Five on Friday: Bikes, Fixes and Food

Happy Friday!! I hope you all have had a great week! Work was INSANE, so I am truly thankful it's Friday!

Colleen made me feel like a better mom after posting that O's having a hard time potty training, too. It seems like everyone is potty training their toddlers with zero issues, and it makes me feel badly that we haven't prepared Cam enough or we're holding him back somehow. I know he'll do it when he's ready, but I am hoping that this book (suggested by Colleen) will help east his mind...or ours! If push comes to shove, we will wait until summer when he can walk around naked! ;)

Back in September, I joined the Stitch Fix explosion and mentioned that I was pregnant in my notes. My main reason was to get more dresses, cardigans and accessories that could be used while pregnant or not. Much to my surprise, they sent me maternity items! They have now officially launched their "maternity" line, which is so exciting, because I was less than thrilled with their choices for me. 

I LOVED the back of this shirt, but the collar (see below) was not so flattering. The material was also SO not comfy - pregnant or not! This went right back.

They also sent a dress that was WAY too tight (and I was only weeks pregnant at this point) and some maternity jeans that were cute, but again, too small.

I did keep this top and scarf. They are both items I would never buy on my own, but when I tried them on, I loved them. I wear the scarf all the time and plan to wear the top for nursing. It's SO comfy, but a bit low for the girls without a scarf, if you know what I mean...It was also a perfect length at weeks pregnant, so I don't think it would fit my basketball bump now!

In case you missed it on Instagram, Cam got a bike last night in exchange for his pacis! We are not going back this more pacis (except for sleep because, let's be honest, I need all the sleep I can get.)! He LOVED his bike and has been so good about not using pacis...he's asked for one a few time (when upset or while getting ready for bed), but we have not given in.

My new breakfast of choice:

1/2 cup of coffee and grain toast with peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles from Holland
(You're supposed to eat the sprinkles with butter, but pb holds me over a lot longer!)

I bought chicken breast, potatoes and asparagus to make dinner...instead, Chad made a gourmet meal!

Blackened chicken, smashed ranch potatoes and parmesan asparagus and tomatoes

That's all I have for now. I hope you have a great weekend! We have ZERO plans - no entertaining, no nothing. I think we may try to see the mini-Frozen move with Cinderella since it's supposed to be raining/sleeting tomorrow! 


  1. First, don't feel bad about the potty training, he will do it when he is ready! Just think, no kid has gone to kindergarden still in diapers! And that dinner, give it to me now! Happy weekend! XO

  2. Sprinkles for breakfast?! SIGN ME UP. And I'm so proud of cam (and you!). We told lex she could get her ears pierced for giving them up. Well someone still has virgin ears...

  3. Your dinner looks so yummy! Yay for no more pacis! He looks like such a big boy on that bike. Good luck on the potty training!

  4. Holy delicious dinner!! He's a keeper!
    I've been so tempted to try stitch fix! I hate shopping for myself so maybe this is just what I need to find new items for myself!

  5. Oh my goodness I've been eating Hagelslag for breakfast, lunch and dinner since I was a child. My Oma and Opa always stock up big time for us when they go home and visit! It really, truly is the best thing ever. I'm a big fan of using PB and nutella with it too! (:

  6. That meal looks delicious! Plus, peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles? Genius.