Who Knew? H&M Christmas 2014

Who knew H&M carried such cute Christmas stuff? I had no idea! And like their clothes, the decorations are so inexpensive that you can splurge on a few items to add to your collection...

They have napkin rings, candles, Advent calendar, paper basket, candle holder, napkins, table clothe, pillow and so much more!

Did you know about this? Our store doesn't carry any home stuff, and I rarely shop on their website, so I've totally been in the dark!

Where's your favorite place to shop for Christmas decorations??

15 Weeks: Baby #2

Me and my co-workers and our due dates...there's a lot of pregnancy talk going on these days!

How far long: 15 weeks; the size of an orange! (15 weeks with Cam)

Gender: We find out December 22!

Clothing: I have been wearing maternity jeans for a few weeks, picked up some cords and am sticking to leggings and dresses with scarves (aka, my uniform - see above). I saved all of my clothes from the first round but have added a few pieces like workout gear and more basic tanks/tees.

Cameron: Cam knows that there's a baby in my belly, but he doesn't understand it. He's still rough with me (like digging his elbow, foot or hand into my stomach), but will stop and say, "Hi, baby, baby," and kiss my belly, which kills me.

Chad: Chad's amazing. He's been so helpful while I've been sick. He's taken on so much of our house renovation - attending meetings, being the liaison between everyone and visiting the site to check on it. He's been doing all of this while being the #1 sales person in his district (He won us a trip to Florida in February - whoop whoop!), being Super Dad and Super Husband. Pregnancy and parenting sure do test your relationship, but I think we are passing with flying colors!

Food: I am craving all carbs: bagels, pizza, sandwiches, etc...no veggies are appetizing, oranges are amazing, and I am finally keeping water down (which is helping with everything else).

Sleep: I have zero problem falling asleep, but I have been waking up for an hour or two each night. Sometimes, I take Tylenol PM if I really need a good night of sleep (or if I know that Cam will be up with a cough). I still wake up, but it helps me stay relaxed and go right back to sleep.

Fun Moments: This whole adventure has been so fun! We found out when I was just TWO WEEKS pregnant...isn't that crazy?? So, I have been hiding this secret for a long time! It was really fun to announce on FB, IG and the blog and to get so many well wishes...way to make a girl feel special!!

Coming Up: Thanksgiving, of course! I am looking forward to lots of quality time with Cam, Thanksgiving traditions with my family and maybe some Black Friday shopping with Chad! I wish I knew the gender so we could shop, but's probably much better for my wallet that we don't know yet!

Differences/Similarities: I have not had my chicken aversion yet, and I have not consumed a single Hot Pocket. (I lived off Hot Pockets with Cam.) I am way more tired, have been waaaay more sick and am definitely getting bigger more quickly. It's weird not to be researching baby products, but it's also fun to know what's coming (sort of). I feel like I will enjoy the little things more this time!

Symptoms: Oh man...I was so sick/tired until I started taking Zofran on October 25 (around 11 weeks). I literally couldn't get off the couch in the mornings, couldn't brush my teeth without puking and barely ate anything. Luckily, the Zofran has been a life changer, and I feel like 80% of my old self. I also haven't gone to the bathroom in about 5 weeks, but that may be too much info? Haha! In the end, I know the outcome of this 9 month hangover, and I would take every illness/pain that comes with it.

Five on Friday: Life, Dry Shampoo and some Crack

This week has been a long one for our family. Cam came down with a cold on Sunday and has been able to go to school, but nights have been a little tough with constant coughing. Now, I am sick, so I think it will be a low-key weekend!


I am not sure what I have been waiting for, but this is a.ma.zing. Seriously. You don't have to wipe it off with a towel (which scared me away from other ones), you just spray and rub your fingers through it. Life saver.


Chad won a trip through work for be a-mazing. Seriously, we are going to Naples, Florida in February for all-expense paid trip. I've never been anywhere for free, so this will be a huge treat! Chad has worked so hard, and he totally deserves this, and I get to tag along. (We are leaving Cam home with my mom - Hello, Babymoon!)

