Photo Dump: Vacation, Pregnancy and Food

Cameron and I are coming off a week of vacation (aka as many minutes outside as possible for both of our sanity). Here's a glimpse at what we did:

built "fires" on top of electrical boxes

ate ice cream outside in 40 degree temperatures

met some friends for playdates (my life-savers)

and, the rest is a blur....seriously, I'm not sure what we did for nine days, but we survived!


I'm getting fairly large....37 weeks and 2 days today! I have another appointment tomorrow, and I am hoping for no news. I am NOT ready for this girl to arrive (mentally more than anything)!

This was a non-maternity dress at Forever 21 that I tried to convince myself was appropriate for Chad's work function last night....I liked the price of $13 more than the fit, but I ended up not wearing it. Throw on some heels, and I may have gotten arrested for attempted prostitution while walking down the street. Yikes!

Have you ever used Rent the Runway? I am in a wedding in August and have to find a purple dress. I am not a purple gal, so I hate to buy something I will never wear again. However, this beauty is totally worth the price (because I have a $25 coupon, so it would be $60). Any good/bad reviews of Rent the Runway??

This is what happens when I tell Cameron I'm going to take a picture of him. Awesome-sauce.

I begged Chad to cook something delicious for dinner on Saturday night, and he did not disappoint!! Halibut with orzo, bacon and brussel sprouts. I'm drooling thinking about this dinner....and he does it so effortlessly! 

This past weekend, we took some time to freshen up the front of our house since our stairs are (finally) done. We still have plywood for railings, but I'm not complaining. We bought some gorgeous plants and flowers that Chad had fun with, and we painted our door coral!! (Pictures to come - I was busy doing laundry and washing the washing machine...thanks, nesting!)

We also had a dinner for Chad's work last night which was fun. I love the people he works with (and their wives), and it was a nice excuse to get dressed up and sneak a few sips of wine. :) (No pictures....Chad is like Cameron with the camera sometimes!)

I hope you all had a wonderful week and have a sun-filled week!

Our Weekend/April Date

Chad and I have been doing (at least) one date each month - usually on the 15th, which is our anniversary. This month, we waited a few days to catch a Red Sox game, and it was so fun!

We decided that since we were already in Boston, we'd stop by IKEA for a few things..

We went for curtain rods....yes, both carts are ours!

Cat nap in the taxi on the way to the game...IKEA is tiring! PS My bump is OOC!

My Happy Place: Fenway Park!

We got the tickets from a friend, and they were RIDICULOUS. rows back between third and home. The Sox lost, but it was so fun and we ate our way through the entire ballpark menu (minus beers - boohoo). 

P.S. Can we talk about how much better pictures are from the iPhone 6 than the iPhone 5? The last picture is from Chad's phone - I am getting myself one in June, and I can't freaking wait!

On Sunday, we spent most of the day assembling and putting away our IKEA purchases, cleaning the house and doing a little work in both Louise's nursery and Cam's room. This week, Cam and I are home on vacation and it's supposed to rain every. single. day. Thank goodness for movies, indoor playgrounds and lots of play dates!

I hope you are all having a great week!!

Louise James: 36 Weeks and Hospital Bag (And a Bump Pic!)

I am awful at taking bump pics, but it keeps popping up in my pictures. There's no hiding it now!

I actually did clean the mirror - that's paper towel residue
(A for effort?!)

In the cab in Boston (more on that tomorrow)

"Working" with my sidekick

Some fun notes:

- Hiccups - LOTS

- MAJOR acid reflux/heart burn - My doc approved some meds, which prevent it 100% (when I remember to take it)

- Lots of pressure, especially when I walk (or sneeze or cough or move)

- Still a ton of moving but in the same places (so, I think you she is in her final resting place - ha!)

- Some lower back pain, especially after being on my feet all day (cleaning, organizing, etc)

- Some Braxton-Hicks, but so, so signs yet (which, I am totally okay with - I actually want to be late so I can have a few days of my maternity leave at home to get everything ready.)

I've started to think about packing our bags. We have Louise's hat and shoes ready to go, but no outfit. We got Cam's outfit as a gift, so I never had to think about it...I guess I should find her something! :)

I was in the hospital for eight days last time, so I am probably going to overpack and be there for 36 hours, but I'd rather be prepared! At the top of my list is CHAPSTICK, pillows, a rob, face wipes and snacks. Of course, I will bring stuff to shower, some clothes and electronics/chargers, but we live so close to the hospital that Chad can always run home if I forget anything else.

