Louise James: 33 Weeks and Baby Gear

It's been four weeks since I've posted an update (and too many weeks since I've posted a picture), but rest assured, this little girl in on our mind 24/7. (Maybe it's because she never stops moving?)

How far long? 33 weeks...7 weeks to go! We had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the location of my placenta, and everything is fine! She's also head down with little chance she'll flip, so we are thankful for these two things. She's 4.5 pounds, has hair and is still a "she." I am measuring at 33.5 cm, and I am about 33.5 weeks along! 

Clothing: I have officially put away my boots until the fall (finally) and am sporting plenty of leggings, dresses and flats. My two pairs of pants get thrown into the mix, but they aren't my first choice. I am totally looking forward to pulling off some maxi dresses and flip flops in the near future - I am just waiting on the snow to melt! We have a couple of events coming up (baby shower and fundraiser), so I need to figure out what to wear to those.

Cameron: Cameron-wise, he's been quite the rebel lately in the listening department (more on that tomorrow). But, he's still so excited for Louise, although he's started to be more rough with me (and everyone). All this kid wants to do is wrestle and pillow fight... I keep talking about helping - he wants to help with bottles and diapers...we'll see about that. ;) I may have already shared this, but I picked up Cam out of his crib the other night while he was sleeping. As I held him in the chair, I started bawling big, huge waterfall tears. I'm so excited to see our family grow, but I feel like she's almost intruding...does that make sense? Like, our family is complete right now, and I know that will change, but I am trying to spend SO MUCH time with Cam right now before I can't devote all my attention to him.

Chad: Ahhh, my personal masseuse and chef is still amazing. I think I've gotten either a foot, head or shoulder massage every night for the past two weeks. He is a charming man, let me tell you. ;)

Food: I am loving raw broccoli right now (weird), can't get enough fruit (apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes and frozen pops), carbs and cheese are always delicious, and Asian is pretty much my #1 request.

Sleep: Knock on wood, I am still sleeping really well. I had a rough night last night because I got woken up, but as long as nothing disturbs me, I am totally fine. Falling asleep is NOT an issue...it's the 1-4 am part that's questionable.

Workout: Yes, this is a new category because I just started working out a few weeks ago! Chad and I have been hitting the gym together (since it's still FREEZING outside) 4-5 nights a week. I am just walking on the treadmill, but at an incline, so I feel fairly productive for being so pregnant. I am so excited to be able to work out again once Louise arrives - my T25 is collecting dust, and the Bob has not been used since the fall. Those will both change as soon as possible!

Nesting: I have started to nest a little...I have so much energy to clean sometimes, but zero motivation other times. Cam is still in Louise's room, so I have not set it up like I want, but I have hung her clothes and started going through clothes we've been given. I brought the Rock-n-Play up from the basement, so we are set, right?! Ha...it's so funny how different Pregnancy #2 is!

Fun Moment: Seeing Louise wiggle around in her ultrasound yesterday! We got some 3-d pictures, which are so weird, but fun. She has hair (Cam had some when he was born) and seems perfectly "normal."

Coming Up: We have our family baby shower this weekend, and I can't wait to see everyone! I think it's silly if you don't celebrate the second baby like the first...they get the shaft everywhere else, so the least we can do is welcome her with a few new pieces of her own. ;)

Differences/Similarities: Chad thinks I look bigger (like as big as I did when I had Cameron), but I am about 20 pounds lighter than when I gave birth. I actually feel really good right now...not too tired but definitely BIG. I can tell I am not as big as when I had Cameron, but I fully expect to be there very quickly!

Symptoms: Acid reflux is my enemy right now...it's nauseating. Tums work great, but I am kind of tired of eating them. I am fairly uncomfortable unless I'm sitting, lying flat on my back or lying on my side. I can't sit on the couch and lean to the side any longer and any other position on the couch is uncomfortable unless I am flat on my back. This, then, causes me to fall asleep. :) I still get nauseous in the morning sometimes, but it's nothing compared to the first half of this pregnancy! When people ask how I'm feeling, I say, "GREAT!" because I cannot complain about anything at this point!

