Five on Friday: Favorites Finds this Week

Happy Friday!! It's MOVING WEEKEND for us....well, we are moving our stuff, and we will move in sometime next week/end after a lot of cleaning! I am so freaking exciting!!!

This list of things to start making yourself kind of has my intrigued. We are definitely a family who buys something or pays someone to do something for us, so I think that switching gears on just a few things would be a good you make anything yourself? (PS We are in the middle of a total you have any good tips?!)

We are going to Florida in just a few weeks (Thanks for working so hard, honey! Chad earned us a free trip!), so I had to pick up a pregnant-friendly bathing the middle of winter. Luckily, Target is on their A-Game, so this pair came in the mail, and I love it!

This article about playing with your children....Cam isn't even 3 yet, but it's a struggle sometimes. Do you agree with this? A friend wrote, "I will sit with you while you play. I will read to you. I will do a puzzle with you. But, I am not playing WITH you." I couldn't agree more. (That's what friends are for.)

I have been hearing (and seeing) so many things about Chatbooks, but I never felt like going through the process. Let me tell you...I created six books in four minutes today! I used #365daysofcameron to document pictures last year, so I entered that hashtag, all of my pictures came up, and they created books based on date. You can include the day and caption, or you can leave them out. This is seriously the best baby book ever!! I am all over this. Watch out Instagram, I am about to take over with hashtags.

I obviously didn't do 365 days of Cameron, but who's counting?!

Do you shop at CB2? It's like a mix between Crate and Barrel (their parent company) and's super cute, but a little less expensive. I just grabbed a few pillows (They actually include the pillow case AND the insert, unlike a lot of other stores!) and a super cute mailbox. I've also placed a few random orders...more on that later. ;)

I love that some of their patterned pillows have solid colors on the back...switch it up a bit!

Super cute mailbox...

That's all for now. We will be spending our weekend unloading PODS and storage units, celebrating a great friend's birthday and cheering on the Patriots!! Happy Friday!!


  1. Yay for moving this weekend! That is so exciting. Can't wait to see the new house. I'm so jealous of your Floriday vacation! And I've never heard of Chatbooks before, but it sounds awesome! Have a great weekend!

  2. Horray for moving weekend!! AND a cute new swim suit (along with a NEED for one!).

  3. That bathing suit - adorable!!!! And yay for moving - so exciting! Happy weekend!!!!!!! XO

  4. That bathing suit is perfect! You're going to be too cute to boot in it. Gotta love Tar-jay! :) And I MUST check out chatbooks! GENIUS! Thanks, mama! xx

  5. C2B is great! Love the bathing suit have a fun trip.

  6. I must check out chat books!!! So excited for moving weekend AND a vacay!!!! So awesome!!! :)

  7. chat books is my favorite and cute mailbox!!!

  8. florida has been on our radar too! where are you staying?! we usually cruise, so its hard for us to pick one stationary spot! ha ha!

  9. Great bathing suit! I can't wait for a beach trip, but the thought of putting on a suit right now gives me the heebie geebies. NOT READY.