Five on Friday: TGIF!!

This week was shorter because of the holiday, but it still seemed to last forever. I am so thankful it's Friday! We have a pot luck at Cam's school tonight followed by dinner with my dad (a Friday tradition that I hope never ends). Tomorrow, we are going to the movies with Cam (a first!), celebrating Brooklyn's first birthday then going on a date! Sunday will be full of housework and errands then topped off with the Patriots/Colts game (if I can stay awake that long)! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Here are my Friday Five totally random thoughts. :)

Have you ever heard of Brina Box? I have seen it pop up a few times - most recently on Natasha's blog - and I am loving their stuff (and their prices)! I just snagged this scarf for my mom for Christmas. (Don't worry, she doesn't read my blog.) I have a feeling I will be back to check out their daily deals!

In case you don't follow me on Instagram, Cam was a little star this morning (well, in our house)! We are friends with a local anchor who saw Cameron's pictures I posted on FB yesterday and asked if she could use it for their picture of the day! We were so excited to see him on tv, and he about flipped out from excitement! He had no idea what to do! If he's going to be famous, we need to work on his reactions a bit. ;)

We got some fun snow in Maine today! Nothing to cause a delay or anything serious, but it is beautiful to see! 

They started installing dry wall in our house this week, our cabinets are getting painted and the counter top is ordered. I am still very hopeful for a move in date before Christmas!!!

Our breakfast nook all insulated and waiting to be finished!

Today is the birth day of two very special people in my life: Moe turns 32, and Brooklyn turns 1!! I love these two ladies and hope they have the best weekend!!

Brooklyn in her Everywhere Chair we got her for her birthday...she loves it!


  1. How exciting that your little one made the news!! How cute! So exciting that ya'll are building a house! The holidays will be extra special this year. :)

  2. I will have to check out that site - it sounds fabulous. Yay for snow! I have a feeling that now that we're in GA and not seeing any white stuff this season, I'm going to be pretty bummed about winter. Some days I really miss Colorado! We're keeping our fingers crossed for you guys and the house! Have a great weekend, friend!

  3. Oh my gosh, how exciting for Cam to see himself on tv! Adorable!!
    The snow really is beautiful to look at! Not so beautiful when I have to drive in it, ha ha!
    It has to be sooooo exciting watching your house make progress! Crossing my fingers that you get to move in before Christmas as well!

  4. We got snow too! I'm so not ready for it. And how cute is Cam as a little tv star! Love it!

  5. aww so cute you have a little celeb :) loving that scarf too! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Cam's a star!! Seriously, what a cute photo! Such a stud.

  7. dude. TV STAR for sure. and that scarf is adorable. AND i cant wait to hear how the movies go!!! we havent been brave enough to take lex. so you go first and tell me how it goes : )

  8. Maine always has the best snowfalls! Hopefully your kitchen reno wraps up quickly for you!

  9. Everything looks so fun! Also, just as a little treat, use the code "SHOP30" at checkout to receive 30% off on an order in our store! Tell your friends and family, but hurry because it ends Monday night!