Five on Friday: Random Updates

HAPPY FRIDAY!! There are less than two weeks left until Christmas, and I will be all-Christmas, all-the-time from now until then! We will NOT be in our house by Christmas (cue big, fat tears), but we HAVE a house where we will spend Christmas, and I am eternally grateful for everything in my life this Christmas season. We are truly blessed.

Onto some random updates....


Are you an Honest fan? I never did try their diapers, but I just ordered a trail pack to try with baby #2. Their home products and health products are a win at our house, so I am sure I will fall in love with their diapers and wipes, too. (PS Did you know that they offer free trial packs? Check them out!)


I started Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving...blame it on the online sales, the lack of motivation to do anything but shop and the fact that the girls' packages need to be shipped in early December.

Peyton's package: 
Breyer horses, Swatch watch, JCrew jewelry and elastics, glow in the dark nail polish 
and pajama bottoms. (Not picture: the zebra messenger bag she HAD to have from PBT)

Mica's package: 
Breyer horse, Ice watch, Jcrew jewelry and elastics, glow in the dark nail polish, 
socks, iPod case and pajama bottoms

This is just half of the boxes that I have wrapped already...I get texts all. day. long about packages being delivered! I love it, though...I wouldn't have it any other way! (Check out what Cam's getting here!)


We bought a tree, but it is staying outside on our porch due to the lack of space in our tiny ass apartment. In the true spirit of Christmas, we pulled our our 3' fake tree for Cam to have as his own. We decided to buy him a special ornament to commemorate our Polar Express trip (It even has 2014 written on it...perfection), and he couldn't wait to put it on his tree! He's smitten for anything Christmas, and I love it!


Wednesday was my birthday (The big 3-2), and it was really just a perfect day. Chad bought me the watch on my wish list, I woke up to two adorable cards and two even more adorable boys, I got flowers delivered at work, I got a manicure, I went to my department Christmas party, went to a Sysco event then ended the evening with a delicious meal at JP's with just Chad. 

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  1. Love love love honest! And I swear the cute patterns help make diapers just a smidge more "fun". That tree is perfect toddler decorating height! And I'm swooning over your birthday watch!! Happy birthday again!!! Have an amazing weekend!!

  2. First of all happy belated birthday!!! Second- way to go on the shopping and I will def check out the honest company trials now! Happy weekend! xoxo

  3. That's a lot of boxes! Holy moly! I did most of my shopping online this year as well, I just can't deal with the stores right now!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hit the big 3-2 this year also! It sounds like your birthday was a pretty good day.

    I love Honest Company wipes, and I'm so glad that Target carries them now.

  5. happy birthday!!! we love honest! I always forget to reorder, but I just noticed they have them at target now! Score!

  6. Happy Birthday! You have a serious amount of wrapping to do! So glad you ordered the Honest samples!

  7. Pretty flowers! Sounds like a pretty good birthday!! Bummer about your tree, but at least you can have the little one for your little guy. :) Have a good weekend!

  8. Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a great day!
    I use Honest diapers regularly, but I do use Pampers swaddlers more because they fit Liam the best. The Honest diapers are a bit stiff, but they're really cute and rarely leak!
    I like their wipes and buy the travel packs for my purse and diaper bag.
    Their orange vanilla body wash is THE best!