Baby Gear: We have a lot of stuff leftover from Cam, but we also borrowed a lot. AND, I've come across a few items that I didn't know about before or just didn't have. Here's what I'm adding to our collection this time around:

Louise James

The Solly Wrap gets rave reviews from everyone, so that's a must on my list. Cam had the Bjorn, but I now know how bad they are for baby's hips, so I picked up an Ergo at a consignment store. I feel like the Ergo's too bulky for some situations, so the Solly will be a perfect supplement.

The nursing cover is just cool (and not expensive). It also doubles as a car seat cover for the sun or wind. We always used a blanket for Cam, but it could be handy to have this around.

The burp bibs are just adorable...way to go, JCrew/A&A. I am not an all-out pink mom, but I think these are pretty cute. (And, I am secretly loving adding these feminine touches to our home!)

Sophie, Boon Grass and the white noise machines are duplicates from Cam. He loved them both so much that we will definitely be getting another set for Louise. People ask if Sophie is worth it...so much that we will have two. And Boon now has three sizes for drying racks, so we will just add to what we have. ;) 

We never had a glider for Cam, so I did a lot of walking around trying to soothe him. THIS is at the top of my list, for sure! I also want a chair for reading and just cuddling...and a recliner seems perfect since I am sure I will spend more than a few nights sleeping in it. ;) 

We are also getting the Ubbi diaper pail. We had the Diaper Dekor, but it didn't keep the smell in, and you had to buy special (expensive) bags for it. We've been sans-diaper pail for almost two months, and while it's manageable, I'd prefer to have one in the nursery.

That's all for now! See you in a few weeks with another update!

Boy Mom Box Swap: Dinosaurs, Trucks and Dirt...Oh My!

Wife Mommy  Me

I was matched with Kary and Reed from Always Painted, Usually Chipped. When I got what Kary wrote about her and Reed, I immediately knew what I wanted to send...apparently, she had the same thought about us!

I had Kary send our box to my Dad's house since he watches Cam two days a week - I thought it would be fun for them to play with his new toys together...I was kind of right. ;) 

Cam's goodies came in a cute little box that said, "just add dirt." And, that we will - once the temps rise above the teens!! Cam couldn't wait to get his hands on the dinosaurs, though, since he is IN LOVE with them right now. Poor boy wanted to use his gardening tools in the snow...he doesn't understand that dirt is so much more fun! ;)

And me, I loved the chocolate. Spot on, Kary!!

Thank you to Stephanie and Elizabeth for hosting this fun swap! Next year, I will get to participate in a boy AND girl swap...cue the happy face! :)

Five on Friday: Life Lately

HELLO! I am so glad it's Friday. (Don't I say that every week?) Life has been a blur lately, so here's a quick update of what we've been up to!


We have had a few weekends with no plans, which has been amazing! But, with spring approaching, our calendars are filling up quickly! Oh yeah, and we have eight weeks until Louise comes, so, that's happening too...

We have a family baby shower next weekend, and I am so excited to douse our house in pink and gold! (Chad is, too...don't be fooled!) It's also Easter Weekend and my Dad's birthday, so we will be doing a lot of eating/celebrating! We are attending a dinner/auction at my high school the following weekend to honor three teachers who have served a combined 100 years, and the week after, we are heading to Boston to catch a Sox game before we aren't able to escape for the day any longer. 


Duckface selfies from McD's...I got a quick trip to the gym in while Chad took Cam to McDonald's to run around their playground since the temps were still in the TEENS in March!


Sword fights in the morning...we may or may not bribe Cam with "just one fight" so he doesn't throw a fit when it's time to leave! (Thanks, Vitamix, for supplying us with the best sword ever for a 2 year old!)


Chillaxin with Daddy before bed...Dad asks for his head to be rubbed. Cam sits on his head. Naked. Totally normal.


In like a lion, out like a lamb...I just love these awkward day care photo crafts ;)

Oh yeah, work has been INSANELY BUSY, which is why I have been MIA. I am trying to get ready for maternity leave while doing regular stuff AND working on incoming freshmen. I love it, but it leaves no time for anything else.

