FIve on Friday: Life Updates

Another week of excuses: moving, mid-terms and meetings...blame it on them! Here's what we've been up to, in a nutshell!

One of my best friends from high school, Magen, is getting married in August and asked me to be in her wedding! Of course, I said yes with no hesitation, and it will be great motivation to get my pre-baby body back quickly. (All of her bridesmaids above - I am the only one from high school, along with her sister and four girls she met after college. Bring on the showers, bachelorette parties and lots of girl time!) Oh yeah, Magen's not in the picture because she lives in California, so we Facetime'ed with her from her parents' house!

Peyton is quite the rider/jumper and won some ribbons this past week!! Pey Pey and Mica are coming to stay with us for FOUR weeks this summer, and we cannot wait!! I see lots of beach time, amusement parks, ice cream and, of course, horse back riding, in our future!!

Instagram is amazing, but it tempts me so much when I follow amazing artists like Amy Junghwa. I have toyed with the idea of getting Cameron's birthdate in Roman numerals as a tattoo, but this may be a less permanent fix. ;)

Our house is almost a HOME! We got our couch delivered and the cable installed, all we need is our Certificate of Occupancy, which we will get on Wednesday!! What a process, but it's been well worth it.  (PS We need a rug in this area...any suggestions?)

Chad's Aunt Ruth passed away on Monday. She had Alzheimer's and went into Hospice last week, so we knew her time was coming to an end. We weren't able to travel to Virginia for her services, so please keep his family in your prayers as they celebrate her life today. She lived well - church, family and she can be with her Carl in heaven. xo

I hope you all have a good weekend. We are supposed to get a little snow, which I am kind of excited for, actually...we have had the mildest winter, which I am NOT complaining about, but a little snow to go sledding in would be nice! Happy Friday!


  1. I've been wanting a gold bar necklace for a while and have somehow been able to hold off, it's such a classic piece! The house is looking great! I can't wait to see pictures (:

  2. How sweet that you guys facetimed with the poster, and how fun will that be! I have a similar gold necklace with Waverly's name on it - may get another one with both girls initials! :) I love it and wear it ALL the time! Happy weekend- your house looks great!

  3. I love those gold bar necklaces and have had the similar thought of getting the baby's birthdate on it. Yay for being almost done with the house!! Can't wait to see the full tour. Have a great weekend gal!

  4. Love that necklace and that all the bridesmaids got together to FaceTime the bride! Yay for house progress! My thoughts are with yall for your Aunt Ruth's passing. Hugs friend!

  5. YAY for your homeeeee! The floors look awesome too. :) I have an event in August that will certainly motivate me for the post baby body too. Thankful for it! xx

  6. The house looks AMAZING! Couch looks super comfy and I adore the fireplace/TV combo. And how cute is that picture with all of you saying "yes". So cute! XO

  7. Great updates on your week!! Best wishes to your friend! Found your blog on the link up :-)

  8. Those floors!! OMG I think I am going to die of Jealousy! I love them so much!!!!!!!!!

  9. Try they are having a great sale right now. Not sure what your style is, but I say stripes or kilim style. West elm is having a sale on rugs too.

  10. a home!!! FINALLY!! and i love love love that necklace. its seriously adorable. . . i vote it should be the first step before the tattoo. take it for a spin :)

  11. I hope you got your papers you need today and can finally call your house HOME!!! SO exciting!!

    I love the roman numeral tattoo idea myself. I've tossed the idea around from time to time :)

  12. I'm sorry for your family's loss.
    So exciting about your house! It looks great!