Cameron: 2 Years Plus

I am losing track of how many months Cameron is...When people ask, I say, "Almost 2 1/2!" Haha!

Anyways, it's been a VERY long time since I've done an update on him, and so much has changed!

Teeth: ALL of them...we are hoping that the days of drool-covered shirts are over!

Weight: 32 pounds

Clothes: 2 year bottoms (some 3T!), 2T/3T tops, 3T pajamas, size 8 shoe

You walk up and down the stairs with no problem (and usually no support). I still try to hold your hand, but you just respond, "I do it, Momma." Cue the tears....

You've learned how to stall..."Mommy, wub my back, pwease?" "One more book, pwease?" "I thirsty, Mommy." I fall for it everytime.

You've started to like brushing your teeth. I used to just force it every now and then, but then I decided to make it a daily and nightly routine, and you totally fell for it... #momwin #nocavities

You are putting together complete's come with a lot of stuttering, but I hear this is normal! It's pretty amazing to listen to you talk.

You spent the summer at Just Kiddin, but are back at FES Toddler Room, and I couldn't be happier! You are on a schedule, and you are already learning so much!

You know all of your colors, but when I ask you what color something is, you look at me out of the corner of your eye and see if I'll give you a's pretty darn cute.

You are fearless at the playground. You love to play with the other kids and will try whatever they're trying (even climbing on top of the slides that have covers). You absolutely love to wrestle (see below) and wear Daddy out almost nightly.

Wrestling with/tickling Jacob and Jonah

You are starting to understand "friends" and who you like (and don't like) to play with, which is very cute to see and hear! Speaking of hearing...I love to hear your stories. On our way to and from school each day, you tell me stories about what happened, what you want to happen, who you play with, etc...I have learned that you say "no" a lot, so when I ask if something happened, and you say no, it may not be true! :) 

Thomas, your "favorite" friend at school

We are trying to teach you "May I please have....." and "Yes, sir/maam" which you are quickly catching onto!

We just moved again because the apartment we were renting sold, so we are in an identical one, but in a different building. You didn't like the change, but accepted it and didn't let it affect your sleep at all (thank goodness).

Speaking of sleep, you are napping great and sleeping very well most of the time. You have been waking up the last 3-4 nights, so I go in, cover you back up, bring some milk and rub your back. You always ask to come sleep on the couch with me, but I "bribe" you by telling you what a big boy you are, and you go right back to sleep. I think we will be transitioning you to a big boy bed when we move to our HOME in December. 

You are becoming such a little are smart and remember everything. You love to read and color. You're creative and amaze me on a daily basis. 

You are soooo sweet. You caught me crying one morning (long story) and just stood with me. Then you offered me your paci (hear melting). You still love to cuddle in the morning and hate when I get up to get ready. I never could have imagined a love like this before becoming your mother. THANK YOU. I love you. You are my sunshine.