I have been debating on what to get for a diaper bag. I really want to get a LongChamp or just use this reversible tote from Target (and insert a Baby Bag organizer) that I already have. It's HUGE, but I figure it will be a diaper bag for TWO, so it will get lots of use!

What are your must haves in your hospital bag? Last time, I remember being so thankful that the hospital stocked popsicles, that I had chapstick (Can you tell I'm addicted?) and that our house is so close to the hospital in case I forgot anything! ;)

Five on Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Today, at 2:20, I will officially be on vacation for nine days, and I cannot wait. No big plans - just some time with Cam, some organizing and a few day trips here and there.

ONE: I made some fun purchases for Louise's nursery thanks to Target's new nautical's so cute! Have you seen it?? I got the lamp and pillow but they didn't have the mirror in stock in stores or online...I want it so badly!

(This is much smaller than I thought it would be, but it works great!)

TWO: Are you all Amazon Prime freaks like me? My co-worker sent me this website that's full of ways to save even more on Amazon! I knew about some, but there are some good tips on there like sharing a Prime membership (!!!!), refunds for price reductions and more!

THREE: Thank you for all of your sweet comments and suggestions for hiring another birth photographer. I didn't need much convincing, but we have decided to hire someone - a friend of a friend who's a great photographer but is just getting into the "birth" scene. We will kind of be her guinea pigs, and in exchange, she won't charge as much. ;)

FOUR: I went to dinner with some of my girlfriends last night and was reminded, again, how valuable great friendships are. We just sat and chatted for 2.5 hours (thanks to the non-existent server) and were all shocked when we looked at our watches and realized how late it was! 

Me, Elizabeth, Lauren and Sarah - a combined 56 years of friendships!

PS Besides the amazing girl time, we had the BEST Pad Thai ever! If you are ever in the Portland (Maine) area, you have to go to's one of our favorites and never disappoints...we started off with sticky rice balls (Yes, sticky balls), beef skewers and brussel sprouts - they also have amazing cocktails that I got to look at all night! ;)

FIVE: Chad and I are going on a day-date tomorrow to the Red Sox game! This will be our last "trip" before Ms Louise arrives, and I am so excited! Chad's never been to Fenway, and I just love everything about Boston! I can't wait to dig my teeth into a hot dog or two, take a few sips of beer (!!) and enjoy a little alone time with my main man.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get to enjoy some Spring activities!

Mid-Week Randoms

I totally had intentions of writing a little weekend wrap-up because it was a ton of fun, but alas, it's Wednesday, and I am throwing some pictures together to create a post so I won't forget all of these little memories we are quickly creating.

Thursday welcomed us with SNOW. Yep. Snow...hopefully that was the last of it because the weekend brought sunshine and warm-enough-temperatures to be outside without a jacket! AND, all of the snow is MELTED! Hallelujah!

Seriously over it...

Some gnocchi-making in his kitchen

Saturday morning haircut (complete with cake pops and apple juice from Starbucks - our tradition)

Saturday evening stroll with Brooklyn

Sunday afternoon playground date

Saturday night, we attended my high school's silent auction dinner and also celebrated three of my teachers for a combined 100 years of service! It was so fun to see everyone (both classmates and teachers) and to spend some time with Chad, Elizabeth, Mac and our parents. I didn't snap a single picture...I was too busy chatting, I guess!! 

I also spent a little time getting Ms Louise's nursery ready...I went through Cam's NB and 0-3 clothes, blankets, bibs and swaddles to see what we could keep. I sold the rest to a second-hand store and made a nice little chunk of change. :) I see a LARGE yard sale in our summer plans, too! ;)

We have three days left of school until April vacation (Yes, we get TWO weeks off in the spring - February and April - instead of one Spring Break like most of America) then Cam and I will have NINE whole days together. I cannot wait to get outside with him, organize more of Louise's stuff and enjoy the calm before the month +/- to go!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Birth Photography

I have always been so adamant about how thankful I am that we had a birth photographer when Cameron was born. The pictures bring tears to my eyes every. single. time, and they are pictures that you can never recapture. They're priceless to me.

