Five on Friday: Most Random Ever

I've already bought pajamas for Fourth of July 2016....This matching thing is WAY too much fun! (PS They were $12 AND I had GAPCash....holler!)

We are making it a yearly tradition to go to a Patriots game around Chad's birthday, and we just bought our tickets! I can't wait...last year, I was newly pregnant, super nauseous and totally sober. Not this year, baby!

2014 Game

I am NOT a Beachbody coach, and I don't sell any products, but their stuff is pretty awesome. I did the 3-Day Refresh and lost five pounds and felt amazing. I wasn't hungry, although I was definitely craving some bad food. When we finished that, we started the 21 Day Fix. So far, so good...we are getting used to just eating better (and smaller). I have had some alcohol on the weekends, but I am trying to stay away during the week. I am not obsessed with watching my weight, but I do see a major difference on the mornings after I drink...the scale doesn't move much! However, it is summer, so I have partake in few cocktails here and there. ;)

Have you guys tried Younique mascara? I am not a rep, and I get nothing to promoting it, but it's seriously amazing. I have NO eyelashes, and this makes them appear!

Another amazing product: Hanna Andersson socks. If you have a newborn/infant, BUY THEM. We picked some up at the outlet for $3/pair, which was much less than the $8 and $10 original price, but I would pay that much for these. They stay on, and they're warm! I am in love.

Happy Friday, all!! This weekend is B-U-S-Y! We have family in town, Chad's company outing tomorrow and a birthday party on Sunday. We are squeezing in as much summer as possible before fall and winter come too quickly. 

Louise James: Three Months

It's getting harder to take a picture without your hand in your mouth!
(PS You got your own PBK chair from Aunt Sue! You are spoiled!)

Lil Weezy, Little Louisey, Pumpkinhead or Little - these are a few of our favorite names for you!

You are SUCH a sweet, happy baby...most of the time! We've figured out that we get a good hour window where you eat then are happy. Then, you get tired and grumpy, and it's nap time again. BUT, during that hour, I melt. Your smiles, your coos and your curiosity are amazing.

Diapers: size 2 (size 3 at night)
Clothes: 0-3 still but about to switch to 3-6
Shoes: still negative...size zero shoes don't fit!

Eating: You don't love to eat like you used to. Well, it depends on the day (like everything). Some days, you'll chug 5 ounces, and some days, you only want 3. When you are done eating, you start smiling at me and milk starts drooling out of your mouth and all down you...I love it.

Sleeping: You are kind of on a schedule of a good morning nap around 8:30, another good nap around noon then a couple of shorts naps either in my arms or in the stroller around 3 and 6 (if we're lucky). You get pretty fussy around 5, so sometimes a walk is the only thing that will cure the fussiness. At night, you are going down by 8:30 (most nights you're out closer to 8), waking once to eat then waking around 7. Unfortunately, school is starting, so we have to leave the house by 7:15, so we are trying to put you down a little earlier so we don't have to wake you out of a dead sleep.

You are still being swaddled and sleep in your swing. It doesn't swing anymore, so you don't move, but you do still love being a little elevated. You started day care this week, and they put you in a crib to nap. Well, they tried to put you in a crib to nap, and you weren't having it. You sleep propped on a Boppy in the crib, so we are going to make the big switch at home this weekend. I see lots of tears (both yours and mine) in our near future. I also see the Miracle Blanket being put away because you are a Houdini and break out of it every night. Next up is the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit...our lifesaver with Cam!

Playing: You are starting to grasp things (rattles, rings, toys) and love when we play with you. You love the play mat a little, but you aren't super happy on your back for too long. You prefer to be in your Bumbo or sitting up on the couch with one of us talking to you. You are loving rattles and anything that has color in front of you. You don't mind tummy time and even laugh when you're in a good mood.

Loving: Sitting up and being held outward. Having your nose pinched or your gums pushed on - you let out the best laugh! You smile with your eyes (and your mouth) when someone talks to you...especially when we tell you that you're pretty! You usually love getting dressed and must think it tickles because you always laugh when I take your arms our of your outfit!

