Baby GIRL coming in May!

I already posted on Facebook and Instagram but thought I would make it official on here, too!!

We will be welcoming a sweet baby girl to our family in May!! The ultrasound took so long, and the lady searched and searched until she had an answer...I guess the lack of a penis and the sight of "the three lines" confirmed our baby girl!!

Thank you for all of the amazing messages, emails and texts...I will be turning to YOU girl-moms for some major advice!! I think I finally have this "Boy Mom" thing down, but I am totally clueless when it comes to PINK!

We have a name, but we aren't sharing it quite yet...And the nursery is in full planning mode already! (The painters have literally been waiting for me to decide on a color, so I have been doing some research for the past few weeks...I fell in love with this print, so the room will revolve around it!) If you follow me on Pinterest, I am sure your feed is blowing up with mint, gold and tiny bit of pink/coral!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week with your friends and family...we are starting tonight with a Christmas Eve Even dinner with about 15 people and will continue over the next FIVE days - next year, when we have our house, we are making a no-travel rule so we can just host and stay in our pajamas! ;)

Thank you again for the extremely sweet messages....We are totally over the moon about adding Little Miss to our family!!!


  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! HOOORAY FOR PINK!!!!! Congrats, lady!

    That print is fabulous, btw. I can't wait to see the nursery!

  2. So very exciting!!!! I find it so interesting that you are anxious to be a girl mom! I'm nervous about the possibility of becoming a boy mom. I feel like it's just a completely different world!! I mean, I've even heard you tuck their arrows differently in the diaper. I guess it's just fear of the new experiences for both of us! Congrats again!!!!

  3. SO excited for you and your growing family!!!

  4. How exciting! There is something so special about a mother-daughter bond!!!

  5. I missed it on Instagram! I'm so happy for you!!!! You will love having one of each!