Five on Friday: My BASIC beauty finds

I am by NO MEANS a beauty blogger or beauty make up routine consists of CC Cream, bronzer, blush and mascara. And dry shampoo. Lots of it. BUT, these are some new products I've tried that I love!!

When we went to Florida a few weeks ago, I forgot my hair dryer. I've never had good luck with hotel hair dryers, so I figured I would go for the beach look and let my hair dry au natural. However, it was much cooler and not as humid as I thought, so I reached for the hotel dryer before dinner to get my hair straight. It was THE BEST HAIRDRYER I've ever used!!! Before we left for dinner, I went to the front desk and asked if I could buy it. Seriously. The nice man looked at me like I was crazy (He obviously didn't get my major girl problem of NEVER using a hairdryer like this), said he had to ask, then came back and took my name and number. I never heard from him again. Luckily, I have Amazon Prime and ordered that sucker immediately.

It's not exactly like the one in the hotel (I think it's about 20 years newer), but it's amazing and worth all $20 I spent on it

I mentioned my new-found love for Younique lash fibers, but I've since changed my mind. I don't think they're worth the $30, but they're definitely better than what I was using before. However, another blogger (I can't remember who - damn you, pregnancy brain) suggested this mascara, so I ordered it (Again, thanks, Amazon Prime) and don't love it either. I have really fine, short lashes....any help??? Younique is definitely MUCH better than this one; and I am OK with spending that for results, but they aren't the results I was hoping for. 

Pantene (through Influenster) sent me a great box of goodies to try, including their Full & Strong shampoo and conditioner (total hits) and their dry shampoo. I've already expressed my love for their dry shampoo before, but they sent a cute little travel sized sample that I took with us to Florida. Talk about good timing! (The shampoo and conditioner were full-sized bottles, so we are still enjoying them!) Not only does it make your hair look not-dirty, it adds volume, which I need drastically. AND, you don't have to comb it out, so it works great on curly hair, like mine!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

I've always loved Arbonne's products, but their moisturizing line is amazing, especially during these winter months. I have combination skin, but it turns dry-as-a-bone during the winter, and this line is a total life saver. I can actually wear my liquid CC Cream, which I was never able to do in the winter. (They also have great lines for oily skin, aging skin and acne, if you're interested!)


This is obviously not a beauty product, although I've considered using it to exfoliate a few times....The Scrub Daddy is Seriously. I HATE sponges because they are so disgusting and full of bacteria - they totally freak me out, and if someone washes something with one, I won't use it. Weird? I don't know, but these are anti-bacterial, they don't rip and they're fairly cheap. BUY ONE if you don't already have one. I may buy stock in them.

I hope you all have a great weekend!! We will be entertaining some friends and getting our house ready for my mom to move in on times ahead! ;)

What We've been up to for the Past Two Weeks

This is what happens when you move and lose your computer charger AND you have a week off from work with no access to a don't write, but you take lots of pictures. :)

It's been abnormally cold here (and everywhere) with an abnormal amount of snow falling, so we've been inside a lot. A LOT. (Like, so much that I've thought about drinking a few times.)

The ocean froze. THE OCEAN. This guy is standing on the ocean. Oceans aren't supposed to freeze. Neither is Niagara Falls...

LouLou took Cam sledding and snow-angel-making. I have no snow pants that fit me, so I got to sit this one out.

We tried potty training. We will try again in April because we had zero luck this time. Cam is just not ready - plain and simple. By the time he told me, "I have to pee!!!" His underwear and pants were completely soaked. 

Donuts are a must when keeping a toddler entertained in a grocery store. Cam loves to eat the sprinkles off the donut then hand me the inside like I want his leftovers....

We've all been a little sick...we keep passing it around, which is fun.

I actually a crock pot. It doesn't look nearly as good as the picture on the recipe, but it tasted realllllly good!!

Cam has been cooking us breakfast in his kitchen...he's such a good cook. ;)

 Chad cooked an amazing meal for Valentine's Day

I passed my glucose test with flying numbers...