Hating: being held like a baby, being put in your Rock & Play when you know people are around, being taken out of the bath and getting overtired.

Sidenote: You are the loudest, gruntiest pooper in the world. You are SO not going to get any boys if you keep it up! ;)

Fun Stuff: This past month, things quieted down a little since Peyton and Mica left on the 4th. Mommy was in a wedding on the weekend of the 8th, so you spent a lot of time with LouLou and Auntie Pam (my Godmother) that weekend. We took a few trips to the beach and have walked a few laps in the mall. It was a slow month getting back to normal (or what's normal now) and getting ready for school to begin.

Your brother LOVES you

Your smiles...ahhh, they kill me.

Your dad LOOOOVES you, too. He's SMITTEN with you!

You love bathtime and eating your hands...I keep looking for a tooth, but you're still full of gums!

That smile...did I mention I LOVE it?

And, did I mention that your brother loves you? Like obsessed. He always wants to hug and kiss you. He shows you his books and toys. He's the best. After your first day of school, when I picked him up, the first thing he said was, "Let's go get Louise." Seriously? You are so lucky!

(Here's Cameron's Three Month Update!)

I'm too old to be a Bridesmaid

Seriously...I am not the bridesmaid I once was! We had a ton of fun this past weekend, but geez, it's hard to be a mom AND a bridesmaid. ;)

Between the fun events full of cocktails and preparing your home for someone else to take care of your kids for two days, this Momma needs a vacation after this wedding!

In all seriousness, it was a ton of fun to celebrate one of my oldest friends, spend lots of quality/kid-free time with Chad and hang with my high school girlfriends.

The Rehearsal Dinner:

My handsome date for life

The beautiful bride-to-bed

All of the bridesmaids

The Wedding:

Seriously, the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!

The McAuley crew waiting for the wedding to begin

Magen and Bob

After the wedding....waiting for pics to be done!

Me and Kristie ont he trolley to get pictures done at Drakes Island

All the maids

Most of the party at Drakes Island

The Newlyweds!

Maria is home from Germany!

McAuley girls together again!

I did not take single picture, so these are all thanks to everyone else! :) I can't wait to see the professional ones!!

Weekends in our World

(This was written on June 9 - oops!)

Weekends are changing in our world, but they are just getting better. The weather is warming up (veeeeeery slowly) and our schedules are changing, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

However, I could do without the spring/summer cold that started Saturday morning....and hasn't left yet.

Thankfully, Louise is a great sleeper, but throw in a few middle-of-the-night feedings, a rambunctious toddler and a cold, and you get a super tired Momma. 

Friday night, we met my dad and Uncle Donnie and Stacey for dinner at Portland House of Pizza...Louise slept through most of her first dining experience, but she was a hit, none-the-less.

Her standard's somewhere between eating her fist because she's hungry or sucking her thumb because she's tired.

Daddy's girl, for sure...

We spent Saturday searching for a nighttime camera to catch the thief who has been stealing our plants. Like, digging them up out of the ground and taking them! What frustrating!

Notice the big section of soil that's missing plants? Who does that?

We hit up Cabella's and got our gear, stopped for lunch at Portland Pie then headed home for a family nap. My Godmother dropped off some dinner for us (LOVE these new-baby meals we are getting) and we did a whole lot of this:

Chad and I snuck out for a beer (woohoo) and to watch the Belmont Saturday night. We also hit up Target for some meds for me and a few baby items then were in bed by 9. Crazy Saturday night!

Sunday, Louise and I hit up our first-of-many bridal showers together for one of my best friends, Magen! I'm in her wedding in August, so as much as this cold had me not wanting to go anywhere, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Can you tell the color of the wedding is PURPLE?! :)

All of the bridesmaids minus Nancy (in California)

My sweet girl and me

So, life is continuing, as it did before, but with a little more planning and lot more hectic-ness.