Christmas Week 2014

Christmas 2014 was, hands down, the best Christmas ever. We didn't go crazy with gifts. We had one get together on Christmas Eve Eve and even made it through a major cold/cough with Cam.

Here's our Christmas week in a nutshell:

Monday started off with a little craft project/last-minute Christmas gift excursion. I almost threw these out because I thought they were a disaster until Cameron said, "Those are butiful, Mommy." Ok, win! And the recipients loved them as much as him.

We added a little "Merry Christmas" at the top and "<3 Cameron 2015" on the bottom...boom. 

And, in case you missed it, Monday ended with us finding out we are welcoming a little GIRL to our family in May!!

Tuesday, we spent most of the day prepping for dinner...a little Whole Foods run, a little Target run, some prime rib, lasagna and meatballs cooked and lots of Christmas decorations put up last minute.

Wednesday, Cam and I went to see a special showing of Polar Express then spent the rest of the day cuddling as he battled a cold. (Have you taken your little one to the movies yet? Cameron thought it was about the coolest thing ever even though his little legs and toosh kept getting folded up in the chair!!)

Christmas Eve started with everyone in their own beds, but we woke up on Christmas morning to a slumber party in the living room...good thing we didn't have anything major to put together! 

We saved the big present for when we move in a few weeks...
we will have Christmas all over again!

Christmas morning was just as magical as I thought it would be...Cam was so excited top open presents - his or anyone else's! Whenever anyone stopped by, he would meet them at the door with their present and ask if he could open it. Luckily, he's a cutie, so everyone obliged. ;) Since we all felt pretty crummy, we stayed in our pajamas for most of the day except to go to my Dad's for of the best decisions ever!

The rest of the week was spent resting and getting healthy, cleaning a bit and a major trip to IKEA. The house is so close to being done, so we had to pick up a few last minute pieces. Hopefully I will get some pictures today or tomorrow to post! I am so freaking excited to share our final space with everyone...we've put so much time and thought into every detail...renovating is FUN but I am ready to be done. :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. From what I've read and seen so far, Christmas 2014 was one for the books!!

Baby GIRL coming in May!

I already posted on Facebook and Instagram but thought I would make it official on here, too!!

We will be welcoming a sweet baby girl to our family in May!! The ultrasound took so long, and the lady searched and searched until she had an answer...I guess the lack of a penis and the sight of "the three lines" confirmed our baby girl!!

Thank you for all of the amazing messages, emails and texts...I will be turning to YOU girl-moms for some major advice!! I think I finally have this "Boy Mom" thing down, but I am totally clueless when it comes to PINK!

We have a name, but we aren't sharing it quite yet...And the nursery is in full planning mode already! (The painters have literally been waiting for me to decide on a color, so I have been doing some research for the past few weeks...I fell in love with this print, so the room will revolve around it!) If you follow me on Pinterest, I am sure your feed is blowing up with mint, gold and tiny bit of pink/coral!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week with your friends and family...we are starting tonight with a Christmas Eve Even dinner with about 15 people and will continue over the next FIVE days - next year, when we have our house, we are making a no-travel rule so we can just host and stay in our pajamas! ;)

Thank you again for the extremely sweet messages....We are totally over the moon about adding Little Miss to our family!!!

Five on Friday: Life Updates

Happy Friday, and Happy Vacation to us!!


This week has been fairly quiet since Cam has had a little stomach bug, and we haven't done much except the following: 

He's back at school today, so fingers crossed the bug has passed!


Our house is getting closer and closer to being finished! Appliances and the fireplace are being delivered today and the flooring starts on Monday! 

Looking from the front of the house - kitchen and island, of course, pantry on the left, stairs beyond that and our bedroom straight ahead!

Looking from the fireplace towards the kitchen...our island will be 8'x4.5' and I couldn't be happier! I wanted a space where people could gather, we could eat dinner, do homework or just enjoy a bottle of wine. I love it! (Yes, that pole is staying as is...we are painting it Naval by Sherwin Williams.)

My favorite part of the house (not really, but I do love it). The laundry shoot!! It's going from the 2nd floor all the way to the basement and will be incorporated into this little bench just outside the bathroom. There's an opening on the first floor for us to use it, too, so I won't be going from room to room gathering dirty laundry! Now, if only there was a way to carry the folded laundry up two flights of stairs... ;)


My wrapping is done...except for the packages I continue to get daily. Oops. My wrapping helpers weren't much of a help, but they sure are cute!

Cam and Papa "wrapping" a gift for me!


Today is pajama day at school, so Cam dressed as his favorite Elf - Mogurt. This kid would wear these every day, if he could!