Cam has been taking good care of Louise....

He's also been helping me with laundry since we still don't have a washer/dryer hooked up...he doesn't mind holding onto a bag of towels while being pulled around by his 6 month pregnant Mother. ;)

Taco Tuesday. Enough said. No recipe, just Chad's brain.

Oh, and Cameron learned how to wear a baby at day care...I am thinking this second child thing will be much easier than I anticipated. ;) 

That's what we've been up to lately...I've been trying to keep up with everyone's bumps, new babies and old babies - so much fun happening!!! 

Happy Wednesday!!

Five on Friday: DIY, New Finds and Kanye

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day Weekend! We have a weekend with no plans - my favorite (next to a weekend full of plans)! 

Courtney let us all know that the beloved Raskog cart was now $29 instead of $49!! I immediately purchased three and found this tutorial on how to spray paint it any color...These are the handiest little things to have in a nursery, kitchen, bathroom or laundry room (or any room, really), and I cannot wait to get them, paint them and put them to use!

How cute is that gold cart??


I finally jumped on the Younique bandwagon, and I am so glad I did! $30 doesn't seem like much for mascara when it does what it does...I've spent more than that to get less than stellar results.


I downloaded Big Little Lies awhile ago, but couldn't get into it back then. I re-started it during our Babymoon and couldn't put it down!! 

What book should I read next??


I am sure you are all over the whole Kanye 2.0 episode that happened at the Grammy's, but I read Shirley Manson's letter to him and couldn't help but share. He's so rude and ignorant and someone who should never be allowed to go to award shows again...oh wait, he's been banned. Some of my faith is restored....

I hope nobody ever pays to see him live again. Who does he think he is??? Ugh, he makes me so mad!

Really? What a disgrace...


And, on a lighter note, I finally got Cameron's Valentines together last night....I found a free printable, sent them to Staples then grabbed some Matchbox cars at Target. Cam was so excited to give them to his friends this morning! #momwin

Clearly, the smaller cars fit better, but these are more fun. :)

Currently...Cameron at 2.5ish

Courtney always writes these cute little posts, and I thought it would be a fun way to kind of track our life and Cameron since I don't do monthly updates anymore!

In lieu of monthly updates for Cameron (which haven't happened in awhile), I thought these would be fun, quick ways to keep up with him!

Loving: Mommy in the morning and Daddy at night, his new kitchen, our new home and "his" spots (the corner bar seat, the ledge and the sofa) where he's settling to eat, play and watch his iPad

Reading/Watching: N is for Naples, Llama Llama I Love You, Clifford's Day with Dad (all books we got him on our trip), Monsters University, Mickey's Clubhouse and Seinfeld.

Trying to: potty train! We have a week off from school next week, so I am hoping we can do the "three day" training complete with fun underwear and M&Ms

Wishing: for more consistency...with the move, our trip and too many snow days, this poor kid doesn't know what's going on. Luckily, he's been fairly good about it all, but I can't wait to get into a routine with schedules, charts, rules, expectations and consequences (both good and bad). We used a behavior chart (and I went to college for behavior management) with Peyton and Mica when we lived in Roanoke, and it worked so well! I think that introducing a simple one for Cam will be great - he loves getting "treats," but he needs to start earning them! :) More on that later....



Excited for: A week off from school so we can spend lots of time together and with friends!

Week 26: Louise James

Dress from Old Navy on clearance for $4.49!! Holla!

How far long? 26 Weeks! (I am not getting weekly emails anymore, for some reason, and I just had to login at to see how far along I am...Thanks, Pregnancy #2!)

Clothing: I may as well take this category out because I am wearing the same 5 outfits and loving every comfy moment in them! Leggings and dresses/tunics are my favorite to wear with boots since it's been snowing non-stop since January 27.

