Five on Friday: Hello, Weekend!

Happy Friday!!

I know I have been talking about this forever, or so it seems, but we are moving INTO our home TODAY! We have the city inspection at 1:00 (which got postponed due to the blizzard), so we will be moving our beds, clothes, food and bathroom goodies this afternoon and sleeping there tonight. I cannot wait to get settled and figure out this new home!

Some minor details: our brick "mudroom"/entry hallway, our kitchen, out dining room and our open shelves - MUCH better pictures to come, but I love how it's starting to look like a home!

In case you have been hiding under a rock, the Superbowl is this weekend! I am definitely a sports girl, but being a New England sports girl is even more fun this weekend because our Patriots are taking on the Seahawks!!! I have loved watching Media Days (minus inflate-gate...get over it, people), seeing all of the Pats gear around town and planning our first get together in our new home - chili, taco dip, friends and family will be enjoyed on Sunday evening!

In other news, we have gotten a TON of snow this week (2 feet on Tuesday) and are getting more today - we are literally running out of space to put the snow, so the city is trucking it to other locations. However, Cam will be super pumped to go sledding this weekend!



We are headed to Florida next week for four days/three nights of kid-free relaxation thanks to Sysco and my mom. Chad earned the trip for being the top sales rep in Northern New England, and my mom is keeping Cameron...hellooooo, babymoon!! We will be enjoying dinners, boat trips and a spa trip, too! If only I could take advantage of the open bar...

Why is moving so expensive? Not just the moving part, but the moving IN curtains, rugs, pots/pans, pantry organizers, mailboxes, lamps, plants and toilet paper holders. Seriously. 

Where do you buy curtains? I found some cute ones at West Elm, but I've added two different designs to my cart just to have them "out of stock" when I check out two minutes later...seriously? Any other great home decor websites? I kind of feel like pro now, but I could always use some pointers! :)

Valentine's Day for my Littlest Valentine

Let me start by saying that I hate the money that goes into Valentine's Day, and I love the cliche that love should be celebrated all year, but that doesn't stop me from picking up a few gifts for those I love. It's the perfect time to add some books to Cam's collection, dress him up in a themed shirt or make something fun for his classmates. (Chad usually gets to cook me dinner - lucky him, huh?!) 

Last year, he rocked this shirt so well, that I had to get another one:

Valentine's Day 2014

I like to keep little things from our Citrus Lane and Bluum boxes (Please see his Easter basket last year: all Citrus Lane items!) to give to Cam during the holidays...he has plenty of toys to keep him occupied the rest of the time.

I am also adding these books to his library:

I think that if Llama Llama told Cam to eat green beans, he would...he loves these books!

Cam also loves this series...they're so fun!

And, Pete the Cat is always a hit!

For his classmates, I am thinking of tackling this cute little craft, although I try to stick to non-candy gifts like Colleen wrote about. I guess you could do this one without the candy...what kid doesn't love a shovel?! ;)


What are some of your favorites for Valentine's Day this year?

You can see our Valentine's Day from last year here!

FIve on Friday: Life Updates

Another week of excuses: moving, mid-terms and meetings...blame it on them! Here's what we've been up to, in a nutshell!

One of my best friends from high school, Magen, is getting married in August and asked me to be in her wedding! Of course, I said yes with no hesitation, and it will be great motivation to get my pre-baby body back quickly. (All of her bridesmaids above - I am the only one from high school, along with her sister and four girls she met after college. Bring on the showers, bachelorette parties and lots of girl time!) Oh yeah, Magen's not in the picture because she lives in California, so we Facetime'ed with her from her parents' house!

Peyton is quite the rider/jumper and won some ribbons this past week!! Pey Pey and Mica are coming to stay with us for FOUR weeks this summer, and we cannot wait!! I see lots of beach time, amusement parks, ice cream and, of course, horse back riding, in our future!!

