Friday Favorites: Randoms

Oh. My. Gosh. I am so excited that some of my favorite bloggers are back in action for 5 on Fridays.


Football is totally underway, and our house will not be the same until January! (And, that's secretly ok with me! Bring on the snacks, beers and parties!)

If you are a Bears fan, these shirts are a must. Chad and Cameron have matching ones. (I have to stick to my roots with the Pats, but I may order one for myself, too!)



Chad is the master chef in our house (and family), but I don't mind whipping out my favorite dinner every now and then:

I skipped the garlic because the sausage was full of garlic. Chad added some capers at the end, but otherwise, I stuck to the recipe! It's SOO easy! (And, Chad went back for seconds!)



BLUUM vs. Citrus Lane

September Bluum Box

(Click here for sources)

We have been getting Citrus Lane boxes for about six months, but as much as I like them, I wanted to switch it up with Bluum. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff we got with Bluum...they were full-size toys (instead of just a few pieces with Citrus Lane), and it was the same price. I just canceled Citrus Lane because I think Chad will start having heart attacks if I get multiple boxes every month! I hope future Bluum boxes are just as exciting!



I bought this a few years ago, and we still use it. It's so fun to find it in a random spot - It always makes my day.



And, my favorite quote. Read it. Live it. Teach it. 

Happy Weekend!! Chad is going fishing, I'm going to a baby shower, and Cam gets to spend lots of time with Lou Lou!


  1. Oh my gosh, that love notes book is the CUTEST idea! I know you said you got it a few years ago, but do you remember where? I want to find one for us! Loooove the idea!
    Can I ask how much you pay for the Bluum box? That is some seriously awesome stuff!
    I've been wondering about that pasta... I definitely need to try it!

  2. That recipe looks delish!!! I've never heard of Bluum box?! I think I need to check it out soon! :)

  3. YUM to that pasta - and I have never heard of the bluum box, definitely need to try! :)