Cameron: He did SO WELL with my Mom and Dad (They are divorced, but they kind of co-grandparented this past weekend) while we were gone, and he was super sweet when we go back. I thought it might be a tough transition, but he understood that we were gone, but coming back..."You come back, right?" "You and Daddy fly on a plane?" He's getting so smart and doesn't miss a beat!! One quick story....while I was getting ready in the bathroom this morning, Cam was playing in my vanity drawers and saw my hair dryer. He said, "That was nice of you to leave your hair dryer here so LouLou could dry my hair." I kind of chuckled and said, "That was nice of LouLou to dry your hair, bud!" To which he responded, "But that was nice of you, too." This kid....

Chad: Chad and I had the BEST time together...there was no agenda, lots of sunshine and no distractions. We ate, he drank (I grabbed a couple sips of wine and champagne), we shopped and we relaxed...I am so glad that we got three days together before Louise arrives. This will certainly be a trip that we remember.

Food: I am eating fairly normal, but I have added two things to my diet that I could not STAND before being pregnant: sausage links and cherry flavored stuff (mostly Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia). I seriously HATED both my entire life but have consumed more than my fair share over the last few weeks. Pork is highly unappealing to me, but I was never a huge pork fan anyways. Lucky Charms are still constantly in our pantry as are everything bagels - I have eaten one for breakfast every day! It helps with the morning sickness so I can get through brushing my teeth and drinking coffee. I have also been snacking on Greek yogurt, granola and blueberries for the past month or holds me over until lunch time!

Sleep: I am still having the same sleep issues...I fall asleep (too) easily and wake up in the middle of the night to pee or if Cam starts crying a little. If I stay in bed, I can fall back asleep. If I get up to see Cam or to pee, I am up for at least two hours. I have taken Tylenol PM a few nights when I really need sleep (or when I've gone a few nights with little sleep), which helps 100%...even if I get up, I can go right back to sleep.

Fun Moment: Our Florida babymoon (more on that later this week) and getting settled into our home. Now that we are back from our trip, we will be able to unpack and really start enjoying our home!

Coming Up: Not too much, thankfully! I have a meeting with HR about my maternity leave, a dentist appointment since I had to cancel it back in October due to constant nausea, Valentine's Day, my glucose test next Monday as well as a check-up and a birthday party for sweet Jacqueline. Sometimes I like our simple life with little commitments! ;)

Symptoms: same old stuff...some heartburn, some swelling, some contractions starting. I am hoping the swelling stays down, but I can definitely feel my shoes getting a little tighter!

Five on Friday

Please stop what you are doing and pray (or give healing thoughts) to one of my sorority sisters, Molly, and her husband, David. Molly was 20 weeks pregnant with twins - Evelyn Rose and Wyatt Cade - when she went into unexplained preterm labor on Tuesday. Both babies were born breathing, but they left that same day to be God. I can't even get through typing this without tears streaming down my face....I can't even imagine what they are feeling. PLEASE be thankful for what you have. Nobody should have to go through this.

I really can't write about anything happy or exciting in my life after writing just kills me. How unfair.


We had our first "get together" at our house for the Super Bowl, and it was so fun! I love that we have a space where we can entertain now...I see lots of gatherings in our near future!

Elizabeth made this delicious taco dip: It had a cream cheese/sour cream base 
with taco-flavored ground beef on top...delicious!

Brooklyn and Cam weren't as into the game as we were...
thank goodness for moves on the iPad!

I also made this delicious app in addition to wings and meatballs!


This picture showed up on my Timehop this week and almost sent me into full-on cry-baby mode...It made me realize how much Cam has changed in a year. 

I love his face in both pictures...he still does that when he is trying really hard to do something!


Cam is adjusting just fine to our new home. We haven't unpacked everything yet, and we haven't figured out how to set up "his" area without taking over our entire space, but this little bench works just fine for some Saturday morning cartoons on the iPad. (That's two pictures with him watching the iPad - I promise he does more than that, but it has been very helpful to occupy him during the move!)

Can you spot Cam?!


