Photo Dump: Vacation, Pregnancy and Food

Cameron and I are coming off a week of vacation (aka as many minutes outside as possible for both of our sanity). Here's a glimpse at what we did:

built "fires" on top of electrical boxes

ate ice cream outside in 40 degree temperatures

met some friends for playdates (my life-savers)

and, the rest is a blur....seriously, I'm not sure what we did for nine days, but we survived!


I'm getting fairly large....37 weeks and 2 days today! I have another appointment tomorrow, and I am hoping for no news. I am NOT ready for this girl to arrive (mentally more than anything)!

This was a non-maternity dress at Forever 21 that I tried to convince myself was appropriate for Chad's work function last night....I liked the price of $13 more than the fit, but I ended up not wearing it. Throw on some heels, and I may have gotten arrested for attempted prostitution while walking down the street. Yikes!

Have you ever used Rent the Runway? I am in a wedding in August and have to find a purple dress. I am not a purple gal, so I hate to buy something I will never wear again. However, this beauty is totally worth the price (because I have a $25 coupon, so it would be $60). Any good/bad reviews of Rent the Runway??

This is what happens when I tell Cameron I'm going to take a picture of him. Awesome-sauce.

I begged Chad to cook something delicious for dinner on Saturday night, and he did not disappoint!! Halibut with orzo, bacon and brussel sprouts. I'm drooling thinking about this dinner....and he does it so effortlessly! 

This past weekend, we took some time to freshen up the front of our house since our stairs are (finally) done. We still have plywood for railings, but I'm not complaining. We bought some gorgeous plants and flowers that Chad had fun with, and we painted our door coral!! (Pictures to come - I was busy doing laundry and washing the washing machine...thanks, nesting!)

We also had a dinner for Chad's work last night which was fun. I love the people he works with (and their wives), and it was a nice excuse to get dressed up and sneak a few sips of wine. :) (No pictures....Chad is like Cameron with the camera sometimes!)

I hope you all had a wonderful week and have a sun-filled week!


  1. You look SO GOOD! Like killer!! And I have a friend who swears by rent the runway! She goes to a billion and five weddings a year and always uses them!

  2. You look so good - you could have rocked that dress, mama! You still have a few weeks left to do it! ;)

    I have a few students who love rent the runway! I say go for it!

  3. You look amazing! And that purple dress is great. I've done RTR a few times, to mixed reviews. I really liked it the first time and had no issues. The second time I ended up not liking the fit of either dress on me (my fault, not theirs). And the last time they ended up cancelling my order the day before it was supposed to ship because the person who rented it before me didn't return it on time. It's a risk. They did offer me a different dress, but if you need a specific one, just a warning that it could backfire.

  4. Ice cream is good anytime. You're looking fantastic! I say go with rent the runway and the purple dress is cute!

  5. You looked smokin' in that forever 21 dress, you definitely should have worn it! And the purple dress is gorgeous; I say rent it!

  6. Fires on top of electrical boxes...classic!

    I painted our front door today too. Oh how much better it looks '

  7. Eating ice cream outside, no matter the temperature, is ALWAYS a good idea! Yum!!
    And stop it!! You are too funny! I think that dress looks awesome on you! And it's a great dress to have after you have the baby... especially for $13!