One of the pools right on the ocean....I will be doing a LOT of relaxing!


Our house is getting so close to being done! I am a little skeptical that we'll be in by Christmas, but no matter when we get in, it will be so worth it!

Looking towards the street (from L to R): fireplace/tv where there two small black boxes are on the wall, bay window (Hello, Christmas tree!), front door then breakfast nook. The island will go where the pile of stuff is in the middle (by the pole)


We got Cameron's first school pictures back yesterday.

I just laugh every time I look at this picture...I am definitely framing it, though!


I will definitely be making this very soon...

Happy Weekend!! We are off to see a tree lighting tonight at LLBean then we have no plans. ZERO. Zilch. Do I see a movie marathon in my future? Yes, indeed!

It's the Little Things: Loving Life

This week, I am all about the little things....Between our house, our pregnancy announcement and the new weather trends, this week has been pretty awesome. And, I am soaking up every ounce of life right now. 

In case you weren't following my last blog or don't follow me on IG, we have been renovating a house for almost a year! We are in the home stretch, and it's beginning to look like a house with walls, stairs and windows. So, this week, I am truly enjoying the little things.

Like drywall...

Chad standing in our soon-to-be shower

All ready for our 6' soaking tub (This preggo momma is ready for that!)

Who ever knew that I would love dry wall so much? We have all of the windows in, the siding is half on, the insulation is complete and once the dry wall is on, they will start "finishing," which means floors, cabinets, doors and counter tops. Holy, fun!! This is soooo exciting!!

Also, THANK YOU for the sweet words on our announcement of Baby #2 coming in May! We are so happy and so excite to finally share the news. We found out on September 7, so we have been hiding it for a long time!!

These are a few of my favorite things....

Happy Tuesday! I am so excited to be joining some wonderful ladies to share what I want this holiday season. I am not one for asking for stuff (I generally just buy it.), but it is fun to hand out a list and see what comes back. ;)

Jess' Favorite Things

ONE AND TWO: I am not a huge jewelry wearer. I used to sell Stella & Dot, so I loved to accessorize, but now I tend to stick to my diamond studs, my wedding band and my Tiffany ring that I got when I graduated from college. I have some Alex & Ani bracelets that I love, but honestly, they are a bit tarnished and worn, so I don't pull them out much anymore. This watch and bracelet would totally be my every day pieces. I've always loved Michael Kors watches but never thought I would like a two-toned watch! However, I do mix in some gold, so I think this one would be perfect. I have also always LOVED David Yurman pieces and this bracelet with my birthstone would be timeless. These are big ticket items, though, so they are totally on my "wish" list. (If you use Ebates, you get a lot back, though!)

THREE: I love quirky gifts like these, and they would be perfect in our new home! (They are a little hard to see, but they say East Coaster...get it? Haha!)

FOUR: I've tried so many planners, so this one is next on my list. I love how much room there is to write, but I think I am going to miss seeing my week laid out for me.

FIVE: I just need this.

SIX: Liners for my Hunters...it gets cold up here in Maine! (See #5)

SEVEN: These have been on my list for a few years...they just seem so cozy with some leggings, but am I really going to drop over $200 for another pair of boots?

So much to be thankful for this year....

We have SO much to be thankful for this year, including our wedding, our new house, health, family and friends...

And, we are SO EXCITED to announce that we will be welcoming another baby into our family around May 16, 2015. We could not be more excited, Peyton and Mica are over the moon, and Cameron thinks it's funny that there's a baby in my belly. ;) 

{PS THANK YOU to everyone who's already sent well wishes on IG, FB and through texts! 
Way to make a girl feel special!!}

Bottom photo by Tandem
Announcement by Bella Carta Boutique (Jill's amaaaazing!)

Five on Friday: TGIF!!

