It's the Little Things: Loving Life

This week, I am all about the little things....Between our house, our pregnancy announcement and the new weather trends, this week has been pretty awesome. And, I am soaking up every ounce of life right now. 

In case you weren't following my last blog or don't follow me on IG, we have been renovating a house for almost a year! We are in the home stretch, and it's beginning to look like a house with walls, stairs and windows. So, this week, I am truly enjoying the little things.

Like drywall...

Chad standing in our soon-to-be shower

All ready for our 6' soaking tub (This preggo momma is ready for that!)

Who ever knew that I would love dry wall so much? We have all of the windows in, the siding is half on, the insulation is complete and once the dry wall is on, they will start "finishing," which means floors, cabinets, doors and counter tops. Holy, fun!! This is soooo exciting!!

Also, THANK YOU for the sweet words on our announcement of Baby #2 coming in May! We are so happy and so excite to finally share the news. We found out on September 7, so we have been hiding it for a long time!!


  1. Congrats on a new little one! My dad also lives in Maine. Seems like such a great place to live, I love visiting there :)

  2. the casa is coming along!!! seriously it's going to be done so so soon. i cant wait to see it!!

  3. Renovations are always one of those things that sound so exciting but last forrrrrever! ha! Glad ya'll are making so much progress!

  4. Such exciting news!!!! CoNGRATS!

  5. Home reno and baby #2?? Could we be any more on track together! haha congrats on both!!! xoxo

  6. Congrats on baby #2!!! So exciting!! Both my kids are May babies!!

    AND I love a good remodel. We bought our house and gutted everything and started fresh. It was a lot of work and we still aren't finished but it's so fun making a house your own!