My Body Post-Cameron

Learning to Love your Post-Pregnancy Body

I don't love my post-pregnancy body, but that's entirely my fault. I am the worst at sticking to a routine, so I bought a membership to a gym that's open 24 hours a day. That way, I can go whenever I want. 

Now that I have 24-hour access to a gym, I want classes to force me to be committed to something. But, I don't want to pay the price right now.

So, I bought T25 - who doesn't have 25 minutes a day to work out? For me, it's not the working out time, it's the post-workout: shower, hair, dress...that's not just 25 minutes! (And, it cuts into my nap time.) However, I got amazing results from T25, so I highly suggest it to anyone looking to fit in some quick and effective workouts at home. 

I also tend to indulge in whatever Cameron's eating: mac and cheese, hot dogs, pbj sandwiches...and the wine/cocktails don't help either.

This article pretty much came at the perfect time, because Jennifer Garner says it best: I will always have a baby bump. No, I am not pregnant, but there will always be a bump. Amen, sistah. I know there are some women who get flat abs after having a baby, but they work very hard for them, and they deserve to rock a bikini. I will stick with my tankini until I decide that I don't love my body that much that I will finish the 10-week T25 program and rock some abs again.

Do you love your post-pregnancy body? I have come to accept mine...maybe when I am done having babies, I will invest in a good workout program.


  1. There's something very powerful about a post-baby body... no matter what it looks like! We love them because our kids love them and that's all that matter in my book :) XO

  2. Not only do I miss my "pre pregnancy body" but I miss my 24 year old metabolism. My little sister just "cut back a little on eating and hits the gym twice a week" and dropped a ton of weight. OH TO BE YOUNG AGAIN.

  3. Totally can relate to the nap thing!! When my little boy takes a nap... I take a nap!!! hahah!

  4. naps and sleep always get first dibs on my time, haha! But I loved the T25 when I did it. We joined this really fancy gym, so to not feel like we're wasting our money it gets me to the gym, haha!

  5. I always thought I would hit the gym right after Liam was born, but that was just not the case. That didn't happen until he was almost 20 months old! However, I am one of the lucky mamas whom breastfeeding took the weight right off. My body is still different and I'm adjusting, but I'm proud of my new body that grew a baby and now another!

  6. I've always loved Jennifer Garner, but her latest talk show appearance made me love her even more!
    I've been dying to try T25! I'll have to get that after my next baby! The first year of Mia's life I just did Jillian Michaels DVD's and ran outside when weather permitted... I was terrified to take her to the gym daycare and have her surrounded by all the germs!
    You're doing a great job, momma!!