Instagram is amazing, but it tempts me so much when I follow amazing artists like Amy Junghwa. I have toyed with the idea of getting Cameron's birthdate in Roman numerals as a tattoo, but this may be a less permanent fix. ;)

Our house is almost a HOME! We got our couch delivered and the cable installed, all we need is our Certificate of Occupancy, which we will get on Wednesday!! What a process, but it's been well worth it.  (PS We need a rug in this area...any suggestions?)

Chad's Aunt Ruth passed away on Monday. She had Alzheimer's and went into Hospice last week, so we knew her time was coming to an end. We weren't able to travel to Virginia for her services, so please keep his family in your prayers as they celebrate her life today. She lived well - church, family and she can be with her Carl in heaven. xo

I hope you all have a good weekend. We are supposed to get a little snow, which I am kind of excited for, actually...we have had the mildest winter, which I am NOT complaining about, but a little snow to go sledding in would be nice! Happy Friday!

Five on Friday: Favorites Finds this Week

Happy Friday!! It's MOVING WEEKEND for us....well, we are moving our stuff, and we will move in sometime next week/end after a lot of cleaning! I am so freaking exciting!!!

This list of things to start making yourself kind of has my intrigued. We are definitely a family who buys something or pays someone to do something for us, so I think that switching gears on just a few things would be a good you make anything yourself? (PS We are in the middle of a total you have any good tips?!)

We are going to Florida in just a few weeks (Thanks for working so hard, honey! Chad earned us a free trip!), so I had to pick up a pregnant-friendly bathing the middle of winter. Luckily, Target is on their A-Game, so this pair came in the mail, and I love it!

This article about playing with your children....Cam isn't even 3 yet, but it's a struggle sometimes. Do you agree with this? A friend wrote, "I will sit with you while you play. I will read to you. I will do a puzzle with you. But, I am not playing WITH you." I couldn't agree more. (That's what friends are for.)

I have been hearing (and seeing) so many things about Chatbooks, but I never felt like going through the process. Let me tell you...I created six books in four minutes today! I used #365daysofcameron to document pictures last year, so I entered that hashtag, all of my pictures came up, and they created books based on date. You can include the day and caption, or you can leave them out. This is seriously the best baby book ever!! I am all over this. Watch out Instagram, I am about to take over with hashtags.

I obviously didn't do 365 days of Cameron, but who's counting?!

Do you shop at CB2? It's like a mix between Crate and Barrel (their parent company) and's super cute, but a little less expensive. I just grabbed a few pillows (They actually include the pillow case AND the insert, unlike a lot of other stores!) and a super cute mailbox. I've also placed a few random orders...more on that later. ;)

I love that some of their patterned pillows have solid colors on the back...switch it up a bit!

Super cute mailbox...

That's all for now. We will be spending our weekend unloading PODS and storage units, celebrating a great friend's birthday and cheering on the Patriots!! Happy Friday!!

Baby Girl: 22 Weeks and her NAME!

Just some quick updates, as not much else has changed from last week:

MOVEMENT: I have started to SEE her kick from the outside, which is always fun.

SIZE: She's a pound! The weekly updates say she's less, but at our ultrasound last week, she was 15 ounces....big girl! Cam was always small, so we'll see how this plays out in the end!

OTHER: My placenta is low-lying, so I have to have a few more ultrasounds before delivery. If nothing changes, I will have to have a C-Section...The chances are high that it will shift before then, but every time they tell me that, I get a little more nervous that I won't experience a true labor again...I was induced last time and had a vaginal birth and would like to do it again (minus the induction).

Now onto the....


I have had a girl's name picked out for years - like, at least ten years: CHARLOTTE LOUISE. When I met Chad, and we started talking about kids, he loved it, too - We would call her Charli. However, every playground, birthday party or swim lesson has a little girl named Charlotte now. So, when we found out we were having a girl, we threw around a few other names including Regan, Kennedy and Clinton (Just kidding!!!!). We do love Regan and Kennedy, but we would have used Louise for the middle name, and we really wanted to incorporate Chad's brother, Jim (James) into it somewhere. (Louise is my middle name, my mom's middle name, my paternal grandmother's name - it's on both sides of my family, so it is definitely something we wanted to incorporate. It has always been the "middle" name of my future daughter.)

