What We've been up to for the Past Two Weeks

This is what happens when you move and lose your computer charger AND you have a week off from work with no access to a computer...you don't write, but you take lots of pictures. :)

It's been abnormally cold here (and everywhere) with an abnormal amount of snow falling, so we've been inside a lot. A LOT. (Like, so much that I've thought about drinking a few times.)

The ocean froze. THE OCEAN. This guy is standing on the ocean. Oceans aren't supposed to freeze. Neither is Niagara Falls...

LouLou took Cam sledding and snow-angel-making. I have no snow pants that fit me, so I got to sit this one out.

We tried potty training. We will try again in April because we had zero luck this time. Cam is just not ready - plain and simple. By the time he told me, "I have to pee!!!" His underwear and pants were completely soaked. 

Donuts are a must when keeping a toddler entertained in a grocery store. Cam loves to eat the sprinkles off the donut then hand me the inside like I want his leftovers....

We've all been a little sick...we keep passing it around, which is fun.

I actually cooked....in a crock pot. It doesn't look nearly as good as the picture on the recipe, but it tasted realllllly good!!

Cam has been cooking us breakfast in his kitchen...he's such a good cook. ;)

 Chad cooked an amazing meal for Valentine's Day

I passed my glucose test with flying numbers...

Cam has been taking good care of Louise....

He's also been helping me with laundry since we still don't have a washer/dryer hooked up...he doesn't mind holding onto a bag of towels while being pulled around by his 6 month pregnant Mother. ;)

Taco Tuesday. Enough said. No recipe, just Chad's brain.

Oh, and Cameron learned how to wear a baby at day care...I am thinking this second child thing will be much easier than I anticipated. ;) 

That's what we've been up to lately...I've been trying to keep up with everyone's bumps, new babies and old babies - so much fun happening!!! 

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. That taco salad looks AMAZING! All your food pics make me hungry. Hope you all are feeling better these days!

  2. I love the baby wearing a baby photo!!I hope that Ellie will get to do that one day soon!!!!!!

    The ocean froze.....what?!!!!?

  3. Your ocean froze!!! I remember when I was like 8/9 one of our rivers froze in Vancouver with a freak winter we had, and everyone went crazy. That valentines dinner looks amazing! and I just reminisced about how gross that orange glucose drink is :(

  4. So jealous of all that snow you've been getting! Also, we've had a potty for Liam since he turned 2, just there in case he was interested, which he never was. But just this week he has decided to start using it all on his own and it made the whole potty training thing go flawlessly. Give it time and hopefully it will go smoothly for you too!

  5. Love the pictures! But wait...the ocean froze?!? WHAT? I'm so ready for Spring!