Weekends in our World

(This was written on June 9 - oops!)

Weekends are changing in our world, but they are just getting better. The weather is warming up (veeeeeery slowly) and our schedules are changing, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

However, I could do without the spring/summer cold that started Saturday morning....and hasn't left yet.

Thankfully, Louise is a great sleeper, but throw in a few middle-of-the-night feedings, a rambunctious toddler and a cold, and you get a super tired Momma. 

Friday night, we met my dad and Uncle Donnie and Stacey for dinner at Portland House of Pizza...Louise slept through most of her first dining experience, but she was a hit, none-the-less.

Her standard position....it's somewhere between eating her fist because she's hungry or sucking her thumb because she's tired.

Daddy's girl, for sure...

We spent Saturday searching for a nighttime camera to catch the thief who has been stealing our plants. Like, digging them up out of the ground and taking them! What the....so frustrating!

Notice the big section of soil that's missing plants? Who does that?

We hit up Cabella's and got our gear, stopped for lunch at Portland Pie then headed home for a family nap. My Godmother dropped off some dinner for us (LOVE these new-baby meals we are getting) and we did a whole lot of this:

Chad and I snuck out for a beer (woohoo) and to watch the Belmont Saturday night. We also hit up Target for some meds for me and a few baby items then were in bed by 9. Crazy Saturday night!

Sunday, Louise and I hit up our first-of-many bridal showers together for one of my best friends, Magen! I'm in her wedding in August, so as much as this cold had me not wanting to go anywhere, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Can you tell the color of the wedding is PURPLE?! :)

All of the bridesmaids minus Nancy (in California)

My sweet girl and me

So, life is continuing, as it did before, but with a little more planning and lot more hectic-ness.


  1. Ha! I totally feel you on that last sentence. Life keeps plugging along for sure, but it definitely requires more planning and is a bit less predictable these days ;)

    You look beautiful in your dress at the bridal shower! I'm sure you can't wait for the big day! so exciting!

  2. oh my goodness, so much CUTENESS!!!