Louise James: 36 Weeks and Hospital Bag (And a Bump Pic!)

I am awful at taking bump pics, but it keeps popping up in my pictures. There's no hiding it now!

I actually did clean the mirror - that's paper towel residue
(A for effort?!)

In the cab in Boston (more on that tomorrow)

"Working" with my sidekick

Some fun notes:

- Hiccups - LOTS

- MAJOR acid reflux/heart burn - My doc approved some meds, which prevent it 100% (when I remember to take it)

- Lots of pressure, especially when I walk (or sneeze or cough or move)

- Still a ton of moving but in the same places (so, I think you she is in her final resting place - ha!)

- Some lower back pain, especially after being on my feet all day (cleaning, organizing, etc)

- Some Braxton-Hicks, but so, so mild....no signs yet (which, I am totally okay with - I actually want to be late so I can have a few days of my maternity leave at home to get everything ready.)

I've started to think about packing our bags. We have Louise's hat and shoes ready to go, but no outfit. We got Cam's outfit as a gift, so I never had to think about it...I guess I should find her something! :)

I was in the hospital for eight days last time, so I am probably going to overpack and be there for 36 hours, but I'd rather be prepared! At the top of my list is CHAPSTICK, pillows, a rob, face wipes and snacks. Of course, I will bring stuff to shower, some clothes and electronics/chargers, but we live so close to the hospital that Chad can always run home if I forget anything else.

I have been debating on what to get for a diaper bag. I really want to get a LongChamp or just use this reversible tote from Target (and insert a Baby Bag organizer) that I already have. It's HUGE, but I figure it will be a diaper bag for TWO, so it will get lots of use!

What are your must haves in your hospital bag? Last time, I remember being so thankful that the hospital stocked popsicles, that I had chapstick (Can you tell I'm addicted?) and that our house is so close to the hospital in case I forgot anything! ;)


  1. I am working on my bag today, same stuff as you, also the boppy, I used that thing from day one for breastfeeding!!! Your belly is the cutest!!! Xo

  2. Love that belly!

    The only stuff I have put together are Mabel's things. I've got her clothes, a swaddle, and boppy. The hospital should have everything else she will need.

    As far as me and Jim, I plan to basically just pack a small overnight bag. My hope is to only be there for the minimum amount of time!

    Oh, and I'll be bringing my birthing ball too :p

  3. I still haven't packed my bag... Perhaps I will at least make a list tonight! Your belly is so so cute!