Miracle Suit to sleeping in her Rock & Play in a wearable blanket (A&A, too…I love their stuff!). She loves to interlock her hands when she sleeps, so one of my co-workers suggested that I get the Aden and Anaid security blanket for her to hold. So far, so good! We give it to her all of the time, and I am hoping it does become her security blanket. (And, they're breathable, so when she covers her face with it, it's ok!)

Welcome fall…winter can hold off, but I will take all of the fall thrown at me!

Happy Friday, everyone!! My college roommates are coming today to visit for the weekend…I am guessing that we won't be ordering Domino's cheese sticks to eat on our way home from the bar like we did at Elon, but I do know it will be a super weekend!

Five on Friday

I tried Stitch Fix for the first time since having Louise, and I LOVED everything they sent me, but I only kept one thing. I was about to keep it all, since they offer a great discount for keeping all five pieces, but I couldn't justify it. 

I did keep a pair of boyfriend jeans....I am not good at picking out "trendy" items, so I never would have bought them myself, but they are SO DARN COMFY that I kept them, and I have worn the heck out of them already. 

I sent back a dress that Chad loved, but I couldn't justify keeping a $100 dress hanging in my closet with no plan to wear it. (It was cut way too low to wear for work.) And, I didn't love it, so it went back. 

The top was 100% ME, but it snagged after wearing it for five minutes, so back it went. I need life-proof clothes...not stuff that I have to be careful with! The earrings, well...I'm not keeping a $40 pair of earrings when I can go to Target and get the same pair for $10! :)

The cardigan was adorable, but it was too bulky...
too much material underneath made it look bumpy and not flattering.

I am scheduled to get another one next week; I can't wait to see what they send!

Jess clued me into the most amazing product EVER for hair volume. (PS She's opening an online boutique for women's clothing and accessories…I cannot wait!)

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Root Pump is worth every penny I would have to pay for it…not only does it give me volume, it gives me texture. I have a TON of really fine hair, so it sucks, basically. 

This is my new favorite product. Hands down.

I have been waiting for them to come out with a new iPhone, so I can upgrade, and that day is finally here! I cannot wait to get an iPhone 6s (mostly for the picture quality, duh).

I can't stop shopping for Louise, and these Labor Day/fall sales don't help! Chad thinks I'm crazy, and the mail lady is about to kill me. (Also, I held a newborn this morning and immediately wanted another baby. Someone please slap me!) 

Ummm, hello….how could I pass up this dress and tights? 

Front                                                            Back

9/11…what a day. It always make me so proud to be an American, sad to be living in this crazy world and thankful that I didn't lose anyone I knew. I was a freshman in college and was enjoying sleeping in until my 11:00 class when my roommate woke me up. What a friggin day…it's just full of so many emotions - mostly patriotism. I am still so proud of those responders for risking (and losing) their lives to save others. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! We are buying a new car and entertaining 40 people (plus their kids) tomorrow for a Going Away Party! Bring on the vodka! :)