Thank you to everyone for entering our fun little giveaway this past week!! We (Rafflecopter) chose a winner, and she will be getting her package very soon!

18 Weeks: Baby #2 and Our Weekend

How far long? 18 Weeks (with Cam)

Clothing: mostly maternity (check out that bump basketball)

Cameron: Cam had a major sleep digression last week, but he's much better now (read more below). He keeps saying he wants a baby sister...we'll see!

Chad: is still awesome. He made my birthday extra special just by being super sweet and thoughtful. 

Food: I am eating (and keeping down) pretty much everything. I think I ate about seven clementines yesterday, but who's counting?!

Sleep: I am sleeping much better, but I still have a few nights of insomnia between midnight and 3:00 am.

Fun Moment: My birthday, Dinner with girlfriends and the Pats beating Miami! (Oh yeah, seeing the changes daily at our house...I will post more soon!)

Coming Up: Caroling with Cam's music class tomorrow, IKEA on Wednesday and the weekend before in the world is it already here??

Differences/Similarities: Much bigger, not gaining weight as quickly (odd) and not having any back pain...yet!

Symptoms: I am starting to notice my bump more when I bend over - as in it's physically impossible to bend all the way over. I am still taking my nausea medicine but hoping that ends very soon!

Onto to our weekend...

Cam went through a major sleep digression over the last two weeks, but we finally turned a corner on Thursday night, so as a reward, we stopped by Dunkin Donuts on our way to school on Friday morning. 

This kid...He wants to do everything himself.

Friday night, Cam's school held a Parents' Night Out, so we ditched him at 5:30 and ventured off to an adult dinner. That sucked. Oh well, at least the company (and the sip of wine that I had) was excellent. We went back to pick him up at 8:00 and walked in on 20 toddlers, in their pajamas, eating popcorn and watching Despicable Me 2 in a mound of pillows, nap mats and blankets. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

On Saturday, we woke up and made peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses thanks to Mogurt, the Elf.

Cam told the waitress at lunch that she was pretty...then burst into laughter.

We took a 3 hour family nap then pulled ourselves together to join my girlfriends and their "others" at a Hibachi dinner.

Sunday, Cam and I "hung" out with Elizabeth and Baby Brooklyn, did groceries and didn't leave the house for the rest of the day! It was pretty nice. :)

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I think I just realized that there's one weekend left until Christmas...I am so excited! I can't wait for two weeks off, lots of house stuff and tons of Cam time (mixed with Christmas lights, movies and presents!)

Have a great week!!

Five on Friday: Random Updates

HAPPY FRIDAY!! There are less than two weeks left until Christmas, and I will be all-Christmas, all-the-time from now until then! We will NOT be in our house by Christmas (cue big, fat tears), but we HAVE a house where we will spend Christmas, and I am eternally grateful for everything in my life this Christmas season. We are truly blessed.

Onto some random updates....


Are you an Honest fan? I never did try their diapers, but I just ordered a trail pack to try with baby #2. Their home products and health products are a win at our house, so I am sure I will fall in love with their diapers and wipes, too. (PS Did you know that they offer free trial packs? Check them out!)


I started Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving...blame it on the online sales, the lack of motivation to do anything but shop and the fact that the girls' packages need to be shipped in early December.

Peyton's package: 
Breyer horses, Swatch watch, JCrew jewelry and elastics, glow in the dark nail polish 
and pajama bottoms. (Not picture: the zebra messenger bag she HAD to have from PBT)

Mica's package: 
Breyer horse, Ice watch, Jcrew jewelry and elastics, glow in the dark nail polish, 
socks, iPod case and pajama bottoms

This is just half of the boxes that I have wrapped already...I get texts all. day. long about packages being delivered! I love it, though...I wouldn't have it any other way! (Check out what Cam's getting here!)


We bought a tree, but it is staying outside on our porch due to the lack of space in our tiny ass apartment. In the true spirit of Christmas, we pulled our our 3' fake tree for Cam to have as his own. We decided to buy him a special ornament to commemorate our Polar Express trip (It even has 2014 written on it...perfection), and he couldn't wait to put it on his tree! He's smitten for anything Christmas, and I love it!


Wednesday was my birthday (The big 3-2), and it was really just a perfect day. Chad bought me the watch on my wish list, I woke up to two adorable cards and two even more adorable boys, I got flowers delivered at work, I got a manicure, I went to my department Christmas party, went to a Sysco event then ended the evening with a delicious meal at JP's with just Chad. 

