Five on Friday: Hello, Weekend!

Happy Friday!!

I know I have been talking about this forever, or so it seems, but we are moving INTO our home TODAY! We have the city inspection at 1:00 (which got postponed due to the blizzard), so we will be moving our beds, clothes, food and bathroom goodies this afternoon and sleeping there tonight. I cannot wait to get settled and figure out this new home!

Some minor details: our brick "mudroom"/entry hallway, our kitchen, out dining room and our open shelves - MUCH better pictures to come, but I love how it's starting to look like a home!

In case you have been hiding under a rock, the Superbowl is this weekend! I am definitely a sports girl, but being a New England sports girl is even more fun this weekend because our Patriots are taking on the Seahawks!!! I have loved watching Media Days (minus inflate-gate...get over it, people), seeing all of the Pats gear around town and planning our first get together in our new home - chili, taco dip, friends and family will be enjoyed on Sunday evening!

In other news, we have gotten a TON of snow this week (2 feet on Tuesday) and are getting more today - we are literally running out of space to put the snow, so the city is trucking it to other locations. However, Cam will be super pumped to go sledding this weekend!



We are headed to Florida next week for four days/three nights of kid-free relaxation thanks to Sysco and my mom. Chad earned the trip for being the top sales rep in Northern New England, and my mom is keeping Cameron...hellooooo, babymoon!! We will be enjoying dinners, boat trips and a spa trip, too! If only I could take advantage of the open bar...

Why is moving so expensive? Not just the moving part, but the moving IN curtains, rugs, pots/pans, pantry organizers, mailboxes, lamps, plants and toilet paper holders. Seriously. 

Where do you buy curtains? I found some cute ones at West Elm, but I've added two different designs to my cart just to have them "out of stock" when I check out two minutes later...seriously? Any other great home decor websites? I kind of feel like pro now, but I could always use some pointers! :)


  1. I personally love the
    What a cute kitchen and entryway! Love the new house!

  2. YAY for moving in!!! Boo Pats, GO HAWKS ;) but yay for superbowl apps! ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay for official moving day!! So excited for you that you get to go on a babymoon too. That sounds fabulous. And I know what you mean about moving - I always have to buy a ton of organizing stuff when I move because it never works the same way you had it in your old house. I found some good deals on nice curtains at JCPenney. Maybe try there?

  4. Congratulations on your new home! It looks gorgeous and Im sure you will have fun decorating. Good luck on your curtain search - Id offer feedback but we have blinds in our condo & Ive never had to buy any. Ugh for that snow! Im so thankful to be in Vancouver and not have any gross east coast weather. Happy Friday and enjoy your Florida vacay!

  5. Being a New England fan is always more fun because we are the city of champions!! (;

    The house is looking great, excited for you to move in!