These are a few of my Favorite Things: Gifts for those Away under $100


We have a lot of friends who are from "away," as we call it in Maine. It's always easier for me to order something online and have it shipped right to their house...and, I know it will get there on time. (I have a tendency to avoid the post office like the plague, so things don't always get shipped in time!)

Here are some of my go-to gifts to send to friends and family who we don't get to see during the holidays. These are all "less" personal and good for whole's so hard to send something for everyone!


Who doesn't love a good wreath, especially one from Maine? We always send one to Chad's mother and one to his brother. I may send a few more this year, but I won't spoil any surprises! (PS LLBean always offer free shipping!)


Oprah added these to her list of Favorite Things 2014, and I couldn't agree more. Check out these descriptions:  Pretzel salt bagel filled w/cheddar dijon cream cheese (drooling), Brown sugar walnut bagel w/ chocolate chip cream cheese and Italian seasoned bagel filled w/pesto cream cheese. They also have original, everything and french toast flavors. YUM. I send these to people who tend to entertain overnight...there's nothing easier than serving these for breakfast to a crowd!


Cameron gets the Bluum box each month, but we used to get Citrus Lane...both are great, but I just don't like getting two boxes a month! (Well, I do, but my bank account doesn't.) I always send just a one month's subscription to those kiddos in our lives who are super special. I always like receiving these either when I order them or when we get them as gifts because they're usually full of stuff that is really useful, but that I wouldn't necessarily buy myself. For under $30, you can't go wrong sending a box as a gift.


Another Oprah favorite...I haven't sent these to anyone yet, but they look mighty good. I have a very good friend in mind who would LOVE to get a box of cheese on her doorstep (I mean, who wouldnt?!) 


I have sent lots of these products to friends and family who used to live in Maine (or who just like beer). They are cute and inexpensive and always well received!

What are some of your favorite gifts to send? I am always looking for new ideas!


  1. These are all great ideas! i've suggest cheese and wine packages before and my friends love them! Love the wreath!

  2. I love this list and now all I want is some cheese!!!

  3. ok. the beer me gift pack is PERFECTION. i love love love it! ive already ordered like 5 of those "west coaster" coasters you posted about as gifts. so keep the amazing ideas acoming!

  4. "Beer Me", I love it, Such a Maine thing!

  5. Love all these ideas! I do a bit of online shopping, but I love going out to stores and having the whole experience too! And I have a love hate with the post office this time of's busy and takes forever, but it's fun to see everyone mailing all their packages!

  6. LOVE these!! (and I am now hungry for bagels and cheese haha)

  7. My mom always sends me and my inlaws wreaths as well- from the company that provides LL Bean with their wreaths! They're such a nice little reminder of HOME for me!