Cameron: Edition 2.75

***This is a wordy update....Maybe I should go back to monthly updates to keep the length down!

Cameron, Cam, Buddy, Love....

My, oh my, are you my buddy, my love and my terrorizer. You are 2.75 years old today - some days it feels like you're 17 and other days, I think you're still my little baby.

Weight: around 33 pounds
Height: 38 inches (seriously? over 3 feet tall? You're more than half the size of me now!) 
Clothes: Everything I buy now is 3T...2T pants are too short, and 2T shirts are starting to rise above your pants...
Shoes: 9+
Diapers: 6 (Yes, we have reached the end of the road with diaper sizes....)

Potty Training: We tried potty training over February vacation, and we had ZERO luck. Like, the potty saw not a drop of pee. Our couch and counter stools did, however. And, we washed more "big boy" undies than I care to admit. So, we stopped after our first #2 in the underwear and may try again over April vacation. You just keep saying, "I don't want to go on the potty." You have to be potty trained by September, so we have time, right?!

Eating: scrambled eggs (with ketchup), chicken tenders (with ketchup and ranch), "Mexican pizza" (cheese quesadillas), hot dogs (with ketchup), waffles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chocolate (Dutch sprinkles), mac and cheese (not with ketchup, surprisingly), strawberries, bananas, apples, applesauce, yogurt and crackers

Sleeping: Still napping for around 2 hours every day (thankfully). When you go to bed on time (7/7:30), you sleep until 6:30/6:45. When you stay up later, you wake up earlier. You're rarely waking during the night, and you're still in the crib, for now... Loulou is staying with us while her house is renovated, so she's sleeping in your big boy bed! You haven't climbed out of your crib, yet, so we may just keep you in there until Louise is ready for it (or until you're 5). 

Playing: Dinosaurs (TRex), animals, cars, books and your play kitchen still. I cannot wait to get your play room set up downstairs because we still have so much packed away! We started a "gymnastics" class on Thursdays, and you love it, but you also love to just run around....

Reading: LLama LLama books, Children Bible stories, Clifford, I Love You through and through, Dr Seuss books - You don't NOT like any books, which is great! (You read it to me...cue the tears)

Terribly Terrific Twos: Listening is a work in progress. We've started a sticker chart for morning and evening routines, which you LOVE. However, before getting upstairs to start the chart, you battle going to bed and run away from me. I usually end up carrying you upstairs while you're either trying to escape or crying for Daddy (who you wanted nothing to do with two minutes prior). In the mornings, you get dressed and brush your teeth before coming downstairs. Otherwise, there is NO getting you back upstairs to get ready. There are also no cartoons in the morning anymore because that's a total disaster trying to get you to leave in the middle of a show! We definitely "reward/bribe" you with candy and treats (sugar-free, of course), but we have no shame. Going to stores and restaurants is becoming a little trickier, even with the iPad, but you surprises us sometimes.

Big Brother Status: You're still excited to welcome Louise "when the snow melts." (Please, let all the snow be gone by May 16, or we will have a very confused little boy on our hands.) You're sleeping in Louise's room, so you always wants to play with her clothes and gifts. When we go shopping, you'll grab anything pink and say, "Louise wants this?" It's pretty friggin cute. 

Talking: You are a talking machine, especially in the car now that you don't use a paci. You tell made up stories, you tell us about your day, you ask questions. I love it. When we ask you a yes/no question, you always answer with, "yes." I could say, "Do you know what 3487 + 74 is?" And you'd say, "Yeah." Ha. It always makes me laugh. 

All the body = everyday ("Where is all the body?")
Clocklate = chocolate
"That's kind of silly." 
"Did you see that?"

Your teachers recommended that you get some screening done for speech/language services, but they don't do any screening for articulation until 3 years old. It won't hurt to have the screening done, so we will, but I think you'll be just fine. You mix up "d" and "g" (drass instead of grass; wogger instead of of water, etc...) You also have a hard time with "ch" but that's not supposed to be mastered until you're older anyways. So, we'll see what they say this summer...

Random Notes/Milestones:
Papa has been picking you up from school every Monday and Wednesday since school started, but he just switched office locations and can't do that anymore, which is sad for everyone. I loved that time to get stuff done: either working for Loulou, doing laundry, going to the gym or grabbing groceries. Daddy and I even snuck in a few early dinner dates, but we never told you. ;) Papa LOVED this time with you because it was scheduled and guaranteed every week! And YOU loved the treats Papa gave you: cookies, chewies, chocolate milk, ice cream...never any fruit or anything healthy, but you didn't mind. 

You got a bike in exchange for not using your pacis outside of your crib! You have been paci-free since March 12, and it has barely bothered you. When you get upset, you ask for it, and sometimes, we let you go in your crib when it's not nap/bed time, so you can calm down and use one. This is a minor compromise that helps ALL of us! Otherwise, you've been so great! 

We took you to the movies for the second time. (The first time was at Christmas to see Polar Express, which you loved!) We saw Frozen's new mini movie and last a lot longer than I expected, and we can't wait to take you more! 


These pictures below were taken in my classroom, so don't mind the mess of the room or my child! Haha! (We definitely have "school" clothes for Cam, and they consist of ON's cheapest pants and tops that can get painted and drawn on without me freaking out!)

These faces...I couldn't stop taking pictures! He definitely has certain faces that he makes right now, and I love them all. Chad and I are always looking at each other saying, "What is that face?!" He has SUCH a personality.

You are seriously the BIGGEST joy in our life, the most TIME CONSUMING part of our life and the BEST part of our life. You're frustrating at times, but you can bring a tear to my eye just two minutes later. (It doesn't take much to make me cry these days.) You're funny. You have a CRAZY memory. You're a lovebug. And you're all ours!


  1. Love this! I just did an update today, too. Is this age not the best (and sometimes the worst) ALL at the exact same time?! Can't believe these little ones will be the BIG sister/brother soon!

  2. He's adorable!!!
    You're going to be happy that you have this update one day! XOXO

  3. Bummer about the potty training esp since you have a deadline!!
    lol at all the things with ketchup =)yum

  4. Ha ha, I can't stay away from the monthly updates because there is so much change, and SO much personality bottled up in these little toddler bodies! My monthly updates get wordy because I just can't stop myself, HA!
    Oooooh potty training- I'm seriously terrified to start trying because 1- I don't want to deal with it and 2- I don't want to start, fail, then start and fail multiple times :(