Mid-Week Randoms

I totally had intentions of writing a little weekend wrap-up because it was a ton of fun, but alas, it's Wednesday, and I am throwing some pictures together to create a post so I won't forget all of these little memories we are quickly creating.

Thursday welcomed us with SNOW. Yep. Snow...hopefully that was the last of it because the weekend brought sunshine and warm-enough-temperatures to be outside without a jacket! AND, all of the snow is MELTED! Hallelujah!

Seriously over it...

Some gnocchi-making in his kitchen

Saturday morning haircut (complete with cake pops and apple juice from Starbucks - our tradition)

Saturday evening stroll with Brooklyn

Sunday afternoon playground date

Saturday night, we attended my high school's silent auction dinner and also celebrated three of my teachers for a combined 100 years of service! It was so fun to see everyone (both classmates and teachers) and to spend some time with Chad, Elizabeth, Mac and our parents. I didn't snap a single picture...I was too busy chatting, I guess!! 

I also spent a little time getting Ms Louise's nursery ready...I went through Cam's NB and 0-3 clothes, blankets, bibs and swaddles to see what we could keep. I sold the rest to a second-hand store and made a nice little chunk of change. :) I see a LARGE yard sale in our summer plans, too! ;)

We have three days left of school until April vacation (Yes, we get TWO weeks off in the spring - February and April - instead of one Spring Break like most of America) then Cam and I will have NINE whole days together. I cannot wait to get outside with him, organize more of Louise's stuff and enjoy the calm before the storm...one month +/- to go!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Ill take some gnocchi please. And look at cam outside in a shirt!!! I thought going through old clothes would be fun- but it totally wasn't! Smart girl for selling it. I see a few new clothes in Louise's future ;)

  2. That's pretty awesome about your April vacation! Enjoy!!

    The snow- UGH. I would weep.

    Love your Starbucks tradition :)

    We are doing a garage sale at the end of April. Hoping to make a pretty penny then, but we'll see what happens :p

  3. Glad it warmed up for you! Looks like a great weekend.

  4. How crazy to go from snow to sunshine! We just had our last snow (hopefully)!

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