15 Weeks: Baby #2

Me and my co-workers and our due dates...there's a lot of pregnancy talk going on these days!

How far long: 15 weeks; the size of an orange! (15 weeks with Cam)

Gender: We find out December 22!

Clothing: I have been wearing maternity jeans for a few weeks, picked up some cords and am sticking to leggings and dresses with scarves (aka, my uniform - see above). I saved all of my clothes from the first round but have added a few pieces like workout gear and more basic tanks/tees.

Cameron: Cam knows that there's a baby in my belly, but he doesn't understand it. He's still rough with me (like digging his elbow, foot or hand into my stomach), but will stop and say, "Hi, baby, baby," and kiss my belly, which kills me.

Chad: Chad's amazing. He's been so helpful while I've been sick. He's taken on so much of our house renovation - attending meetings, being the liaison between everyone and visiting the site to check on it. He's been doing all of this while being the #1 sales person in his district (He won us a trip to Florida in February - whoop whoop!), being Super Dad and Super Husband. Pregnancy and parenting sure do test your relationship, but I think we are passing with flying colors!

Food: I am craving all carbs: bagels, pizza, sandwiches, etc...no veggies are appetizing, oranges are amazing, and I am finally keeping water down (which is helping with everything else).

Sleep: I have zero problem falling asleep, but I have been waking up for an hour or two each night. Sometimes, I take Tylenol PM if I really need a good night of sleep (or if I know that Cam will be up with a cough). I still wake up, but it helps me stay relaxed and go right back to sleep.

Fun Moments: This whole adventure has been so fun! We found out when I was just TWO WEEKS pregnant...isn't that crazy?? So, I have been hiding this secret for a long time! It was really fun to announce on FB, IG and the blog and to get so many well wishes...way to make a girl feel special!!

Coming Up: Thanksgiving, of course! I am looking forward to lots of quality time with Cam, Thanksgiving traditions with my family and maybe some Black Friday shopping with Chad! I wish I knew the gender so we could shop, but's probably much better for my wallet that we don't know yet!

Differences/Similarities: I have not had my chicken aversion yet, and I have not consumed a single Hot Pocket. (I lived off Hot Pockets with Cam.) I am way more tired, have been waaaay more sick and am definitely getting bigger more quickly. It's weird not to be researching baby products, but it's also fun to know what's coming (sort of). I feel like I will enjoy the little things more this time!

Symptoms: Oh man...I was so sick/tired until I started taking Zofran on October 25 (around 11 weeks). I literally couldn't get off the couch in the mornings, couldn't brush my teeth without puking and barely ate anything. Luckily, the Zofran has been a life changer, and I feel like 80% of my old self. I also haven't gone to the bathroom in about 5 weeks, but that may be too much info? Haha! In the end, I know the outcome of this 9 month hangover, and I would take every illness/pain that comes with it.


  1. I am SO HAPPY you're feeling better!! Stupid sickness...

  2. Hope the sicky feelings stay away and glad you are sleeping well! LOVE that picture! Happy Monday friend! xoxo

  3. You look so cute! Glad you're feeling better because that preggers sick feeling is THE. WORST. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family!

  4. So glad you are feeling better!!! And that picture is too much, how fun!!!

  5. How exciting! I can't wait to hear what you're having!