Toddler Diaper Bag

I have been reading this series since the beginning, 
and I am so glad they started it up again so I could join. ;)

Our "diaper" bag has changed quite a bit since Cam was an infant. Now, it's more about essentials for Cam and stuff for ME! (We have quite a stash of extra clothes, diapers and snacks in the car, just in case...)

Let me start with the actual bag. 
While I was pregnant, I also started a new teaching job. Chad won father/partner-of-the-year award when he bought me a Coach diaper bag that doubled as a work bag. I ended up using it more for work, so I invested in another bag. This time, I stopped by Sea Bags during a Black Friday sale and picked up a smaller tote that we used for a long time. 

We finally got Cam his own back pack from LLBean, so we have been using that since this summer. (Sidenote: We end up carrying it a lot more than Cam, but he does love to wear it!)

BUT, I just came across this adorable bag and may invest in it. It's the Lily Jade Madeline in first glance, it was a little too "hippy" for me, but after seeing it on lots of models (and seeing the inside), I was sold. 

Inside the bag, we have some diapers and wipes, of course, an extra paci (don't judge), some snacks, some water and a few books. Sometimes, we bring along the iPad, but that's for extreme situations, like having to spend an hour in Home Depot. 

What kind of bag do you have? (I am way more interested in that than what's inside!! Haha!)



  1. I need a new bag, and by need I mean want really really badly! I love that one you showed at the end. I'm all about the cross body!

  2. Love that Lilly Jade bag, so cute!

  3. and now I'm stalking lily jades website. . . . thanks :)

  4. I've been seeing the lily jade stuff EVERYWHERE, and I want one too!

  5. I love packing lighter now that we have toddlers! So much easier! And that bag is soooo cute!!

  6. We have a car's backpack for Carson. I usually end up carrying it, but so glad we can finally get out of the house with just a few items!

  7. I've been internally debating buying that same bag....It's so sticking cute!

  8. Oh my gosh, in love with that back pack!!!
    I loved my Petunia Picklebottom bag for the back pack feature, but I'm really starting to get sick of lugging it around! I bought 2 new bags in the last couple months and I Really need to make my transition! One is Michael Kors, I got it on clearance and it's PERFECT! Then I couldn't help but get the neon pink Freshly Picked bag, ha ha! It's big enough to carry all of my crap plus Mia's... so like I said. Time to make the transition!