This week was shorter because of the holiday, but it still seemed to last forever. I am so thankful it's Friday! We have a pot luck at Cam's school tonight followed by dinner with my dad (a Friday tradition that I hope never ends). Tomorrow, we are going to the movies with Cam (a first!), celebrating Brooklyn's first birthday then going on a date! Sunday will be full of housework and errands then topped off with the Patriots/Colts game (if I can stay awake that long)! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Here are my Friday Five totally random thoughts. :)

Have you ever heard of Brina Box? I have seen it pop up a few times - most recently on Natasha's blog - and I am loving their stuff (and their prices)! I just snagged this scarf for my mom for Christmas. (Don't worry, she doesn't read my blog.) I have a feeling I will be back to check out their daily deals!

In case you don't follow me on Instagram, Cam was a little star this morning (well, in our house)! We are friends with a local anchor who saw Cameron's pictures I posted on FB yesterday and asked if she could use it for their picture of the day! We were so excited to see him on tv, and he about flipped out from excitement! He had no idea what to do! If he's going to be famous, we need to work on his reactions a bit. ;)

We got some fun snow in Maine today! Nothing to cause a delay or anything serious, but it is beautiful to see! 

They started installing dry wall in our house this week, our cabinets are getting painted and the counter top is ordered. I am still very hopeful for a move in date before Christmas!!!

Our breakfast nook all insulated and waiting to be finished!

Today is the birth day of two very special people in my life: Moe turns 32, and Brooklyn turns 1!! I love these two ladies and hope they have the best weekend!!

Brooklyn in her Everywhere Chair we got her for her birthday...she loves it!

Cameron's Hangout Spots

Cam LOVES to be outside. He doesn't care if it's raining, windy or cold, he is an outdoor boy, through and through. However, it's becoming colder and colder in Maine, so finding places for Cam to hang out is getting a little more restricting. Luckily, Portland is full of "indoor" playgrounds, and most of them have gotten the official toddler approval to return.

Here are some of Cam's favorite indoor places in Portland:

The carousel at the mall (Don't judge - I always said I would never be "that" parent, but it makes this kid super happy, and I can't say no to that!)

Thanks for hosting, ladies!!

Five on Friday: Life is happening

Life is happening....quickly.  We have so much going on (Who doesn't?), and I am looking forward to being in our home and settled.

Here's what we have been up to lately...


Chad's birthday was on October 26, so we did what most normal people do and left Portland around 5:30 am to drive to Foxboro and tailgate for the Patriots/Bears game with my dad and Uncle Donnie! Chad grew up a Bears fan, but has since converted to a Pats fan. (That's my boy!) Having this game schedule on his actual birthday was totally a sign that we had to go. It was a blast (and not too cold), and they won! It was one of Tom Brady's best games.


We made these really cute pumpkin shaped crayons, but I don't think I will be doing that again. The crayons were a pain to peel, and the pumpkin shape makes the crayons hard to use. Cam loved doing it, and it was fun to do it together. But, I think we will stick to cookies - something we can eat. :) 


We are on step 15 of 20 (Step 20 is MOVE IN) for our house, according to this article, which makes my little heart so happy! My wish was to be in by Christmas, and it looks like that wish is going to come true! If you remember, we bought the house last November, gutted it throughout the winter then started really renovating it around April. We just finished picking everything out (sinks, vanities, lighting, floors, doors, etc...There's sooooo much to decide on in a short period!).

They started insulating on Tuesday, and I may or may not have danced a little jig when I got the picture below on my phone!

PS Don't you just love the American flag hanging? It's been there since the beginning!


Who is doing Elf on the Shelf this year? We didn't do it last year because Cam was too young, but Mr Elf is purchased and ready to be named. I have been pinning ideas left and right because I am the least creative person you'll ever meet!


I've been doing a lot of shopping lately...some for Christmas, some just because, mostly because it's cold and dark. My best deal this week? Sorels for $65! Thank you sales and GAP rewards!

I hope you all have had a great week and have some fun plans (or not!) for this weekend! We have a little cleaning and a couple of birthday parties on our agenda. 

Cameron: 2 Years Plus

I am losing track of how many months Cameron is...When people ask, I say, "Almost 2 1/2!" Haha!

Anyways, it's been a VERY long time since I've done an update on him, and so much has changed!

