The Best Weekend EVER

Do you ever have those weekends that are just perfect? Ours could be attributed the the fact that it was above 20, and we got to get outside and actually enjoy the mounts of snow that have fallen around us, but nonetheless, it was pretty spectacular for many reasons.

Friday night, we ordered in Chinese food with my mom...I haven't had Chinese food in YEARS, and it was damn good.

Saturday, we cleaned and organized for a bit then headed to LLBean's Home store to see if they had any outdoor cushions for our indoor breakfast nook...makes sense, right? We didn't find any, but we did find THE perfect print for our wall and a blanket (not sold online) that was worth every penny. We also hit up GAP Factory's crazy sale of 40% off all baby/toddler stuff AND 40% off your purchase...I wish I had more time because I could have totally stocked up, but I did put a good dent in Cam's spring wardrobe.

Chad added an orange eye, and I think it's perfect!

Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth and Brooklyn stopped by to drop off FOUR HUGE bins of girl clothes for Louise...and this was only half of what she's bringing over! I couldn't even handle the cuteness of some of the outfits...I can't wait to sit down and really go through everything!

Total BFFs...PS Chad LOVES when I push on his back with my feet like random that she did it, and Cam didn't stop her!

For dinner, we had two families over from Cameron's day care. (I also work with the moms, which is so fun!) Four toddlers and six adults make for a fun/crazy/messy night, especially when you throw in spaghetti for dinner! Somehow, our white rug remained white all night...our blue chairs, however, needed a good wipe down.

When the kids were done eating, we put on Big Hero 6, which allowed us a few minutes  of peace to eat ourselves!

Sunday was a bit lazy, so a mega fort was built in our living room, fully equipped with a "boys only" door to keep mom out...until I had orange slices and brownies...then I was allowed in! ;)

After nap, Cam and I took advantage of the extra hour of sunlight and did a little snowshoeing/tube-pulling in the cemetery behind my dad's house. When Chad was done working, we met at Portland House of Pizza and had dinner with Uncle Donnie, Aunt Stacey and my Dad...I mean, does it get any better than this? 

I mean....this kid. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, as well! These warmer temps and more daylight at night (even though I woke up to darkness this morning) are definitely putting me in a good mood!! I am ready to say goodbye to winter! Have a great week!!


  1. Perfect weekend indeed! You scored some amazing deals, awesome friends and hellllllllllllo delicious food! So fun! Also, SO MUCH SNOW! Holy cow!!

  2. Love that whale print! So fun. And that fort looks pretty awesome. I wish we had outlet stores closer to us for all the deals! I need to stock up on some baby clothes for sure! Hope you have a good day! xo

  3. yayay for the best weekend ever!!!!! Not to mention, fun girly hand-me-downs! I am beyond amazed that your rug stayed white with spaghetti and all those munchkins!! haha

  4. What a weekend! Gap outlet always has the best sales! I love the whale print.

  5. Love that blue paint! And what a fun weekend!!!

  6. I love, LOVE that whale print! Especially against your navy wall!! Can you do a house tour!? I love how you decorate!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! That whale is so cute and the eye totally makes it! I am so impressed that your rug stayed clean during a spaghetti feed! Wow.

    And how cool is it that you work with moms from daycare! Super neat.

  8. What a great weekend!!! Your house is so cozy-I love it!