We talked about Jamie Louise but didn't love it. We talked about having two middle names (Louise and James), but that didn't stick either. Then one of us mentioned Louise as a first name....side note: I used to HATE my middle name - like, so embarrassed about it, I wouldn't tell anyone! Now, we are naming our daughter after it:

Louise James Scott

We have always liked "boy" names for girls, and this is just perfect to us. Both names have family ties, and we keep saying it over and over again with smiles!

Isn't it crazy how much thought goes into a name? It's so tough to decide on something so permanent!!

Nicknames: My mom is "LouLou" to Cam, so we can't call her anything like that. I don't like LJ, personally, so I am calling her "Elle" (L). Cam calls her Louise, and it's the sweetest sound I've ever heard come out of his mouth. He struggles a bit, which makes it even cuter.

Thanks for listening to my long story about how we came up with our little girl's name! It's so fun to call her Louise instead of baby or baby girl!!

Five on Friday: Friday Meatballs, As Seen on TV and Life Updates

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! The first full week back to work after vacation is always so long....
TGIF, for real.

Friday Meatballs
Have you all seen this? I love this concept! Meatballs every Friday night might be a bit much, but I love the idea of having a set dinner (or breakfast/coffee) that friends and family know they are always welcome to when they can attend. Right now, we go out to dinner with my Dad every Friday, which is a fun ritual in itself...maybe we'll do Saturday or Sunday. Guys can watch football after dinner while the ladies clean the dishes. I don't mind that one bit. The kids can play together. Everyone can drink wine. It sounds heavenly....With the hustle and bustle of life, it would be nice to have one constant where you can see those you love without too much planning. Chad may not appreciate that I am volunteering him to cook 52 times a year, but I think he'll get over it. ;)

As Seen on TV
Don't laugh...I bought TWO "As Seen on TV" items this week, and I love them both!! I was in Kohl's randomly (Not a fan - are you??) and saw a table full of stuff...I had to hold back on buying more because I am a total sucker, but these two beauties made their way into my cart!

GRAB BAG: Bahaha, this is totally me! They're great!

Veggetti: amazing! I have seen a few people post about it, so I thought I'd try it. 
It does not disappoint!

Hello, Gorgeous. Our kitchen. I. Cannot. Wait.

This picture doesn't even do it justice...the island is 4' x 8' and the white quartz looks amazing. Our undermount sink fits perfectly, the Wolf range is Chad's dream-come-true and now we wait for the rest of the house to be finished. The bathrooms are tiled, the walls are painted and the heat and hot water are installed. Come on lighting, window treatments and bathroom fixtures! #inbysuperbowl


No, this is not the kind of flask I carried around in college, but for water (lame-o alert). It's seriously the best water bottle. It keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours!! I bought the huge one (32 ounces), which has helped me keep up with my daily intake of water while pregnant. It's also super bright, so I never lose it! :) Thanks to some fellow pregnant ladies for turning me onto this...I will never use another water bottle again.


We are beginning to budget hard-core with the new house and new baby...I love Dave Ramsey but am curious if anyone has any other programs they've used (and succeeded with)!

Happy Weekend!! We will be fully consumed in the house, the Patriots and a special visit on Sunday with my best friend's mom....I'm not sure what's up, but I am excited to find out!!

Cameron: 2.5 Years!

I remember posting your weekly updates then monthly, and now it's just twice a year...However, I think that IG is doing a pretty good job of tracking your growth and progress. :)

As Sara said, 2.5 is bonkers. Totally, uncontrollably bonkers. And, I love it. Most of the time. I do need a break every now and then, but like the say goes: Distance (even just five minutes) makes the heart grow fonder.

