Birth Photography

I have always been so adamant about how thankful I am that we had a birth photographer when Cameron was born. The pictures bring tears to my eyes every. single. time, and they are pictures that you can never recapture. They're priceless to me.

But, I'm having a mental debate about whether or not to hire a photographer for Louise's birth....the cost has gone up (a lot) - $500 including rights to print the pictures. $500! That's a lot of diapers! BUT, when I look at Cam's pictures, it makes me wonder if I will regret not doing them. Or is once enough? Are Louise's pictures going to be much different? Of course, the pictures will be of Louise, not Cam, but the labor pictures will probably be identical.

Did any of you do a birth photographer for two births? Are you happy with your decision or do you think you would have been fine with just the first? Decisions, decisions... #firstworldproblems

Here are some of my favorites from Cameron's birth:

Caption this yourself...I can only imagine what he's saying! (We were in the labor/delivery room for THREE days, so we got a little stir-crazy....)

Not a glamorous picture, but this always brings me right back to that moment. That's why I love these pictures!

I mean...this picture of my Mom is priceless!

My most favorite picture ever....father and son's eyes meeting for the first time. 

Just looking back at these pictures makes me want to hire a photographer again...why must they be so expensive? I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences!!


  1. I had a c-section so my pictures would have been way gross. BUT I love birth pictures. And I always think professional pictures are worth it. So I'm zero help!

  2. Hi! Birth photography is so special. I actually have my own photography business I live in CT and I know it's a little far, but because I'm just starting out my pricing is very very reasonable. <3

  3. I didn't do pro photos for the birth, but if I did it for the first I'd almost have to have them for the second. Could you find someone that will do a package to discount if you do birth and also newborn?

    1. Or even ask your photographer if she'd honor last time's rates since you're a returning client?

  4. I totally think you should get a photographer for Louise. Its a second birth but it's a different experience and they'll be just as special. :)
    How you talk about your affection for Cameron's pictures, you might regret it if you don't have pictures of Louise's birth too.

  5. These are absolutely stunning and incredible! (Wipes tear)

  6. Amazing photos! I would definitely do it again, but I really value phitography so I'm willing to pay for it. Having said that, I tend more towards maternity photos than birth photos, but I wish I could do it all!

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