But, I'm having a mental debate about whether or not to hire a photographer for Louise's birth....the cost has gone up (a lot) - $500 including rights to print the pictures. $500! That's a lot of diapers! BUT, when I look at Cam's pictures, it makes me wonder if I will regret not doing them. Or is once enough? Are Louise's pictures going to be much different? Of course, the pictures will be of Louise, not Cam, but the labor pictures will probably be identical.

Did any of you do a birth photographer for two births? Are you happy with your decision or do you think you would have been fine with just the first? Decisions, decisions... #firstworldproblems

Here are some of my favorites from Cameron's birth:

Caption this yourself...I can only imagine what he's saying! (We were in the labor/delivery room for THREE days, so we got a little stir-crazy....)

Not a glamorous picture, but this always brings me right back to that moment. That's why I love these pictures!

I mean...this picture of my Mom is priceless!

My most favorite picture ever....father and son's eyes meeting for the first time. 

Just looking back at these pictures makes me want to hire a photographer again...why must they be so expensive? I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences!!


I am joining Laura today with a post that's not pregnancy, Cameron or house-related...I don't even know the last time I did something so crazy. ;)

FOUR nicknames
Babe (Chad)
Hun (Dad)
Sweetie (Mom)
Hog Dog (Cameron - yes, he calls me hot dog sometimes...or meatball)

FOUR jobs I've had
receptionist at a convent
Community Relations Manager for a MiLB team
hot dog seller outside of Lowe's (talk about makin money!!)
shoe salesgirl at Sports Authority

FOUR movies I've watched more than once
Love and Basketball (duh)
Michael Clayton
Green Mile

FOUR things in my purse (this is boring since I carry a tiny clutch)
credit cards/license
insurance cards

FOUR books I would recommend

FOUR cars I've owned
1995 Chevy Lumina 
2005 Nissan Altima
2008 Land Rover (LR3)
2014 Ford Explorer

FOUR places I've visited
St John, USVI

La Jolla
The Netherlands
Florida (about twenty times)

Biking in Holland - 2013
(Yes, Cameron is sitting in a basket with no safety contraption....and, he survived!)

FOUR places to visit on my bucket list
Italy, Spain, France and Ireland
South America
Central America
**I haven't narrowed down many specific places - any suggestions?

FOUR of my favorite foods
ITALIAN - anything with cheese and carbs, chicken parmesan, ravioli, bolognese, etc
Asian - The spicier the better
Mexican - gain with the cheese and carbs - nachos, tacos, cheese dip, enchilladas, burritos
America - burgers, steaks, grilled cheese, hot dogs and BEER

FOUR television shows I watch
Wheel of Fortune
Law & Order: SVU
Fix Upper (I have a crush on both of them...seriously.)

FOUR things I'm looking forward to in 2015
Peyton and Mica visiting for a MONTH
Some small trips we have planned (and visitors coming)
An entire year in our home...finally :) Holidays, BBQs, parties...ahhhh! I feel so complete now that our home is done!

Our family (plus one!) will be together again this summer!

Wow, writing that last list has me feeling pretty grateful for my life. This is a FUN year for us that will be full of memories to last a lifetime. I can't wait!!

Easter Weekend 2015

It's so fun to have a reason to pull out my "real" camera...sunshine is my main reason, but fun events are a close second. ;) This weekend was full of both: a little celebration of Louise and Easter, of course!

We started off Friday with some outdoor work to help force winter out! Our Their hard work was followed by some take-out Chinese. ;)

Saturday, we cleaned and ran errands before a family nap and Louise's soiree!

Me and Mom

My Love

And, for a fun little comparison, here's a shot of my best friends from Cam's shower and Louise's party!

Sunday was Easter, of course, so had a little breakfast at home then lunch at Haraseeket

Me and Dad

Best Friends!!

The promise of chocolate always works to get a smile ;)

We ended the day with a little (breezy) walk outside and some Play-Doh action.

"But, someone dropped their lovey on the ground, Momma. Where did it come from? A bird must have dropped it. Where'd the bird go?" Seriously, this went on the entire walk...this kid cracks me up! pizza is my fav!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family! I think it's safe to say that we are all so blessed and lucky. :)