October - 2 Years 3 Months

You are independent. - "Momma, I do it."

You are sweet. - "Momma, come sit with me." (You always emphasize words in the cutest way.)

You are intrigued. - "Why, Momma? Why?"

You are sassy. - "Two minutes, Momma.?" (while holding up three fingers); "I not ready, Momma."; "But, I don't wanna."

Weight: 33 pounds
Height: Growing
Diapers: size 6 (I am ready to potty train, but you have zero desire!)
Clothes: Mostly 2T with some 3Ts thrown in there...pajamas are 3 or 4T!
Shoes: 9

Sleep: You are still a great sleeper, but you have a lot of interferences - noises, growing pains and illnesses are at the top of that list! You have become quick to cry for me when you wake up in the middle of the night and aren't happy unless you come sleep with me on the couch or in bed. Going down in a process, but I have learned to be patient and do everything - we set an alarm to put on pajamas, which has been a life saver, we read books, drink milk and I sing a few songs to you. We now leave the door open a little and I promise to come back and check on you. I don't really come in until you're asleep because then we'd have to start the whole process over again!! ;) The video monitor we bought in July has been worth every penny. You are still taking one nap - anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3! You are also wanting a light on more and more, so I think it's time to find a fun nightlight!

December - Almost 2.5

Nightly rituals: "Ship up" - your pillow has a ship on it, and it always has to be facing up; as many pacifiers as possible - "It's like a treasure chest, Momma!" and Lots of friends - only soft ones, know not to bring your "hard" toys into the crib.

School: You are still in the FES Toddler Room, and everyone is happy. Papa picks you up twice a week so Mommy can help LouLou work (and get some laundry/shopping done). Your teachers have talked about potty training four of you this spring, so I am ready for the help! I think that by seeing Rex, Thomas and Jonah use the potty, you will be more likely to do so, too. You did go once in December, but that was it.

Our ever-growing art collection from school....

Home: We are still living in our 600 sq ft apartment, and we are busting at the seams! You need more space to play and keep toys, and we need more space to live. We will be moving into our new house in just a few short weeks, and we cannot wait! We have been walking up to see the house, and you understand that it's "ours," so I am hoping for a smooth transition. We also bought you a full size bed for the move, so we are just throwing a bunch of changes at you at once. This could either go really well or really badly. ;)

Personality: Besides the first few lines above, you are amazing. You remember the oddest things, which make us thing you are a genius. You remember the tiniest details and stuff from days/weeks ago...You love to play pretend with Woody, Jessie, Buzz and Bullseye, and your new farm and horses that Santa brought are like gold to you. I love watching your imagination come through. You love to help, and I try to let you as much as possible. (Although, inside, I want to do is faster, cleaner and just once, but I am letting go and letting you learn!)

November - 2 Years 4 Months

Food: You are still a fairly picky eater, and you won't try many new things, but you have taken to Greek yogurt, granola and blueberries, which makes me happy. You ask for meatballs every night and never turn down turkey dogs (ick). You started eating a breakfast bar each morning, which I think is adorable. We've switched from cow's milk to 1/2 water and 1/2 Almond Milk - there's really no reason for this, but we drink Almond milk, and I am not a fan of cow's milk, so why not? You don't mind!


Sometimes, it feels like we have a six year old living with us: independent, clearly spoken and cooperative. Other times, I have to remind myself that you are just 2 1/2 years old - moody, wild and unpredictable. Every day is different, and every day is an adventure - either a wild, frustrating one or a sweet, never-letting-you-go one. I'll take them all - they all make you.

You and Avery at Panera this past weekend...she's your favorite "lunch date!" ;)

Baby GIRL: 21 Weeks

No picture this week...I am in desperate need for an under eye cream. I have HUGE, DARK bags that won't go away. I've had them my entire life and have tried a few "expensive" creams that haven't worked. I am thinking I need a serum/Botox type miracle. Any suggestions???

