Picture Dump: What We've been up to

Well, Louise is still not here, so we are "circling the airport," as Chad calls it. We have an induction scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10:30 unless a miracle happens beforehand...I'm not holding my breathe, but we'll see!

The exterior of our house is FINALLY finished...I have so many pictures of the inside to share, but that will be a long post for another day. So, we have been busy landscaping and enjoying our driveway. They are working on the garage now, so as soon as that's done, we will be able to create our backyard (which is about 10' x 10') and use that for the rest of the summer/fall.

We live on the first floor and back half of the second floor....
My mom lives on the rest of the second floor and the third floor (The two beautiful decks are hers, but she shares!)

Before and after...
kind of blurry and smooshed, but you get the point. ;)

This kid has been having too much fun playing outside...we take at least one bath a day, and someone has become obsessed with getting clean. Yesterday, he took of his clothes and diaper, turned on the bath and got in. All by himself. (We were watching him...don't call DHS on us!)

 He's also been spoiled with attention (while we can). We hit up the local MiLB game on Sunday for Superhero day...he was totally baffled when he saw 100 other Superman's, but he quickly forgot when he got to give the Trash Monster a high-five.

 LouLou has jumped on the attention bandwagon...these two have been inseperable from making smoothies together to playing in the driveway to walks to going to the playground. We are SO LUCKY to have her living in the same building with us! (And, Cam is completely spoiled!)

Another culprit of the attention-spree is Papa...our favorite Veteren! We hit up the local Memorial Day parade yesterday and Cam had a blast waving his flag and collecting candy. 

 Our own landscaper....he would do this all. day. long. if he could!

 I mean...this kid melts my heart!

Some other randoms...My mom got us this glider/recliner for the nursery, and I am in love!!!  
One of my student's moms made the quilt for us; isn't it beautiful (and so thoughtful)?!

 We've resorted to drinking our coffee in the shower...it's kind of like pre-gaming in the shower during college but a little different. :)

 And, someone stole our plants. Seriously. Do you see that big gap of no flowers right in the middle? They were there yesterday. Today, they are gone. Who does that??

In addition to the amazing weekend we had, the fun house stuff we've been doing and preparing for Louise, I've done more laundry and lunch prep in the last two weeks just in case I go into labor, that I don't want to do anymore! Ha! I've been stressing that I would go into immediate labor and not have any of Cam's lunches prepared or any clean clothes for him...however, I've gone through this cycle like five times now, and I've concluded that someone will figure it out. He won't go to school naked and lunch-less. Right?!

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully my next post will include a beautiful picture of sweet Louise!!


  1. Ahhhh so exciting! Will be thinking about you all!!

  2. Omg tomorrow!!!!!!! Yaay!!!!!! And love the pregamimg coffee in the shower. ;)

    I have done the same thing, cleaned & done laundry just in case about twenty times. Now I'm over it!

    Cannot wait to see a picture of sweet Louise! Good luck!

  3. So much goodness in this post!! Love that you will get to meet your newest family member so very soon! You are soooo right, someone will figure it out. It might not be just like mama does it, but it'll work just fine :) can't wait to "meet" sweet Louise.

  4. I couldn't even make it past LOUISE IS COMING TOMORROW! Before shouting with glee!!! Pictures. I expect lots and lots and lots of pictures of that little lady!

  5. I can't believe she will be here so soon!! YAY!!!!!! I can't wait to "meet" her!

  6. Omg!!! It's baby day tomorrow!!! I keep waiting for a pic on IG but I guess I have to wait one more day :) So excited!!!
    And, umm, your house looks AH-MAZING!!! I love it!
    Good luck!!!

  7. I love the coffee in the shower, what a great way to wake up!!

  8. Congratulations to your family! I'm so happy for you. And, I have to say, I love the picture of him landscaping!