Baby GIRL: 21 Weeks

No picture this week...I am in desperate need for an under eye cream. I have HUGE, DARK bags that won't go away. I've had them my entire life and have tried a few "expensive" creams that haven't worked. I am thinking I need a serum/Botox type miracle. Any suggestions???

How far long? 21 Weeks (10.5 inches and 13 ounces)

Clothing: Full on maternity clothes....they are so much more comfy and flattering than any of my "normal" clothes. I got a few new pieces from GAP including this cute dress, this dress for work and this sweater tunic.  I am 100% about leggings, a dress or tunic and boots - I am not sure how I will ever be able to wear uncomfortable jeans again!

Cameron: Oh, Cameron...between his illnesses and sleep issues these past few weeks, we have had to re-sleep-train him. Most of the "training" is me telling him that I can't sleep on the couch with him because it hurts me. He's very concerned about my well being, so it's far. He knows baby girl's name (which we will share eventually) and loves to talk about her. However, yesterday he said, "Baby ___________ go away." Oops...jealous already?! Ha! However, every time I buy something for her, he loves it and brings it to my belly to "give" it to her. Quite sweet, if you ask me. Let's hope this continues when she's born!

Chad: Chad LOVES that we are having a girl!!! He's already declared her "Daddy's Girl" and Cam will be "Momma's Boy." He's been taking on the house renovation 100% since there are so many fumes in there - between the floor stain, painting and kerosene heaters, I stay away as much as possible. He's an all-star right now...I'm not sure I could handle everything going on without him. 

Food: My appetite is totally normal again. I am LOVING Lucky Charms (oops), yogurt with blueberries and granola and anything Italian - last night was spaghetti and meatballs...YUM.

Sleep: I am getting uncomfortable and waking up for 1-3 hours every night. I actually have a lot of energy, which is nice (although I crash around 9:00 every night). 

Fun Moments: So much has happened since my last update - Christmas, New Years and vacation! Baby-related, She's started kicking A LOT, and I love it. I have bought a few adorable outfits from Sugar Bit and Carter's...I have to snobby honest - I am not a HUGE Carter's fan, but they are so essential for the first few months, so I have been stocking up on their sleep and play onesies as well as some adorable dress/bloomer outfits for the summer!! 

I mean, I couldn't pass this up for Fourth of July! I texted this picture to Chad, and he said, "Have fun!" Haha!!

The first of many outfits from Sugar Bit...
I can't even take the ruffles on the bottom!

Coming Up: I have another ultrasound today because they couldn't measure/see everything they wanted to the first time. I secretly love these extra glimpses at our girl!! Our house is almost done - like moving in 10-14 about exciting!! We also have a few family/friend birthdays coming up, swim lessons begin this Thursday for Cam and me and FLORIDA is less than a month away now! Bring on the sun, water and toddler-free vacation. :)

Differences/Similarities: My appetite is much better this time. Last time, I couldn't bare to see, cook or eat chicken. This time, I am totally fine. My energy is back, my back hurts a little more (so uncomfortable sleeping/sitting already) and my heart burn is about the same. 

Symptoms: I stopped taking my anti-nausea medicine on December 23 and have been totally fine since. I still get periods of nausea, but I am happy to be off those pills...they were not good for my digestive system, if you know what I mean! I have been getting SO MANY cold sores, and I am blaming it on the pregnancy (another side effect of Zofran) plus life right now - it's so crazy and a bit stressful. 

Side Note: I took quite the fall down a set of stairs right after Christmas. I was carrying Cam down old, wooden stairs so HE wouldn't fall, but we both ended up taking a tumble. Baby Girl and I are 100% fine, but it was so scary. I have a bunch of pretty bad scrapes and bruises, and I was really sore for a couple of days, but I will take all of that over anything happening to her. We did another ultrasound to confirm, and she is doing just fine. THANK THE LORD. Talk about scary...I felt so guilty and stupid for carrying him. I knew I shouldn't have been walking down the starirs with Cam, but I wanted to be sure he didn't fall. (He was totally fine, too.) 

PS I put it out there on Instagram and got some great responses, but I am looking for some fun, unique places to shop for Baby Girl. Thanks!


  1. So glad you two are ok, that had to be scary! I carry Waverly down our wooden stairs all the time, I need to be careful! And YAY for feeling better!!!!!!!!!!

    Ps - We LOVE Zara!

  2. Oh my gosh lady - be careful! That is so scary that you fell. I'm glad you're ok and feeling good. So exciting that you are moving in to your new house so soon!! Yay for baby girl ruffle bums. Those are the cutest!!

  3. Can't wait to hear the name!!! While I don't have a girl, I think some of the best children's clothing shops are on etsy. Expensive but worth the quality and uniqueness. I usually try to shop when they have sales in holidays, etc. se favorites; Alpine Baby Co. & Little Hip Squeaks!

  4. Oh my gracious... So glad you all are OK and baby girl is fine! How scary. I have to admit though I LOVE shopping for both a boy and a girl! I love getting to venture to both sides of the stores! haha!

  5. Ahh it's like dressing up a doll, what fun and cute outfits you've collected thus far! Happy 2015!

  6. Baby girl must be in heaven!

  7. dont tease me. i want to know baby girls name!!! and moving in less than two weeks?! could it be that your new home is finally just about done?! i cant wait to see the finished product!!!

  8. Glad to hear you are ok after your fall. Love the pieces you picked up from the GAP!

  9. I'm glad you're okay after your fall. Love those little ruffle outfits. Too cute!