Louise James: Month One

Sweet, sweet Louise James Scott:

You are a SWEETHEART. You are the perfect fit into our family. It feels like you've been with us for a lot longer than a month, so I forget that you are still so little. I expect you to be able to handle more, but you're still brand new! I get reminded of this when people see you and comment about how little and new you are...thank you, strangers, for bringing me back to reality. ;)

Height: 21.5"
Weight: 8lbs 13oz
Clothes: NB (for a few more days)
Diapers: just growing out of NB and into size 1
Shoes: none...You have tiny feet
I did just order some crib mocs for you, so hopefully they fit!

Eating: A LOT (hence the major growth). We started you on breast milk and switched to formula just this week. You were pooping after every. single. feeding for the first three weeks, then you just stopped pooping for eight days. You were cranky. You were stiff. You were not happy Louise. We switched to Alimentum, which is what Cameron ended up using, and within 24 hours, you were a completely different baby. You pooped, you smiled, and we haven't looked back. I talked to your doctor about switching and immediately started crying - I totally planned on breastfeeding for as long as possible, even when we tried formula. I was hoping that it would work, and I could play with my diet, but your doctor said it could take weeks or even months to figure out what was messing you up. I give a lot of credit to moms who brave the storm and change their diets, but seeing you SO unhappy for over a week was NOT fun. We did it with Cameron for months, and after seeing how HAPPY you are again just from the formula, I am not going back. I grew on formula, Cameron grew on formula, and you will, too, my dear.

You are eating 2-3 oz (sometimes more) around 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, midnight and 3am...we are working on dropping one of the night feedings.

Sleeping: Like a champ...fingers crossed and knock on wood, you are a good sleeper. You've never confused night and day, and you are napping on a schedule - something Cameron never did! You nap after every feeding and usually sleep for 1-2 hours or until your next feeding. You know when it's time to eat because you never sleep past your feeding times! We are swaddling you and using white noise, and you mostly sleep in the swing (unless you're in the car seat).

Loving: being held, eating, looking around, being held like a football (well, I feel like a running back), hearing our voices, following our faces, holding your head and shoulders up (You're so strong!) and baths

Hating: being hungry, being changed, being cold/hot, being burped, and losing your paci while you sleep (which is rare - you don't love your pacifier as much as your brother!)

Health: You had a sucker of a cold during weeks one and two....poor baby. We were pulling elephant-sized boogers out of your noise and you were snorting like a pug. It's finally gone, but it caused some discomfort. You also had extremely bad gas during the week that you didn't poop - SO BAD. I am glad that's gone! And, just today, you developed thrush. It started on your tongue yesterday and spread to your lips and gums (just a little), so the doctor gave you a prescription. We'll wait and see if it gets worse or causes discomfort before giving it to you...so far, you seem OK with it, but it's nice to have some relief, if needed. Otherwise, you are a normal newborn with peeling skin and baby acne.

Fun Memories: You've done a lot in your first month! You've gone to school with Cam for drop-off and pick-up many times, visited Mommy's work twice, gone to a bridal shower, gone to many restaurants, the playground, the lake, Cam's day care's end-of-year party and done lots of shopping (of course).

Daddy wants to remember how you held his hand within a minute of being born, and you haven't let go...he's your favorite (I said that, not him!), and he can always calm you down when you're upset.

First bath...you seem unimpressed, but you loved it; I promise!

"Tummy Time"/ relief for your tummy in your skinny jeans ;)

The Miracle Blanket...both of our best friends!

Big Brother, Cameron....here's your first monthly update!

If this first month is any indication of our life with you, I am PUMPED! You are awesome. I am so glad you are back to being your happy self again. You still have some gas and show your big lungs when you're hungry (I know the neighbors hear you sometimes!), but otherwise, you are an observant, sweet girl, and I couldn't love you more. Here's to a thousand more months together, pumpkin!


  1. Precious babe!!!!!!! She sounds perfect, so glad things are going well!

  2. she is so teeny tiny and PERFECT.

    and about those crib moccs. i think we waited 3-4 months for them to fit!!