Cameron: THREE Years!

Dear Cameron:

Can I still call you my baby boy?  You quickly jumped from my baby to my big boy - both emotionally and physically - as soon as you became a big brother. Everything you do now seems so much more mature, and your body feels gigantic.

You are 39" inches and 38 pounds. You are wearing 18 month shorts still but 3T pants because you're a string bean. You are in size 9-10 shoes and 3T tops (for now - they are seeming a bit small); 4T pajamas are your jam.

You are still wearing diapers, still using a pacifier to sleep and still spending your nights and naps in the crib. These are all sort of frustrating for us, but they also remind me that you are still so young and need my love and attention just as much as you did before your little sister came along in May. I don't think you want to stop being a baby...I keep remind myself that it will all change with time!

You have adjusted to being a big brother much better than I could have predicted. You are acting out more to get attention (This could also be because you're a three year old boy!), but you are also so patient at the same time. Even though I try not to say that we can't do something because of Louise, you know that's the reason, and you just go with it. You really have amazed me during this process. You want to help (a little too much) and don't like when she cries. If I let you, you would sit next to Louise 24/7 holding her paci in her mouth so she doesn't cry!

You have become an excellent listener...when you want. I think you know when it matters (like at a restaurant, someone's house or the grocery store) because you are a model three-nager. Seriously. You walk with me in stores and don't wander off or touch everything. You stay in your seat at restaurants (usually with the iPad, but sometimes without) and behave like a charm at people's homes. You make me SO PROUD, and I feel like all of the nagging I do is paying off. :)

You "graduated" from the Toddler Room to the Preschool Room at FES. Your best buds in your room are Thomas and Jonah, and I know you are so excited to be in the same class as Avery again next year!

Your favorite activities are to "help" Daddy with your tools, "cook" in your kitchen, play dinosaurs, robots, pirates, puzzles, coloring, bubbles, sword-fighting, go to any playground, dig in the backyard, "help" Daddy landscape, help me do anything - Louise, laundry, dishes, pump love to have a responsibility and get so excited when you can fulfill it. We just put some carpet in the basement and put all of your toys down there, so you are pretty pumped having your own playroom. We are pretty pumped to have a place other than our living room to put all of your toys!

You are going to bed around 8:00 and sleeping from 8:30/9:00 to 6:00/7:00...You are taking one nap from about 12:30 - 3:00. (Sometimes, it's more like 2:00 - 5:00, but we take what we can get!) When you don't nap, you're a disaster, and when you do nap, you wake up in the sweetest mood. When you wake up in the morning and afternoon, you tell, "I ready to get UP!" I love hearing your little voice on the monitor!

You have been spending lots of time with LouLou, Papa and Unkie/ are pretty lucky to get so much attention! Mommy and Daddy try to spend lots of time with you, too, but between Louise, the house/yard and work, we are both pulled in so many directions that we have to work at making time for everyone - including each other. You are patient, though, my love, and we appreciate it.

You are still my little sidekick and usually ask for me to put you to bed or get you up in the morning...I know you love Daddy the same, but you are a total Momma's Boy, which I love! :) Daddy can have Louise ;)  - just kidding, Lil Weezy....I love you both the same!! It's been fun to mold into our little family, and you are doing just fine, kiddo.

You get so embarrassed, SO EASILY. If you are dancing or singing or just doing something that makes us smile, you think we are laughing at you. If you get hurt, you get embarrassed, too. BUT, when you pee in your pants, you don't get embarassed at all!! What gives?! You are super shy around new people for about three like to hide behind my legs until you feel comfortable to move.

I have so many nicknames for you: Bud, Bub (It's a Maine thing.), Buddy, love, lovey, dude, dudey, sweetheart, Goober...Bud and Buddy are the most common because you ARE my buddy. I love spending time with you!

I cannot believe you're THREE!! You definitely have filled a hole in our lives and hearts over the past three years, and I am so proud of the little boy you're becoming. You are picking up on some funny phrases and actually know when to use them. You say that something is, "fine for now." or "I'm done talking about that." crack us up!

"I ready to get UUUUUUPPPPPP." (every. single. morning. I love it.)

"Did you SEE that?"

"Holla-bout" instead of "How about"

"All the body" instead of "everybody"

"But, I thought we were going to...." when I tell him we are stopping something. ("But, I thought we were going to stay up and watch tv together, Mommy?" when I tell him it's time for bed.)

"But, I was just..." when I tell him to stop doing something. ("But I was just pretending to be a monkey on the couch" when I tell him to sit on his bottom.)

This totally sums up your personality....goofy and sweet

Oh, and ALL BOY

Helping Daddy measure

Hanging with Papa at the Memorial Day Parade

On one of your nightly walks with LouLou

With your new best're an amazing big brother.

This past year, we moved out of our 600 sq ft apartment into our home. We gave you a new room, a new playroom and a new sister. We went to the OBX with our entire family. We attended a hundred birthday parties and play dates and visited the playground about a million times. You never stopped moving unless you were sleeping, and I am thankful for that. Your personality is amazing.

This coming year will be another whirlwind. Peyton and Mica are coming to visit in less than two weeks. We will continue to make our house a home and Louise will grow into a toddler. We will take a few trips and make a ton of memories. You will go to PreSchool and meet some new friends. You will turn into a kid who's almost ready for school, and I am not ready for that! 

I love watching you grow and cherish the moments when I can literally see you learning. You are so observant and take in everything. I have no doubt that you will contribute to ever single thing you do and be the best friend to anyone you meet. You were named the "mayor" of your classroom, and there's no doubt that you are - everyone loves you! 

From the moment you wake to the moment you go to bed (and every frustrating/annoying moment in between), you make our lives better. I love you so much.


  1. This was so beautiful. Brought some tears to this mama's eyes. Your relationship with your little buddy is so sweet.

  2. I can't believe they are three already.... Happy 3rd Birthday sweet boy! Didn't he age like 5 years after Louise was born? I swear Charli did! haha!