Tonight, Cam's school is offering another Parents' Night Out, so we are going to enjoy a child-free dinner with a few other parents! (It's the little things...)

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Cam's Easter Basket


We got Cam a cute little Easter basket last year and will be adding another one next year for sweet Louise (along with her own bunny rabbit - These things are the SOFTEST!).

Holidays are really a lot better with kids...I love to get Cam excited and ready for holidays, so when they come, he knows what's going on! I may or may not have compared the Easter Bunny to Santa Clause, so we have a much better listener on our hands these days. ;) You think we can create a figure for Fourth of July?? Maybe Halloween? I think that would get us through each year a little easier... ;)

What's going in your toddler's Easter basket this year? I always love to find new ideas! (And, thanks to Amazon Prime, I still have time to add a few things!)

Our Weekend: Spice Rack, Movies and a Bike Hat

Happy St Patrick's Day!! I was totally in the spirit while getting Cam dressed in green. (I have nothing green that fits me...) until I walked outside and it was SNOWING! On St Patrick's Day! I am not a complainer, but I am OVER the winter. Please hurry, Spring!

This past weekend, we did a whole lot of nothing, but we had a ton of fun...

Saturday morning project of organizing the spice drawer...I never knew my husband was so handy! ;)

Tulips make it feel like spring...until you see the snow falling in the background!

Friday night dinner with my dad....Mexican and spicy salsa for the win!

Frozen mini-movie and Cinderella during the snow/rain/sleet storm

A new "bike hat" to go with the bike

And, I will leave you with the cutest (in my opinion) 2 year, 8 month and 17 day old Irish boy there is:
Thank you to the day care ladies who snapped a pic for me since he was NOT having it this morning!



Five on Friday: Bikes, Fixes and Food

Happy Friday!! I hope you all have had a great week! Work was INSANE, so I am truly thankful it's Friday!

Colleen made me feel like a better mom after posting that O's having a hard time potty training, too. It seems like everyone is potty training their toddlers with zero issues, and it makes me feel badly that we haven't prepared Cam enough or we're holding him back somehow. I know he'll do it when he's ready, but I am hoping that this book (suggested by Colleen) will help east his mind...or ours! If push comes to shove, we will wait until summer when he can walk around naked! ;)

Back in September, I joined the Stitch Fix explosion and mentioned that I was pregnant in my notes. My main reason was to get more dresses, cardigans and accessories that could be used while pregnant or not. Much to my surprise, they sent me maternity items! They have now officially launched their "maternity" line, which is so exciting, because I was less than thrilled with their choices for me. 

I LOVED the back of this shirt, but the collar (see below) was not so flattering. The material was also SO not comfy - pregnant or not! This went right back.

They also sent a dress that was WAY too tight (and I was only weeks pregnant at this point) and some maternity jeans that were cute, but again, too small.

I did keep this top and scarf. They are both items I would never buy on my own, but when I tried them on, I loved them. I wear the scarf all the time and plan to wear the top for nursing. It's SO comfy, but a bit low for the girls without a scarf, if you know what I mean...It was also a perfect length at weeks pregnant, so I don't think it would fit my basketball bump now!

In case you missed it on Instagram, Cam got a bike last night in exchange for his pacis! We are not going back this time...no more pacis (except for sleep because, let's be honest, I need all the sleep I can get.)! He LOVED his bike and has been so good about not using pacis...he's asked for one a few time (when upset or while getting ready for bed), but we have not given in.

My new breakfast of choice:

1/2 cup of coffee and grain toast with peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles from Holland
(You're supposed to eat the sprinkles with butter, but pb holds me over a lot longer!)

I bought chicken breast, potatoes and asparagus to make dinner...instead, Chad made a gourmet meal!

Blackened chicken, smashed ranch potatoes and parmesan asparagus and tomatoes

That's all I have for now. I hope you have a great weekend! We have ZERO plans - no entertaining, no nothing. I think we may try to see the mini-Frozen move with Cinderella since it's supposed to be raining/sleeting tomorrow! 

The Best Weekend EVER

Do you ever have those weekends that are just perfect? Ours could be attributed the the fact that it was above 20, and we got to get outside and actually enjoy the mounts of snow that have fallen around us, but nonetheless, it was pretty spectacular for many reasons.