You see that blank space next to the fireplace/tv? This beauty should be arriving today to put in that space! We searched and searched for some art to hang in our home, but we haven't found anything we love, except the moose below. Living in Maine, moose are kind of like our state animal (besides the black bear), so we thought it was very appropriate to hang in our home. It also adds a pop of color to another otherwise-neutral space. 

That's all for now. Chad and I are in Florida for the weekend enjoying some relaxation, a catamaran trip and some fancy dinners...see you all on Monday!

Pregnant Blogger Gift Exchange

In case you haven't noticed, there are SO MANY preggo mommas (and new mommas) in the blog world. Sweet Louise and I were invited to participate in a Pregnant Blogger Gift Exchange long before we knew SHE was a SHE, and we couldn't say no! What expecting mom doesn't love gifts for herself or her new bundle of joy?

Courtney (and Mabel) sent us the CUTEST package ever, and it's totally up my alley. 

Louise got the cutest little Flamigo gift bundle...I can't wait to see these tiny pieces on her in May! I forgot how little NB clothes are, but these are just precious...and that stuffed flamingo will be in her nursery for many years to come!

I may or may not have read this a few times's adorable!

The best part of the package was for me (and Cam, apparently): Lucky Charms! They have totally been my craving this pregnancy and Courtney did not disappoint!!
PS This was Cam's first time eating cereal with milk and a spoon...he picked up the bowl at the end and drank the milk like an old pro!! He's definitely my son. ;)

You can check out some other fun packages below!

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Happy Wednesday, yall!! 

25 Weeks: Louise James

How far long? 25 weeks - 1.5 to 2.5 pounds

Clothing: I am a super (as in all-the-time) model for leggings and dresses/tunics. I hate wearing pants because I am constantly pulling them up, and I feel like I am cutting of circulation to poor Louise every time I sit down...does anyone else have that issue? I am loving this dress from Target, this top from GAP and these leggings. I am layering on the scarves and cardigans to "change" my outfits and add some warmth, but otherwise, I am fairly simple these days!

Cameron: Cameron has turned into a "baby." He wants to be held like a baby, sung to and cuddled...We have a lot of changes going on, so we aren't sure what it is or if it's nothing related to anything, but he's been a little tougher. He's also been sick, so he's latched right onto me. He cries in the middle of the night to go on the couch with me for "two minutes...just two minutes, Momma!" I usually oblige, and he goes right back to bed, but I would be just fine without the 2:00 am wake up call for the couch. Otherwise, he's becoming more and more fascinated with my growing belly and "big" I'm getting - thanks, bud! ;)

Chad: Chad's noticed my cankles starting to appear (Thanks, babe.), but he's always been quick to massage my feet, back or boobs shoulders. My breasts are getting out of control, so I don't blame him. ;)

Food: I am doing fine with food. I a trying to be health with snacks, although my meals are full of pasta and Mexican dishes. I am using my HydroFlask to get enough water, which makes a huge difference!

Sleep: I am falling asleep fine but still waking up for an hour or two each night...I am starting to pee more, so every time I wake up, I have to pee. Then I am thirsty, so I drink a glass of water. Then I have to pee cycle. ;)

Fun Moment: MOVING! Well, I didn't move a whole lot, but I supervised! We are officially in our house and enjoying every second of getting settled. I also got this cute little print in the mail to start the nursery decor. A few bows have showed up on our doorsteps, too, which makes me more excited than I ever thought I could be! (My sorority sister is half of Willow Crowns - check them out, if you haven't already!)

This same print is on One King's Lane for so much more money!! I know it's better quality and bigger, but what a steal Land of Nod has! PS Michelle Armas is AMAZING!

Coming Up: Chad and I are off to Naples, Florida, for a babymoon thanks to Sysco! He earned a trip, and we are taking full advantage of leaving Cameron behind with my mom!

Differences/Similarities: I have realized that this pregnancy is so similar to the last...see below.

Symptoms: Heart burn, cankles, lower back pain (minor) and random insomnia. All of these happend with Cam, too...I guess not all pregnancies are different!!