Five on Friday: Life Lately

HELLO! I am so glad it's Friday. (Don't I say that every week?) Life has been a blur lately, so here's a quick update of what we've been up to!


We have had a few weekends with no plans, which has been amazing! But, with spring approaching, our calendars are filling up quickly! Oh yeah, and we have eight weeks until Louise comes, so, that's happening too...

We have a family baby shower next weekend, and I am so excited to douse our house in pink and gold! (Chad is, too...don't be fooled!) It's also Easter Weekend and my Dad's birthday, so we will be doing a lot of eating/celebrating! We are attending a dinner/auction at my high school the following weekend to honor three teachers who have served a combined 100 years, and the week after, we are heading to Boston to catch a Sox game before we aren't able to escape for the day any longer. 


Duckface selfies from McD's...I got a quick trip to the gym in while Chad took Cam to McDonald's to run around their playground since the temps were still in the TEENS in March!


Sword fights in the morning...we may or may not bribe Cam with "just one fight" so he doesn't throw a fit when it's time to leave! (Thanks, Vitamix, for supplying us with the best sword ever for a 2 year old!)


Chillaxin with Daddy before bed...Dad asks for his head to be rubbed. Cam sits on his head. Naked. Totally normal.


In like a lion, out like a lamb...I just love these awkward day care photo crafts ;)

Oh yeah, work has been INSANELY BUSY, which is why I have been MIA. I am trying to get ready for maternity leave while doing regular stuff AND working on incoming freshmen. I love it, but it leaves no time for anything else.

Tonight, Cam's school is offering another Parents' Night Out, so we are going to enjoy a child-free dinner with a few other parents! (It's the little things...)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Hooray for a quiet weekend, that's awesome.

    That last picture is tooo cute!

  2. It sounds like your have lots of fun to look forward to, so exciting! I feel ya on a day trip before we can never do it again, haha! ;) Happy weekend!

  3. Enjoy your free weekend and your parent's night out lady!! Hope you get some rest after a busy week. xo!

  4. awkward day care photo crafts ... lol. Those are the best!

  5. Abigail is pretty much always naked at home, so yeah, that's totally normal over here :p

    Happy Friday!

  6. 8 weeks!!! Oh my goodness, time is FLYING!

  7. EIGHT WEEKS?! SHUT UP. i swear you just announced yesterday. i'm sure youre happy your pregnancy is flying by FOR ME :)