Halloween Weekend/Hello Winter??

Ummm, this was the best Halloween I've ever had. Cam's school had a little party/parade, and the kids were all so cute!

Cameron's class is all blonde boys....talk about trouble!

Halloween night was equally amazing. Cam loved this costumer (and wanted to wear it all weekend), he loved getting candy (duh) and even used his manners, and he almost died over giving candy to other kids! He would stick his head out the door (We took out the screen so we didn't have to open the door.) and say, "I need more kids!!" while frantically waving candy in the air. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper when it was time to call it a night.

(Cam's first and second Halloweens)

Saturday (and Sunday), we did nothing. Zero. Zilch. It poured, rained sideways and snowed for 48 hours. Honestly, we totally didn't mind, but I did learn that we need to beef up our "indoor entertainment" for this long winter that is quickly approaching. We played plenty of iPad games, watched movies, did puzzles, colored, built forts, swung in shopping bags and created Mr Potato Head 496,938 times. Oh, and we watched the Patriots totally demolish the Broncos. 

Thank goodness for college girls who live upstairs and don't party...they are happy to play with Cam anytime!

Oh, and my super sweet, thoughtful, amazing husband brought these home for me with the sweetest card. Seriously. It brightened even our dark, gloomy day!

So, seriously...I need some tips on indoor entertainment for toddlers! I am seriously considering an indoor bounce house...don't judge.


  1. Love the idea of an indoor bounce house ... ;) And what a fun halloween, love it!

  2. snow AND rain?! you totally need an indoor bounce house.

  3. Oh I love that fireman costume! And it actually looks super comfortable! And yes please to the indoor bounce house!

  4. I'm glad you had a good Halloween!
    I stayed home all day Saturday and Sunday. It's rare that I get a chance to do that!

  5. haha, and indoor trampoline - don't forget that one.
    Cutest class of blondies! And I love that he was into giving out candy. I had Aria come over to the door to help once and she was like...whatev and walked away. So not this year, maybe next!