How far long? 21 Weeks (10.5 inches and 13 ounces)

Clothing: Full on maternity clothes....they are so much more comfy and flattering than any of my "normal" clothes. I got a few new pieces from GAP including this cute dress, this dress for work and this sweater tunic.  I am 100% about leggings, a dress or tunic and boots - I am not sure how I will ever be able to wear uncomfortable jeans again!

Cameron: Oh, Cameron...between his illnesses and sleep issues these past few weeks, we have had to re-sleep-train him. Most of the "training" is me telling him that I can't sleep on the couch with him because it hurts me. He's very concerned about my well being, so it's far. He knows baby girl's name (which we will share eventually) and loves to talk about her. However, yesterday he said, "Baby ___________ go away." Oops...jealous already?! Ha! However, every time I buy something for her, he loves it and brings it to my belly to "give" it to her. Quite sweet, if you ask me. Let's hope this continues when she's born!

Chad: Chad LOVES that we are having a girl!!! He's already declared her "Daddy's Girl" and Cam will be "Momma's Boy." He's been taking on the house renovation 100% since there are so many fumes in there - between the floor stain, painting and kerosene heaters, I stay away as much as possible. He's an all-star right now...I'm not sure I could handle everything going on without him. 

Food: My appetite is totally normal again. I am LOVING Lucky Charms (oops), yogurt with blueberries and granola and anything Italian - last night was spaghetti and meatballs...YUM.

Sleep: I am getting uncomfortable and waking up for 1-3 hours every night. I actually have a lot of energy, which is nice (although I crash around 9:00 every night). 

Fun Moments: So much has happened since my last update - Christmas, New Years and vacation! Baby-related, She's started kicking A LOT, and I love it. I have bought a few adorable outfits from Sugar Bit and Carter's...I have to snobby honest - I am not a HUGE Carter's fan, but they are so essential for the first few months, so I have been stocking up on their sleep and play onesies as well as some adorable dress/bloomer outfits for the summer!! 

I mean, I couldn't pass this up for Fourth of July! I texted this picture to Chad, and he said, "Have fun!" Haha!!

The first of many outfits from Sugar Bit...
I can't even take the ruffles on the bottom!

Coming Up: I have another ultrasound today because they couldn't measure/see everything they wanted to the first time. I secretly love these extra glimpses at our girl!! Our house is almost done - like moving in 10-14 about exciting!! We also have a few family/friend birthdays coming up, swim lessons begin this Thursday for Cam and me and FLORIDA is less than a month away now! Bring on the sun, water and toddler-free vacation. :)

Differences/Similarities: My appetite is much better this time. Last time, I couldn't bare to see, cook or eat chicken. This time, I am totally fine. My energy is back, my back hurts a little more (so uncomfortable sleeping/sitting already) and my heart burn is about the same. 

Symptoms: I stopped taking my anti-nausea medicine on December 23 and have been totally fine since. I still get periods of nausea, but I am happy to be off those pills...they were not good for my digestive system, if you know what I mean! I have been getting SO MANY cold sores, and I am blaming it on the pregnancy (another side effect of Zofran) plus life right now - it's so crazy and a bit stressful. 

Side Note: I took quite the fall down a set of stairs right after Christmas. I was carrying Cam down old, wooden stairs so HE wouldn't fall, but we both ended up taking a tumble. Baby Girl and I are 100% fine, but it was so scary. I have a bunch of pretty bad scrapes and bruises, and I was really sore for a couple of days, but I will take all of that over anything happening to her. We did another ultrasound to confirm, and she is doing just fine. THANK THE LORD. Talk about scary...I felt so guilty and stupid for carrying him. I knew I shouldn't have been walking down the starirs with Cam, but I wanted to be sure he didn't fall. (He was totally fine, too.) 

PS I put it out there on Instagram and got some great responses, but I am looking for some fun, unique places to shop for Baby Girl. Thanks!