A Day in the Life of being Pregnant

This is so not informative or interesting, but it's been quite the day (and I've already eaten like 8 meals), so I wanted to document it.

8:00 pm - put Cam to bed
8:30 pm - comfort Cam because I forgot to put the white noise machine on, and he can hear the super loud washing machine, climb in crib with him and fall asleep
9:00 pm - drag butt to couch with Chad, fall asleep
9:30 pm - drag butt to bed with Chad, fall asleep
1:00 am - wake up to Cam crying for his pacifier; he finds it and goes back to sleep. I am awake until after 3:00 am!
6:00 am - Chad gets up to shower..."I'll be up in 5 minutes."
6:30 am - Chad comes back to bedroom, and I wake up again.
6:35 am - take nausea prescription, go to the bathroom, put a bagel in the toaster and check Facebook (It's my birthday, so it's extra exciting to check - haha!). Eat bagel, drink a glass of apple juice and think about what to wear.
6:45 am - make Cameron's lunch as I start to hear him wake up. Chad does wake-up duty since it's my birthday (so Cam can be super sweet and carry out my presents and card). Cam isn't having this change of routine (I am always the one to get him out of his crib), so the entire morning is shot, including getting dressed and putting on jacket/boots/hat (none of this happened - he was carried to the car in his pants and t-shirt in 30* weather)
7:00 am - get dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face and put some dry shampoo in my hair. I attempt to get Cam dressed (this is where the morning continues to be shot) and head out the door.
7:30 am - finally drive away (15 minutes late) and think about stopping at McD's for an Egg McMuffin...if I wasn't late, I definitely would...it is my birthday, after all. ;)
7:45 am - drop off Cam...he's super sweet and asks for 2934793857 kisses before I leave.
8:00 am - walk into work; stop by cafeteria to get an orange. I also grab some oatmeal.
8:05 am - make a cup of coffee, check emails, read a few blogs, start writing a report and IEP for tomorrow's meeting, eat snacks bought at cafeteria
9:00 am - Period 5 begins; I walk down to cafeteria and buy apple juice, a banana, a granola bar and cereal. I eat it all immediately.
9:15 am - I finish the report, answer more emails, call some parents, etc...
10:30 am - I take a student to the gym for some OT; on my way back, I stop by the cafeteria again (3rd time today) for some hummus and pretzels.
12:00 pm - It's finally lunch time...I'm so hungry!! (Seriously!) Today, they are serving ground turkey burritos...my other option is a piece of pizza or egg salad sandwich. I go with the burrito (and beg for sour cream). I also grab a bag of popcorn.

Let's stop for a second...It's only 12:30, and I've already eaten:
- bagel
- apple juice
- coffee
- orange
- oatmeal
- apple juice
- banana
- granola bar
- cereal
- hummus
- pretzels
- burrito
- popcorn

How am I not 400 pounds?? (And, why am I still hungry??)


  1. ha! I feel you on being hungry all the time! Hang in there and happy birthday!

  2. Is it your birthday?! Happy happy day!!

    And why oh why does it take 1,0900 hours to back to sleep after middle of the night wake up?

  3. Girlfriend! Add some protein! It'll help curb the appetite, I promise! I struggle with eating the "correct" items but I totally notice a difference when I make an effort to eat more protein. It's hard though for sure, but better than STARVING all the time. haha And just think, we have to go through the breastfeeding hunger pains again too. Those are way worse!

  4. At least it's all healthy stuff! My snacking today consisted of cannoli's and chocolate!

  5. I'm just impressed you can still climb in a crib with your growing belly! I have a hard enough time just sneaking out of Liam's bed!

  6. Haha, love this!!!!!!! I seriously eat ALL DAY LONG!!! I think I am going to gain 200 pounds by the end of this pregnancy! ;)

  7. omgosh, sometimes it think of all the things I've eaten in one day and wonder if my husband gets worried lol. especially since a lot of times its something sweet :)