Five on Friday: Life, Dry Shampoo and some Crack

This week has been a long one for our family. Cam came down with a cold on Sunday and has been able to go to school, but nights have been a little tough with constant coughing. Now, I am sick, so I think it will be a low-key weekend!


I am not sure what I have been waiting for, but this is Seriously. You don't have to wipe it off with a towel (which scared me away from other ones), you just spray and rub your fingers through it. Life saver.


Chad won a trip through work for be a-mazing. Seriously, we are going to Naples, Florida in February for all-expense paid trip. I've never been anywhere for free, so this will be a huge treat! Chad has worked so hard, and he totally deserves this, and I get to tag along. (We are leaving Cam home with my mom - Hello, Babymoon!)

One of the pools right on the ocean....I will be doing a LOT of relaxing!


Our house is getting so close to being done! I am a little skeptical that we'll be in by Christmas, but no matter when we get in, it will be so worth it!

Looking towards the street (from L to R): fireplace/tv where there two small black boxes are on the wall, bay window (Hello, Christmas tree!), front door then breakfast nook. The island will go where the pile of stuff is in the middle (by the pole)


We got Cameron's first school pictures back yesterday.

I just laugh every time I look at this picture...I am definitely framing it, though!


I will definitely be making this very soon...

Happy Weekend!! We are off to see a tree lighting tonight at LLBean then we have no plans. ZERO. Zilch. Do I see a movie marathon in my future? Yes, indeed!


  1. mmm I'm all of a sudden craving 9:30 am haha -love his little picture and so exciting again about the house!! Happy weekend!! xoxo

  2. ummm. babymoon?! TAKE ME WITH YOU. it looks heavenly. even if you cant be sipping cocktails- mocktails will totally do :) and cam's school picture is the cutest EVER. hello model face!

  3. Crock pot crack - oh my goodness!

    And his school picture is so cute - such a serious look though! Emry has a couple of those too!

  4. LOVE everything about this post. I need a good dry shampoo so I'm excited to try this! And yay for you and Chad and that awesome trip!! Super jealous. Have a great weekend!

  5. So did not know that Pantene makes dry shampoo now!!! I still rock suave's. It's cheap and works in my hair so well! I am so bad...I go like 6 days in between washing! Gross, I know!