Friday night, we ordered in Chinese food with my mom...I haven't had Chinese food in YEARS, and it was damn good.

Saturday, we cleaned and organized for a bit then headed to LLBean's Home store to see if they had any outdoor cushions for our indoor breakfast nook...makes sense, right? We didn't find any, but we did find THE perfect print for our wall and a blanket (not sold online) that was worth every penny. We also hit up GAP Factory's crazy sale of 40% off all baby/toddler stuff AND 40% off your purchase...I wish I had more time because I could have totally stocked up, but I did put a good dent in Cam's spring wardrobe.

Chad added an orange eye, and I think it's perfect!

Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth and Brooklyn stopped by to drop off FOUR HUGE bins of girl clothes for Louise...and this was only half of what she's bringing over! I couldn't even handle the cuteness of some of the outfits...I can't wait to sit down and really go through everything!

Total BFFs...PS Chad LOVES when I push on his back with my feet like this...so random that she did it, and Cam didn't stop her!

For dinner, we had two families over from Cameron's day care. (I also work with the moms, which is so fun!) Four toddlers and six adults make for a fun/crazy/messy night, especially when you throw in spaghetti for dinner! Somehow, our white rug remained white all night...our blue chairs, however, needed a good wipe down.

When the kids were done eating, we put on Big Hero 6, which allowed us a few minutes  of peace to eat ourselves!

Sunday was a bit lazy, so a mega fort was built in our living room, fully equipped with a "boys only" door to keep mom out...until I had orange slices and brownies...then I was allowed in! ;)

After nap, Cam and I took advantage of the extra hour of sunlight and did a little snowshoeing/tube-pulling in the cemetery behind my dad's house. When Chad was done working, we met at Portland House of Pizza and had dinner with Uncle Donnie, Aunt Stacey and my Dad...I mean, does it get any better than this? 

I mean....this kid. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, as well! These warmer temps and more daylight at night (even though I woke up to darkness this morning) are definitely putting me in a good mood!! I am ready to say goodbye to winter! Have a great week!!

Five on Friday: Random Random

Happy Friday! Bring on the weekend full of errands, cleaning, cooking and another dinner (play date) party. We are having two families over tomorrow for dinner tomorrow, and Cam is more excited than anyone because these families include two of his best friends: Jonah and Avery! I am sort of excited to have a house full of kids (and friends who are parents, which makes everything easier).

Did you know that can join Amazon Mom for free when you have an Amazon Prime membership? I had no idea...this may come in very handy (read: become very dangerous) when Louise arrives!

We are starting to work on Louise's nursery, and I am so excited! You all were so sweet with your comments about my inspiration board...I plan on buying a few pieces at a time, but Cam is "living" in her room right now, so it's tough to bring in a lot of new stuff. I think my next purchase will be some wall decor pieces, as Cam is still using the crib AND changing pad, so there's no sense in buying those now! Plus, it will help me figure out the layout of the furniture a little better...



I will probably DIY an L for her nursery


This article talks about making 30 meals for under $300...I am going to do this. I think that a few hours of prep is totally worth having dinner prepared in the freezer during Louise's first few weeks with us or really any night this summer. And, these meals actually look like meals my family will eat!

Citrus Lane keeps sending fun stuff and totally hitting the mark for Cam! In last month's box, we got a little sample of the Tegu blocks. I had seen them mentioned before, but totally disregarded them because of their price. However, they are totally worth it! They are magnetic and so fun - they keep Cam totally entertained while we are at a restaurant or waiting somewhere. They also send little samples of snacks, usually something to eat with/on and maybe a book or other product. I don't feel like I'm saving any money by getting their box, but they always introduce me to something I would not have tried initially, including this fun little memory game

Anthropologie opens in Portland today!! My mom and I were going to go to the sneak peak opening last night, but I didn't feel like fighting the crowds. (And, they weren't offering any discounts, so I am happy waiting.) I am sure we will be there a LOT, as it's literally a mile from our house! Trouble, trouble...

Have a great weekend!!