25 Weeks: Louise James

How far long? 25 weeks - 1.5 to 2.5 pounds

Clothing: I am a super (as in all-the-time) model for leggings and dresses/tunics. I hate wearing pants because I am constantly pulling them up, and I feel like I am cutting of circulation to poor Louise every time I sit down...does anyone else have that issue? I am loving this dress from Target, this top from GAP and these leggings. I am layering on the scarves and cardigans to "change" my outfits and add some warmth, but otherwise, I am fairly simple these days!

Cameron: Cameron has turned into a "baby." He wants to be held like a baby, sung to and cuddled...We have a lot of changes going on, so we aren't sure what it is or if it's nothing related to anything, but he's been a little tougher. He's also been sick, so he's latched right onto me. He cries in the middle of the night to go on the couch with me for "two minutes...just two minutes, Momma!" I usually oblige, and he goes right back to bed, but I would be just fine without the 2:00 am wake up call for the couch. Otherwise, he's becoming more and more fascinated with my growing belly and "big" I'm getting - thanks, bud! ;)

Chad: Chad's noticed my cankles starting to appear (Thanks, babe.), but he's always been quick to massage my feet, back or boobs shoulders. My breasts are getting out of control, so I don't blame him. ;)

Food: I am doing fine with food. I a trying to be health with snacks, although my meals are full of pasta and Mexican dishes. I am using my HydroFlask to get enough water, which makes a huge difference!

Sleep: I am falling asleep fine but still waking up for an hour or two each night...I am starting to pee more, so every time I wake up, I have to pee. Then I am thirsty, so I drink a glass of water. Then I have to pee again...fun cycle. ;)

Fun Moment: MOVING! Well, I didn't move a whole lot, but I supervised! We are officially in our house and enjoying every second of getting settled. I also got this cute little print in the mail to start the nursery decor. A few bows have showed up on our doorsteps, too, which makes me more excited than I ever thought I could be! (My sorority sister is half of Willow Crowns - check them out, if you haven't already!)

This same print is on One King's Lane for so much more money!! I know it's better quality and bigger, but what a steal Land of Nod has! PS Michelle Armas is AMAZING!

Coming Up: Chad and I are off to Naples, Florida, for a babymoon thanks to Sysco! He earned a trip, and we are taking full advantage of leaving Cameron behind with my mom!

Differences/Similarities: I have realized that this pregnancy is so similar to the last...see below.

Symptoms: Heart burn, cankles, lower back pain (minor) and random insomnia. All of these happend with Cam, too...I guess not all pregnancies are different!!


  1. Your BABYMOON, so jealous!!!! That is going to be the best! And all leggings, all the time here, too! XO

  2. I love that Michelle Armas print, so awesome you got a deal through Land of Nod!

  3. I LOVE that print!! Such pretty colors to pull from. Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery! Yay for babymoon here soon!

  4. So jealous of the baby moon! Not only do I have the travel bug right now but I totally want to take a little bacay sans child.
    Lily is going through a little regression as well, not sure if it baby related or just developmental. Frustrating and annoying to say the least. :/

  5. I want that print! And a baby moon! Lex has been acting like baby too. Drives me nuts although I can't blame these kids-- they don't know what's going on fully AND being sick? No good! Can't wait to see more house photos!

  6. I love that print. Gorgeous. And yay for moving!! I can't wait to see the pics of your new home. I bet it's spectacular. Congrats!

  7. Ahhh so fun!!! Have a fabulous babymoon!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!! xoxo

  8. Love be that print! Can't wait to see more nursery progress!