I am joining Laura today with a post that's not pregnancy, Cameron or house-related...I don't even know the last time I did something so crazy. ;)

FOUR nicknames
Babe (Chad)
Hun (Dad)
Sweetie (Mom)
Hog Dog (Cameron - yes, he calls me hot dog sometimes...or meatball)

FOUR jobs I've had
receptionist at a convent
Community Relations Manager for a MiLB team
hot dog seller outside of Lowe's (talk about makin money!!)
shoe salesgirl at Sports Authority

FOUR movies I've watched more than once
Love and Basketball (duh)
Michael Clayton
Green Mile

FOUR things in my purse (this is boring since I carry a tiny clutch)
credit cards/license
insurance cards

FOUR books I would recommend

FOUR cars I've owned
1995 Chevy Lumina 
2005 Nissan Altima
2008 Land Rover (LR3)
2014 Ford Explorer

FOUR places I've visited
St John, USVI

La Jolla
The Netherlands
Florida (about twenty times)

Biking in Holland - 2013
(Yes, Cameron is sitting in a basket with no safety contraption....and, he survived!)

FOUR places to visit on my bucket list
Italy, Spain, France and Ireland
South America
Central America
**I haven't narrowed down many specific places - any suggestions?

FOUR of my favorite foods
ITALIAN - anything with cheese and carbs, chicken parmesan, ravioli, bolognese, etc
Asian - The spicier the better
Mexican - gain with the cheese and carbs - nachos, tacos, cheese dip, enchilladas, burritos
America - burgers, steaks, grilled cheese, hot dogs and BEER

FOUR television shows I watch
Wheel of Fortune
Law & Order: SVU
Fix Upper (I have a crush on both of them...seriously.)

FOUR things I'm looking forward to in 2015
Peyton and Mica visiting for a MONTH
Some small trips we have planned (and visitors coming)
An entire year in our home...finally :) Holidays, BBQs, parties...ahhhh! I feel so complete now that our home is done!

Our family (plus one!) will be together again this summer!

Wow, writing that last list has me feeling pretty grateful for my life. This is a FUN year for us that will be full of memories to last a lifetime. I can't wait!!


  1. Oh my gosh Love and Basketball. That is a good one and I haven't seen it in forever! That picture of Cam in the basket is hilarious and too cute! And how funny that he calls you hot dog and meatball!! Love these posts! I'm going to have to steal the idea. :)

  2. Love & Basketall!! That brings back so many memories. I love this post - just might steal it also :)

  3. I love that biking picture!! Gorgeous!

  4. There is just so much to comment on from this post!!!!
    One-Love the biking picture! Beyond amazing!
    Two-LOL at Cam calling you hot dog or meatball. I just can't stop laughing because I picture Lily doing something similar and us being like "whhhhaaa?! Oh okay."
    Three-Receptionist at a convent? Didn't even know they had a need. That's so cool.
    And mommy brain set in and I can't remember the other points of interest. ;)

  5. Love & Basketball is one of THEE best movies! And I'm adding the Wednesday Letters to my "to read" list!

  6. Super fun post! I have been to Italy France and Ireland. I'm still working on my Ireland vacay posts... I'm seriously slacking. I loved it so much and hope to return in the near future (15 years)!!!

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