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Baby it's Cold Outside {Giveaway}

I have teamed up with the adorable (and also pregnant) mommas, Ashley and Erin, to bring you a fun little giveaway in the middle of all of this holiday hoopla! We come from total opposite ends of the country - from Maine to Virginia Beach to sunny California - so winter has a different meaning to all of us, but one thing we have in common is that we love to be cozy! We decided to do a little giveaway of our favorite products that keep us warm when it's cold outside (even if Erin gets to wear shorts at Christmas)!

We are so excited to be giving one lucky lady a Starbucks mug that gets you a free coffee every single day in January, a yummy Candle from Urban Outfitters, this gorgeous (sold out) Buffalo Check Blanket Scarf from Heart and Home and a gift card to Amazon so you can pick your favorite book to cuddle up with at home this winter.

Baby It's Cold Outside Giveaway

Enter below and check back on Wednesday to see who the lucky winner is!!

A Day in the Life of being Pregnant

This is so not informative or interesting, but it's been quite the day (and I've already eaten like 8 meals), so I wanted to document it.

8:00 pm - put Cam to bed
8:30 pm - comfort Cam because I forgot to put the white noise machine on, and he can hear the super loud washing machine, climb in crib with him and fall asleep
9:00 pm - drag butt to couch with Chad, fall asleep
9:30 pm - drag butt to bed with Chad, fall asleep
1:00 am - wake up to Cam crying for his pacifier; he finds it and goes back to sleep. I am awake until after 3:00 am!
6:00 am - Chad gets up to shower..."I'll be up in 5 minutes."
6:30 am - Chad comes back to bedroom, and I wake up again.
6:35 am - take nausea prescription, go to the bathroom, put a bagel in the toaster and check Facebook (It's my birthday, so it's extra exciting to check - haha!). Eat bagel, drink a glass of apple juice and think about what to wear.
6:45 am - make Cameron's lunch as I start to hear him wake up. Chad does wake-up duty since it's my birthday (so Cam can be super sweet and carry out my presents and card). Cam isn't having this change of routine (I am always the one to get him out of his crib), so the entire morning is shot, including getting dressed and putting on jacket/boots/hat (none of this happened - he was carried to the car in his pants and t-shirt in 30* weather)
7:00 am - get dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face and put some dry shampoo in my hair. I attempt to get Cam dressed (this is where the morning continues to be shot) and head out the door.
7:30 am - finally drive away (15 minutes late) and think about stopping at McD's for an Egg McMuffin...if I wasn't late, I definitely is my birthday, after all. ;)
7:45 am - drop off Cam...he's super sweet and asks for 2934793857 kisses before I leave.
8:00 am - walk into work; stop by cafeteria to get an orange. I also grab some oatmeal.
8:05 am - make a cup of coffee, check emails, read a few blogs, start writing a report and IEP for tomorrow's meeting, eat snacks bought at cafeteria
9:00 am - Period 5 begins; I walk down to cafeteria and buy apple juice, a banana, a granola bar and cereal. I eat it all immediately.
9:15 am - I finish the report, answer more emails, call some parents, etc...
10:30 am - I take a student to the gym for some OT; on my way back, I stop by the cafeteria again (3rd time today) for some hummus and pretzels.
12:00 pm - It's finally lunch time...I'm so hungry!! (Seriously!) Today, they are serving ground turkey other option is a piece of pizza or egg salad sandwich. I go with the burrito (and beg for sour cream). I also grab a bag of popcorn.

Let's stop for a second...It's only 12:30, and I've already eaten:
- bagel
- apple juice
- coffee
- orange
- oatmeal
- apple juice
- banana
- granola bar
- cereal
- hummus
- pretzels
- burrito
- popcorn

How am I not 400 pounds?? (And, why am I still hungry??)

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

I happened to get this toiletry case while it was on sale, plus I got free monogramming and free shipping! Score!

Chad is all things red and plaid lately, so when I saw this weekender bag at UO, I had to get it. (They have some fun mugs and cards - that I won't picture here!)

LLBean boots are a must in Maine (and apparently everywhere else, too) and always a hit.

Starbucks offers a mug every December that can refilled every day in January for free. The mug costs $30, but you get coffee, and you get a mug. Win-win.

These Beer Me mugs are a huge hit in our neck of the woods (I mentioned them here, too) and are even better when accompanied by some good beer. :)

I also got us matching Santa Raglans and pajama pants to wear on Christmas morning. (He's totally going to hate me, but I don't care!) And, these floor mats were an early Christmas present but have come in so handy!

Why are men so tough to buy for? There are always slippers, robes, wallets, scarves and clothes to add to this list, too! What are some of your favorite things to buy men?

17 Weeks: Baby #2

PS Don't buy this sweater from Old unflattering!

How far long? 17 Weeks - an onion

Gender: December 22 is too far away!