Teeth: ALL of them...we are hoping that the days of drool-covered shirts are over!

Weight: 32 pounds

Clothes: 2 year bottoms (some 3T!), 2T/3T tops, 3T pajamas, size 8 shoe

You walk up and down the stairs with no problem (and usually no support). I still try to hold your hand, but you just respond, "I do it, Momma." Cue the tears....

You've learned how to stall..."Mommy, wub my back, pwease?" "One more book, pwease?" "I thirsty, Mommy." I fall for it everytime.

You've started to like brushing your teeth. I used to just force it every now and then, but then I decided to make it a daily and nightly routine, and you totally fell for it... #momwin #nocavities

You are putting together complete sentences...it's come with a lot of stuttering, but I hear this is normal! It's pretty amazing to listen to you talk.

You spent the summer at Just Kiddin, but are back at FES Toddler Room, and I couldn't be happier! You are on a schedule, and you are already learning so much!

You know all of your colors, but when I ask you what color something is, you look at me out of the corner of your eye and see if I'll give you a hint...it's pretty darn cute.

You are fearless at the playground. You love to play with the other kids and will try whatever they're trying (even climbing on top of the slides that have covers). You absolutely love to wrestle (see below) and wear Daddy out almost nightly.

Wrestling with/tickling Jacob and Jonah

You are starting to understand "friends" and who you like (and don't like) to play with, which is very cute to see and hear! Speaking of hearing...I love to hear your stories. On our way to and from school each day, you tell me stories about what happened, what you want to happen, who you play with, etc...I have learned that you say "no" a lot, so when I ask if something happened, and you say no, it may not be true! :) 

Thomas, your "favorite" friend at school

We are trying to teach you "May I please have....." and "Yes, sir/maam" which you are quickly catching onto!

We just moved again because the apartment we were renting sold, so we are in an identical one, but in a different building. You didn't like the change, but accepted it and didn't let it affect your sleep at all (thank goodness).

Speaking of sleep, you are napping great and sleeping very well most of the time. You have been waking up the last 3-4 nights, so I go in, cover you back up, bring some milk and rub your back. You always ask to come sleep on the couch with me, but I "bribe" you by telling you what a big boy you are, and you go right back to sleep. I think we will be transitioning you to a big boy bed when we move to our HOME in December. 

You are becoming such a little man...you are smart and remember everything. You love to read and color. You're creative and amaze me on a daily basis. 

You are soooo sweet. You caught me crying one morning (long story) and just stood with me. Then you offered me your paci (hear melting). You still love to cuddle in the morning and hate when I get up to get ready. I never could have imagined a love like this before becoming your mother. THANK YOU. I love you. You are my sunshine. 

Halloween Weekend/Hello Winter??

Ummm, this was the best Halloween I've ever had. Cam's school had a little party/parade, and the kids were all so cute!

Cameron's class is all blonde boys....talk about trouble!

Halloween night was equally amazing. Cam loved this costumer (and wanted to wear it all weekend), he loved getting candy (duh) and even used his manners, and he almost died over giving candy to other kids! He would stick his head out the door (We took out the screen so we didn't have to open the door.) and say, "I need more kids!!" while frantically waving candy in the air. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper when it was time to call it a night.

(Cam's first and second Halloweens)

Saturday (and Sunday), we did nothing. Zero. Zilch. It poured, rained sideways and snowed for 48 hours. Honestly, we totally didn't mind, but I did learn that we need to beef up our "indoor entertainment" for this long winter that is quickly approaching. We played plenty of iPad games, watched movies, did puzzles, colored, built forts, swung in shopping bags and created Mr Potato Head 496,938 times. Oh, and we watched the Patriots totally demolish the Broncos. 

Thank goodness for college girls who live upstairs and don't party...they are happy to play with Cam anytime!

Oh, and my super sweet, thoughtful, amazing husband brought these home for me with the sweetest card. Seriously. It brightened even our dark, gloomy day!

So, seriously...I need some tips on indoor entertainment for toddlers! I am seriously considering an indoor bounce house...don't judge.