17 Weeks: Baby #2

PS Don't buy this sweater from Old Navy...so unflattering!

How far long? 17 Weeks - an onion

Gender: December 22 is too far away!

Clothing: Lots of maternity pants and regular tops, leggings and dresses; yoga pants are my bff on the weekend along with this top! I have been throwing this sweatshirt over my jacket on extra cold days, which is sooo comfy!

Cameron: Oh man...Cam has been a handful. BUT, he is still so sweet and is SO excited for Christmas. He still doesn't understand that there's an actual baby in my stomach (still trying to wrestle and poke his elbows in my belly), but he does talk to him/her because he gets a good reaction from us! (We have started talking to him about being a helper when the baby arrives...we shall see!)

Food: No change here. I am still eating a ton of carbs, I can't stomach any vegetables (except canned ones) and I get extremely hungry then only eat a little....at least I'm not gaining a ton of weight! I think I am only up a few pounds.

Sleep: I am still falling asleep fine, but am waking up in the middle of the night for an hour or two...

Fun Moments: Thanksgiving, Polar Express and the beginning of winter/snow

Coming Up: My birthday, dinner with my girlfriends and our house is almost finished!

Differences/Similarities: I am definitely bigger at this point and much more tired, but I am loving it just as much!

Symptoms: I went one day without my nausea medicine and thought I was on the mend...nope! I felt worse the next day, so I learned my lesson! I am ready to be excited about food again, although I have a lot more energy, which is nice. I also had a bad cold (and cold sore) last week, which didn't help anything.

I am loving being pregnant, despite all of my complaining! I love the miracle of it. I love the excitement. I kind of love the unknown of the gender, although I cannot wait to find out in two weeks! And I love the bond it brings to our family!


  1. Two more weeks!! Can't wait to find out babe boy or babe girl!! Also you look adorable!!

  2. So excited to find out the gender! It's so funny how Lily pokes, elbows, and jumps on me. If that stuff would have happened while I was pregnant with her, I probably would have cried myself into the fetal position out of fear and random thoughts. Now I know it's just life right now. Haha

    1. P.S. I don't think the sweater is unflattering at all!

  3. Hope you start feeling better soon! That sweater does not look unflattering at all by the way! Can't wait to hear what you're having!

  4. That sweater looks good on you! Hopefully that nausea will leave by the time christmas is here!

  5. You look GREAT!!!!! So excited for you to find out soon! XO

  6. You look so happy and so cute! A new house, baby, and marriage. Exciting times!

  7. You look so great!! I am totally laughing at our different perspectives on time right now... Mia turns 2 on December 20th and it's SOOOOO close it kind of hurts my momma heart. She's growing too fast! But if I was waiting to find out the gender of my babe? It would totally seem so far away!

  8. We have the Polar Express near by. So fun I can't wait to take my peanut on it next year.

  9. omg Jess you look adorable! I really hope the nausea subsides and you get some energy back! As you know I'm with ya on the sleep! Happy humpday girl! xoxo