Five on Friday: Getting Ready for Louise

Louise's due date is two weeks from tomorrow...seriously? I don't feel ready: physically, emotionally, mentally...I kind of have bags packed and I know what I need to do before she gets here, but that list is growing by the day. 

ONE: Coming Home Outfit
I went back and forth on a Coming Home Outfit....traditional, practical, monogrammed, nothing. I almost bit the bullet and ordered a monogramed outfit on Etsy yesterday, but that would just mean that I would go into labor today and her outfit would arrive way too late. That's what I get for not being a good decision maker! Anyways, I did purchase a little something from Sugar Bit!
I went way less traditional than I had planned, but this will actually get some use after she's born, and it will look pretty darn cute with a bow and some tiny shoes. 

TWO: Diaper Bag
I went back and forth on some different options of piecing together bags/inserts for a diaper bag but finally decided to get an actual diaper bag. Natasha promised that it's a good one, so I made a small investment thanks to Sugar Bit's anniversary sale and got this cute bag from Bella Tunno.

THREE: Nursery
Louise's nursery is pretty well set except for the walls. I finally was able to order this mirror from Target (although I won't believe it until I actually receive it because it went from available, to not, to available again all within three minutes.) It should arrive next week, so keep your fingers crossed!

I also ordered this monogram for above her bows (thanks to Jess for the inspiration):

We also have some prints from Etsy that I will be ordering/downloading soon and some book ledges to hang. 

FOUR: Cameron
My mom lives upstairs from us, so she is #1 on our list to take care of Cam while we are at the hospital. She's done daycare drop off and pick up before, so she knows the drill. She knows how to care for him as if he was her own. (That's what happens when you live together for three years!)
I do still need to:
- do groceries so I can prepare/portion Cam's lunch stuff
- pick out outfits for school
- pack his "hospital"/big brother bag
- give him more kisses and cuddles than ever before because I know I will miss them!!

FIVE: Hospital Bags
We got the CUTEST bag from our friends, Robyn and Alex (and Oscar and Waylon) filled with the best baby stuff: another Boon Grass, A&A bibs and blankets, pajamas, pacifiers and more. Its first job will be to bring Louise's stuff to and from the hospital....I have the boppy and a blanket. That's all she needs, right?!

After we install the car seat, I will feel a little more ready, but for now, we are just waiting and praying for a safe, healthy labor and delivery (in a few weeks - I am in no rush!).

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Gah! I'm dying that you already need a bag and car seat and a coming home outfit. I mean it's really time. I can't wait for little miss to make her debut.

    And I can't believe you found that mirror!

  2. So close!! Ahh! I love that coming home outfit! I am OBSESSED with Kickee Pants - Mim wears their pajamas everyday! Those coveralls are adorable and so soft! You'll never want to buy another pajama brand again.

  3. LOVE the outfit you chose, it is perfect!!! SOOOOOO excited for you! XO

  4. I know that Ellie will be two in 20 days, but I hate my diaper bag right now! I wish I could just get rid of it but we need it for work since we have to travel with a day's worth of diapers/wipes/outfit changes/snacks/milk but I can't wait until she is potty trained. Can she just figure it out overnight please?

  5. I'm feeling the same as you! Not ready!! ha! I've got Mabel's bags packed for the hospital....and I have a note in my phone of the things to pack for Jim and I once it's time...but yeah. Super not very organized or prepared.

    I saw a coordinating side table that goes with that mirror at Target today- if you're needing something to put beside a chair in her room :)

  6. So many CUTE things! Excited and happy for you guys!!!

  7. I am loving everything, but especially the kickee pants romper! Their girl prints are all so cute! I love the added ruffle!

  8. Louise's first boat and tote!! Adorable! Very excited for her arrival

  9. How exciting! I love the diaper bag. Good luck to you, mama!