Five on Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Today, at 2:20, I will officially be on vacation for nine days, and I cannot wait. No big plans - just some time with Cam, some organizing and a few day trips here and there.

ONE: I made some fun purchases for Louise's nursery thanks to Target's new nautical's so cute! Have you seen it?? I got the lamp and pillow but they didn't have the mirror in stock in stores or online...I want it so badly!

(This is much smaller than I thought it would be, but it works great!)

TWO: Are you all Amazon Prime freaks like me? My co-worker sent me this website that's full of ways to save even more on Amazon! I knew about some, but there are some good tips on there like sharing a Prime membership (!!!!), refunds for price reductions and more!

THREE: Thank you for all of your sweet comments and suggestions for hiring another birth photographer. I didn't need much convincing, but we have decided to hire someone - a friend of a friend who's a great photographer but is just getting into the "birth" scene. We will kind of be her guinea pigs, and in exchange, she won't charge as much. ;)

FOUR: I went to dinner with some of my girlfriends last night and was reminded, again, how valuable great friendships are. We just sat and chatted for 2.5 hours (thanks to the non-existent server) and were all shocked when we looked at our watches and realized how late it was! 

Me, Elizabeth, Lauren and Sarah - a combined 56 years of friendships!

PS Besides the amazing girl time, we had the BEST Pad Thai ever! If you are ever in the Portland (Maine) area, you have to go to's one of our favorites and never disappoints...we started off with sticky rice balls (Yes, sticky balls), beef skewers and brussel sprouts - they also have amazing cocktails that I got to look at all night! ;)

FIVE: Chad and I are going on a day-date tomorrow to the Red Sox game! This will be our last "trip" before Ms Louise arrives, and I am so excited! Chad's never been to Fenway, and I just love everything about Boston! I can't wait to dig my teeth into a hot dog or two, take a few sips of beer (!!) and enjoy a little alone time with my main man.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get to enjoy some Spring activities!


  1. Love all of your five! Have fun this weekend, that sounds like so much fun!!! :)

  2. Sticky balls. :) ha! Glad you had a good time with your girlfriends! Have a fun trip to the game this weekend! Can't wait to see this nursery come together - I love what you've gotten so far!

  3. What a great week. Love the one of you and your besties. 56 years of friendship? That is amazing!

  4. Love your recent purchases! I have to check out that link. Amazon prime is my BFF!

  5. I hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy your vacation, mama!!! XOXO

  6. Have so much fun this weekend!! I think Jim and I need to try and get one last date night on the books too :)

  7. I was in target this morning and totally thought of you when I passed the lamp and pillow (no mirror. Boo!). seriously SO CUTE! And horray for date night!!!

  8. That Phad Thai looks so good! I love how it's wrapped up in n egg. What a cool presentation!

  9. LOVE Target's new hot pink nautical line!!!!!!! Totally wish I would have waited to re-do Lily's room once I saw everything they have to offer. I mean the colors, the ocean, the FUN! What's not to love?!