Clothing: Lots of maternity pants and regular tops, leggings and dresses; yoga pants are my bff on the weekend along with this top! I have been throwing this sweatshirt over my jacket on extra cold days, which is sooo comfy!

Cameron: Oh man...Cam has been a handful. BUT, he is still so sweet and is SO excited for Christmas. He still doesn't understand that there's an actual baby in my stomach (still trying to wrestle and poke his elbows in my belly), but he does talk to him/her because he gets a good reaction from us! (We have started talking to him about being a helper when the baby arrives...we shall see!)

Food: No change here. I am still eating a ton of carbs, I can't stomach any vegetables (except canned ones) and I get extremely hungry then only eat a least I'm not gaining a ton of weight! I think I am only up a few pounds.

Sleep: I am still falling asleep fine, but am waking up in the middle of the night for an hour or two...

Fun Moments: Thanksgiving, Polar Express and the beginning of winter/snow

Coming Up: My birthday, dinner with my girlfriends and our house is almost finished!

Differences/Similarities: I am definitely bigger at this point and much more tired, but I am loving it just as much!

Symptoms: I went one day without my nausea medicine and thought I was on the mend...nope! I felt worse the next day, so I learned my lesson! I am ready to be excited about food again, although I have a lot more energy, which is nice. I also had a bad cold (and cold sore) last week, which didn't help anything.

I am loving being pregnant, despite all of my complaining! I love the miracle of it. I love the excitement. I kind of love the unknown of the gender, although I cannot wait to find out in two weeks! And I love the bond it brings to our family!

What Santa's bringing this year....Toddler Edition

I have already done so much (online) shopping, and we hit up some department stores on Black Friday...those deals were mostly for us, though. ;)

Onto the goods for Cameron (who's 2.5)....

We have been waiting to move into our house to buy Cam any "big" toys because we simply don't have room in our current 600 sq ft apartment! So, this year, he is getting some good stuff, and I couldn't be more excited!

I have been wanting to get Cam a play kitchen since last Christmas and he is SO into cooking now, that I cannot wait for him to see his very own stove, sink and refrigerator! Along with it, some play food, plates and pots/pants, of course! (Any recommendations on actual kitchens? I like this KidKraft Espresso one but would love to hear of any other suggestions!)

Peyton and Mica (Cam's half-sisters in Holland) are HUGE Schleich fans, so I cannot wait for them to pass down their goodies. We may just do a barn and a few animals until we get all of their fun accessories!

Some other (smaller) goodies will include a baby doll, some hockey sticks for the basement, finger crayons and Lincoln Logs! (If you aren't using Ebates when you shop online, you need to start! You get cash back for each strings attached!)

I have picked up some other stuff through Amazon's amazing sales, but I may keep some for his "big brother" package in May or his birthday in July...I think the above will be enough to keep him occupied for a few months!!

What's on your list for your toddler? I always love seeing other ideas!

These are a few of my Favorite Things: Gifts for those Away under $100


We have a lot of friends who are from "away," as we call it in Maine. It's always easier for me to order something online and have it shipped right to their house...and, I know it will get there on time. (I have a tendency to avoid the post office like the plague, so things don't always get shipped in time!)

Here are some of my go-to gifts to send to friends and family who we don't get to see during the holidays. These are all "less" personal and good for whole's so hard to send something for everyone!


Who doesn't love a good wreath, especially one from Maine? We always send one to Chad's mother and one to his brother. I may send a few more this year, but I won't spoil any surprises! (PS LLBean always offer free shipping!)


Oprah added these to her list of Favorite Things 2014, and I couldn't agree more. Check out these descriptions:  Pretzel salt bagel filled w/cheddar dijon cream cheese (drooling), Brown sugar walnut bagel w/ chocolate chip cream cheese and Italian seasoned bagel filled w/pesto cream cheese. They also have original, everything and french toast flavors. YUM. I send these to people who tend to entertain overnight...there's nothing easier than serving these for breakfast to a crowd!


Cameron gets the Bluum box each month, but we used to get Citrus Lane...both are great, but I just don't like getting two boxes a month! (Well, I do, but my bank account doesn't.) I always send just a one month's subscription to those kiddos in our lives who are super special. I always like receiving these either when I order them or when we get them as gifts because they're usually full of stuff that is really useful, but that I wouldn't necessarily buy myself. For under $30, you can't go wrong sending a box as a gift.


Another Oprah favorite...I haven't sent these to anyone yet, but they look mighty good. I have a very good friend in mind who would LOVE to get a box of cheese on her doorstep (I mean, who wouldnt?!) 


I have sent lots of these products to friends and family who used to live in Maine (or who just like beer). They are cute and inexpensive and always well received!

What are some of your favorite gifts to send? I am always looking for new ideas!